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Tamil culture is perhaps the oldest along with Sanskrit and most of other languages have influence of these two main languages of historical India. Though Sanskrit has perished being a mother tongue, Tamil is very much in use and Malayalam along with Telugu and Kannada also has origin from Tamil and Sanskrit. The climate I mentioned above is not in the very true sense of temperatures, which even when it is hot you can still work outside without getting killed with a sun stroke ,the cause of death and very much possible in North during summer.

I have always felt in comparison with my own state of Kerala, that Industries only thrived here and apart from some pockets in Kerala like Kanjikode, Alwaye, with its proximity nearby Coimbatore, only could perform far behind in size & stature but Coimbatore was manufacturing world class quality motors, pumps, Textile Machineries etc and perhaps still maintains high profile abroad but for the lull in recent times. Textile hub has been almost shifted to Tirupur, which is now a corporation/municipality separate from Coimbatore, But Coimbatore has the best climate, I mentioned above and due to natural and friendly people who are hardworking non unionists mostly. I thought about the past when Mr.Karunanidhi , first came to power it was the third most industrialist State,Madras in Whole India after Maharashtra and Punjab. But the edge some how some where got lost, due to some events and extreme politics and so on. But now the state has come around a full circle and is aiming to be the number 3 at least in the future, again while Gujarat,Orissa,Karnataka,Andhra and so many other states too has gone miles ahead, in spite too of calamities.

The truth is even for Malayalees, they prefer Tamilnadu’s beaurocracy than that of Kerala.

You get a trouble free run then the chances of surviving become higher, but in Kerala it’s been too much of every thing, including Hartals and Bandhs.

There are Lacs of skilled engineers and doctors [doctors may be thousands yet.] available for big Hospitals multi specialty and multi super technology in treatments of any ailment. That too is now comparable with the world’s best. I have got a feeling that perhaps now we are leading behind a few developed countries but there are some huge developments required for rural areas. Farmers are to be the priority, if they survive then we all survive if they fail we all perish. That’s the simple truth and I can’t find any more bluntly open truth.
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