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Lately we have come across so many, interpretations as far as dress codes are concerned. The latest being Mr.Sarkozy the French leader, who, announced he will not allow burqua the head and face veil, worn by Muslim women around the world, his interpretation was it is a sign of subservience of women. He could not have been more far away from the truth, which is 'the simple logic of covering for your safety'. There were times earlier when women must have been gang raped and brutally murdered, by guys[criminals] who can be crueler than the wolves who too hunt in gang.If you read FANCLUB of Irving Wallace, you will get the thoughts of a typical criminal towards a women called 'sexiest'.

This happens mostly because the men are tempted by the beauty of women as nature has made us seeing attraction in every thing opposite our sex, for instance male is attracted to female the basic for survival and natures’ way of ensuring the survival of human beings. But now since, we have had population growth interfering in our capacity in other words the worlds’ capacity to hold certain number of people is being stretched beyond our luck unfortunately. Of course our European counterparts have a different opinion as they have been affected with under population. More over, the cold weather, bitter as in northern Europe, US, Canada and Alaska, Russia, is naturally not inhabitable in the normal circumstances but we still find people there too. They have found ways of surviving in bitter cold their out look hence, will be different than ours, where we have hot and cold weather but mild hotness or coldness especially in places like Kerala, where the weather is never too intimidating, as one can survive in winter or summer on the street any where,
I myself has got drunk in my younger days and slept on the beach quite a few times.

Can you imagine surviving in the streets of Moscow or New York, drunk and blacked out during winter, you are gone, if such a thing happens to you and you fall asleep in the bitter cold or Saharan desert, for others to find the body next morning and bury with out further fuss. The basic difference in climate has to be understood to make out the customs and cultures, which suit their climatic conditions & weather of thier places of origin . Add to that the behavioral pattern of human beings too differ from place to place as we see a warm and open mouthed laughter in India ,while the Europeans do it without opening their mouth, due to the cold weather in which the survival is the criteria rather than fun and games.

The evolution of languages too has connection with their climate and terrain, as each place is different like the same Languages which differ from place to place. One has to consider these as a whole, to understand the reasons behind such customs and dresses.
In India it is enough for you to just rub yourself to a women, accidentally to get an erection due to the weather pattern, while you need long kisses and cuddling to each other to get an erection in European countries. First, these are the reasons for people to wear burqua or veil. Our forefathers, wanted the safety of the girls to come first, as they don’t want any harm to happen to her till she gets married , still a virgin, [Things are different in practice of course] supposedly , but for Europeans the fact of the diminishing numbers, may have prompted them, to let their girls be more sexy and exposed, so as to attract guys to her and eventually have a child or get married or even have a child with out getting married.

The difference in the basic out look has to be understood before we utter some thing or a casual remark about such sensitive stuff, and that too by misinterpreting to suit your laws and convictions rather than leaving it to individuals. It is debatable as they will never be able to take in the truths, that we may consider as truths, while we also will never be able to understand their outlook, for we have been brought up differently.

My suggestion is to admire each other for their strong points without pointing a finger to such trivia, as we have more important things to look out to and get done with. French as I know are nice people, who were not as ruthless or cunning as the British were nor were they as disciplined as the Germans. I have come across a French gentleman named Guy letore, who was very close to us 3 brothers and accepted our invitation to stay with our family for weeks, before he went on his travels to come back again to India and stayed again. I also met a French lady, while traveling from Delhi to Calicut in a train in late eighties and she became a very good friend of mine in just a couple of days and we exchanged letters for some time. I got down at Chennai only to see her off to Pondicherry in a bus, also bought her a break fast ,decent enough, from Chennai Central station, for she could not eat anything but Coffee all throughout our journey, which took almost two days. Her name was Elizabeth and I was told she worked as an interpreter for the French and Spanish, her English too was very good , her letters were a treat, for you get the feeling of being in her shoes, such was her expression that I almost fell in love.

The matter is to be conveyed to our French friends, about the real cause of the dress code in hot places is for the benefit of not distracting the male, with your sexiness always, while Muslim women are very beautiful and opens only to their husbands, what is wrong with that? India, in fact has better understanding of their customs and cultures for we have lived together for centuries and our relation ship with Iran, Iraq [commonly known as Persia in the olden days] is thousands of years old. If the Europeans are not willing to identify their sensitivities, then they will be the ultimate losers, as Indians, we will always support Iran and Iraq no matter what Uncle Sam thinks of it.

To simplify matters further let me quote my own daughters’ dress, which at times I found detesting and advised my mother in law , who belongs to Thalassery, [Kerala] ‘the cradle of Fashion’ in India, not to make her look too modern, for the guys to be feeling tempted to harm her. But left it at that, as she has a different out look and we have to respect each individual for their strong points and wisdom.

Insight in to the psyche of Asia thoughts of ‘solitairebala’ in Google.

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