Monday, June 22, 2009



It has been told in English ‘When you are in Rome do as the Romans’ as the simple logic to survive. But my mind tells me not to follow the common trend instead make your own assumptions by clear thinking with logic and your experience along with that of your parents’ and relations’ etc. People think in lines of following the mass to get things done. If you need water connection, you have to bribe that’s the most common practice in TN State.

But I will not, for the simple reason that giving or taking bribe is a sin. When you start to
Give, then ultimately you will have to start to accept to make it tally. Other wise where will the money come from? I was a laughing stock in front of my colleagues who all made fun of me by pointing out that I don’t know how to live. I am the ultimate fool.

I have got used to all these adages used to describe me by my friends and colleagues, they say you are a fool not to have gone out and taken your opportunity when you were offered it. But I was not willing to compromise on the principles of life and the virtues of good qualities in life, which has been taught to me, since my child hood days. Even when you are the only one left in the ship which is drowning, I still will hold on to my self and rather perish than give a bribe and take the safe route out to a boat.

So many of my fellow human beings laugh at me, and I don’t have any thing to show them as a result of good life, but for financial constraints and struggle throughout my life. I still won’t budge for I am ok as it is. I still love my own company and the nature surrounding me and still can survive even if I am the only one left on the world. Otherwise I will die thinking of the sins in life and yearn for death instead. Now at least I am sure that I did nothing wrong, while all the guys followed the pied piper as a common trend. The result of living according to your conscious and righteously will be happily accepted by me, even if some one tells me it is sure ‘hell in front of you man Change yourself or be doomed’. Yes I would rather face doom than change myself, for then, I will be a stranger to my own self, and I may not recognize my self in the mirror the minute I change myself. The only way of being genuine is to be genuine, like wise the only way to be truthful is to be truthful to your conscious first.

Other more so called intelligent guys, may differ, and may be more successful in their chosen line, but to me that is not the definition of success in life. My definition in life is to make a difference to the world for good, make a difference to the lives of the people surrounding you for good, and make a difference to your parents’ life and all the creatures who too have the same right as ourselves, to live and share earth, if you are able to do justice to such thoughts, than according to me you can term yourself ‘success’.

But unfortunately, people take the yard stick of how much you have looted from others’ the more the more successful you are. The more the more intelligent you are, according to their view but, my view will remain as mine and till my last breath. For me the importance is rising in the thoughts of magnanimity and sharing what ever little that you have with other less fortunate ones. Your Swiss bank balance will not be of much use to you, if you are the victim of AIDS or Swine flu. What is the use of having all the knowledge in the world if you are not sharing or imparting it to others for the benefit of humanity? They rightly sang ‘wings’ or Eagles ‘what is the use of all the knowledge if you don’t use it’ or what is the use of all the knowledge if the guy happens to be a fool &
Waste of life. For all the knowledge in the world is not enough for a fool. May god save them all?

Ways of life. Compiled by ‘solitairebala’ in Google.

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