Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chicken always think it is because of them the sun is rising every morning.


Some have shown urgency, others have been questioning it, and seem to be still not convinced, they call it a hoax & feel it does not deserve the attention the world is giving and all is well. The ultimate is as one can imagine future shock awaiting humanity. We will have to go through some corrective measures our planet mother itself possesses. The greatest balancer of the entire universe, it is also very likely that, we will be going through cycles of destruction and creation after all is wiped off.

Creation, preservation and destruction, the goddess of all nature, named for all the three in to one is ‘VISHNUMAYA’. Lives evolve, changes and ultimately get destroyed for it to again start from zero. These are the presumptions we see in real. So unless some thing drastic and volumness catastrophe happens, to shock the whole world, enough to open the eyes of the ignorant. It is most likely result and the tell tale signs are being experienced in places around the globe. Some are suffering due to scarcity, for want of pure drinking water, also poor the majority, does not have access to good nourishment or good food. The deserts are getting bigger each year. Rajasthan in the very meaning was ‘the place of Rajas’ and very green but became a desert when they did not get rains for decades. Gujrat on the northern side also have now become more or less just vast land barren and desert like. They could not help but call for rapid industrialization to make up for the loss of farm lands and cattle fields. But that does not mean that we cut the trees and make big Industries all over the place for a so called ‘developed India’. Where ever possible, the states with nature’s abundance and greenery should be preserved for that is our last thread for life.

In my life time of 48 years, I have seen the rivers full and rainfall normal year after year in the early seventies when ‘Chirapunchi’ in Meghalaya [North East India] was the place with most rains in the whole world. But in 3 decades our planet has been decayed to such extent unimaginable. North India bafflingly is joining the deserts, and when the glaciers are gone even a river big as the Ganges will become dry. There was this mention of a third river which existed in the name of ‘Sarswathi’
[In our mythology rather, ‘Ithihas’ meaning history.] [The Goddess of knowledge] and the trio was called ‘Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswathi , now we knew, for the existence is cited in our history but has dried up and Allahabad the place ,where all the three rivers joins together [Sangam] has now only two rivers to be seen.

While traveling through Gujrat I have seen big bridges built over the river Sabarmati but we can only see sand dunes and not a trace of water. I feel those who are calling it as hoax are people who may even deny their existence saying it is only a dream.

Africa once was called the Dark Continent means, no body knew any thing about their existence and the whole continent was thick rain forests, such as Amazon in South America. Now I wonder if there are any trees left there at all our guys have shaven off the whole continents, just as they would do to their stub or beard.

Come on guys by shutting your eyes does not make a difference to the sun above; the only result will be that you are blind while you may like to think yourself the non existence of the Sun.

Thoughts of solitairebala.

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