Monday, June 22, 2009



It was explained in life, we all have a specific role to play according to the wishes of God almighty who charts the life and times of each individual meticulously planning the incidents in life which, at times changes your course in life for ever. It can be identified with a ship on voyage to a specific island in turn gets lost or due to bad weather on its original course, takes a turn in direction towards safety waters and reaches another island there by, changing their destiny as one might think but was or must have been planned by the almighty in his own cute ways.

Like wise we can see that in an epic like 'Mahabharatha' there are more than 2 lac[200, 000/-] characters, each one has a task in life unknown to him, but has a direct bearing on life of others or the history itself. The greatest Villain Mr.Duryodhana, was the one responsible for all the mayhem and war in Mahabharatha, but at the end of it all the five Pandavas, after having completed their life’s duties , dies and goes to heaven one by one at last leaving only ,Dharmaputra [Yudhishtar, the eldest of the Pandavas] , who goes on his ultimate journey of life, from which he will never be coming back, as his role too has been completed, his dog was the only one left alive and was accompanying him, while his brothers one by one , perishes rather attains ‘Moksha’ release from the bondage called life, and reaches heaven earlier at last to be followed by their eldest brother, who too makes it there only to be surprised, to find Mr.Duryodhana, the ultimate villain already there and enjoying each moment there. This leaves all the five Pandavas in utter horror to realize the person for all the sins in world has been the first to enter heaven.

What does that mean, simple, he has been sent to earth to do a certain job, which he did according to his best of abilities, and culminated in the epic war of good against evil and the triumph of Good against evil? With out the role of such a villain there will not be a role for the good.

In real life situations also one can find, that evil is side by side to the good, and at times indirectly was the creation of God himself. Like in our latest movie [SLUMDOG MILLIONER] the bad and elder brother had the noblest role, to protect his younger sibling till such times, when the good younger one makes it in life. You can see that the young couple of the movie makes it in life only due to the bad ways and street wise ness of his bad elder brother, who did protect his sibling on each occasion, when they were faced with the worst in life and when his good at heart younger brother was seen helpless and not aware of the dangers, now was he caring, as he was giving it a try as his conscious told him todo. God provided him with the help of his elder brother till such time, when at last it was time to bid farewell and the elder one must have reached heaven first. He had done his job perfectly and that alone saved the younger but better at heart brother.

All the good in the world also has the bad side too, so that a man can compare both. Only existence of goodness, will not serve the purpose in life, hence the bad as well, to do their task entrusted up on them when they are born it self.

In my life,I found after each set back or disaster, when I thought it was all over, came the new dawn with promises, which brought me back to consciousness again to the virtue of living good. Like wise each and every person in this world can look back in hind sight and see that, much of the bad incidents actually brought them success, in the end or a better understanding of life and times to be clever next time. The tests and tribulations will make a person perfect in life only, if he could still hold on instead of giving up in despair. That’s the simple meaning I am trying to convey through this blog post.

Comforting thoughts from “solitairebala” in Google.

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