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Like parents who may argue in court, that they need a divorce as they only have one life and they don’t want to miss it, or they both don’t get along well, or they both are different in views and ego. We have seen in western countries families withered and the most sufferers are children who miss one of the parent or in some cases both, as they all go in search of their pleasure and new friends or live in partners.

If we look at it from the angle of a small child boy or girl, the life giving parents are the most important factor in determining the child’s psychology and they will end up detesting all, hating people and most often violent due to the violence they witness during their childhood, either between their parents or their step father or step mother, who may not be kind to children from earlier marriages. People are more concerned for their selfish needs and dont want to sacrifice for the benefit of our children,by trying to adjust for the sake of their children if they really love them.

The greatest sadness in life according to Hindu philosophy, is the death of own children or spouse, that is because we love our children so dearly that we can’t stand to see them suffer or in pain. We would rather take it on to our self, so that they are spared by god.

There was this story of ‘Yayathi’ who offered his youth, so that his father could live in youth, while the son becomes old as his father. It was a result of his fathers wish found out towards the end of his life and he very badly wanted to live as a youngster for some time. The only way was to either accept his son’s youth or give up life. Son Yayathi readily offers his youth ness, with out his father ever asking for it, but was really heartened to learn the love of his son for him. I too wanted to give my life in exchange for 10 or 15 years of further life for my father, but he too was of the type to give up or struggle all life, so that his children are well.

We don’t see such, love and affection in today’s world. The parents go in opposite directions, while the children are at the mercy of luck or god only. Children have every right to have both their parents living together with them, at least till the time they attains majority age. Divorce should be denied on the ground that children’s right’s have to be protected , only after that must come the right of individuals for the very reason that they are grown , and have to adjust for the sake of their children, if they really love them.

Normally, such children who are the victims, of divorced parents living separately, will terribly be missing them during those young days to feel unsecured. Such children are more likely to become bad in life due to the very reason of being the victims of circumstances, while the normal children who had the presence of both parent have more will power and compassion for others’ sufferings.

My opinion is to come out with laws banning divorce, if there are children involved till such time they become majors. I wanted it to be a deterrent for not encouraging divorce considering the hard ship a child goes through.

My opinions may be baffling for others, but I feel I owe it to our world’s children.

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