Tuesday, June 16, 2009



The era that I am mentioning in this column is quite old for the present lot it was during mid Seventies, in Pandit Mothilal Govt.High School in Palakkad Dist. of Kerala. During 1974 to 1976, our school was right opposite to Govt.Victoria College and we take pleasure in teasing the guys of the college for their fashion show and so on. The girls of the college did give us respect hence, we left them alone, I had some very good friends and their names are Abdul Shareef and Surendran all three of us was inseparable and can be seen as the most obedient among the lot in our class. But the truth of the matter was that we were successful in hiding our naughtiness by the face expressions itself, which can almost One hundred percent, innocent to look at as we thought, or may be the teachers were ignoring it as trivia or kiddy pranks.

One day I had some silly quarrel with Sherief and we parted ways, first I thought it was temporary as I really liked the guy, but never could make myself some how take the initiative for mending our friendship to last long. And the saddest part is that we left each other while finishing 10th standard not as friends and ever since, my efforts to do justice to my friendship too has failed as I simply could not trace him out may be through the net one day I will. But in his memory I have always given the utmost respect to Rauthers of Kerala, whose mother tongue is Tamil and are very nice people. I gave my own house on rent that too minimal to his community only, because I wanted to do justice to the wrong I committed by quarrelling with him. The second one among the lost friends is Surendran, who too has been my companion for Math’s tuition by a Brahmin lady, who was staying near his house, and if my memory is right, then I still owe her one hundred Rupees at least as tuition fees alone. The saddest part is that my father still does not know that I never paid her towards the end, as he had promptly given me every month. I had lunch on many occasions with Surendran at his home, but never could do justice to our friendship and my GURU DAKSHINA for the old lady, who may not be surviving now, may god give her soul peace for she has selflessly taught us the most difficult of the subjects mathematics’ as it was a nightmare for me but somehow managed with the help of the said lady a pass mark. And some how landed in a college due to miracle alone as my brothers and sisters will vouch for me ,though they all did get through schooling to College later.

I have lost link to my above friends and so many others on the way during which I lived 48 years , I yearn to be with them but not a botheration for them, behind the scenes I might find a way to hide and do good to all those wonderful people who had made me what I am today. Though very little worm still.

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