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India is the second most populated country in the world with 1.2 billion people, the brain pool we have is the best in the world. We have skilled manpower and the overflowing inward remittance. Investments inflow is more than that of China of late, as the goodwill earned over a period of decades have been immense. If at all we had some weakness in our political stability, after each state started to play the dirty politics of regionalism and the tactics of playing for the gallery, was becoming too much, such as the Raj thakery style of vote bank politics, which stands shattered with the latest verdict of the people which was loud and clear. They want stability and wanted a government who is seen as genuine in their approach in governing rather than the rhetoric of the shining side of India only focused, while covering the sad plight of the villages. As Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi envisaged, we had to start form our villages rather than metros, if we wanted to see a real shining India. Tackling our backwardness, which is inclusive of all instead of the earlier style of favoring the few sections who earns foreign exchange, while the efforts of our farmers were not given their due and as a result, big corporate culture a la US took off, with all those big fishes entering the country for a peace of the cake, unlike in China where ,they have a well protected environment and business people never could trust them for the simple reason that their government has ruled all along by suppressing the free spirit of mankind ,which simply can not go on for ever.

Political stability in China is still a question mark? Any day they might see a mighty backlash, if they go on suppressing free thoughts of individuals, who are actually the real contributors and proves the power of human brain only in such conditions, where the freedom is the first priority followed by the power of the masses, which can change a government by voting against the establishment overnight. Indians has proved over and over that they just would not stand by, as they recognizes the crooks from the lot, may be our Media has played a good part in creating awareness around the world about the ground situation in almost all countries except China, who still don’t open up their woes in front of the world and believes in tackling it all with an iron hand. Such a system is not ideal for big business to bloom or big ideas to come out of the geniuses, who are those entrepreneurs who did make a big difference to the free market, where cost effectiveness was the mantra, the main reason for Europe and US to fall. Chinese could not make hay while the sun was shining, but Japan and Korea took advantage in the beginning, but made big mistakes of taking in partners from the western world, who on the other side brought in Technology and refined products. But the fact was from Mexico to Japan they depended heavily on US big players which, was their only mistake. US had its economy covered with their tentacles spreading all around the world after the British turn was over by the time of Second World War, which ruined most European countries including Russia. Every time there is a sign of depression they would simply bring back their funds from abroad suddenly making those countries very much vulnerable. Mexico, Japan, Korea and lately due to the sheer numbers involved they included China too in their scheme of things and India as well, to begin with but our Vyshyas, the business community among the Indians started to double cross and out thought US think tank along with Europeans and Mongolians as a whole and have started to play big around the globe, US must be now regretting for having let them begin in the first place.

But India also was shaken when the world markets crashed, but avoided total failure due to our inherent strengths, mainly our democratic set up and the right person was at the helm when the worst happened. Now this is our biggest opportunity to consolidate and become a super power as our Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi dreamed and his son seems to be continuing exactly from the point and policies started by his father. As a first generation computer literate, he must have ensured his ideas were not lost after his sudden demise. Rahul now has come of age and is capable of seeing through the phase of consolidation. We can point out the simple communication technology started by our Sam pitroda, under Rajiv Gandhi, now has come of age. Every village in India now is connected to the web. We have the Capital inflow to ensure that our mass population is made use of in our development efforts, by including each and every village in India be it be in a remote Chinese border or Burma border to down south to the tip of Kanyakumari, I am not sure about the progress in Kashmir as the state was always under turmoil, since last 3 decades at least. We now have the Brain, Capital, Technology and skilled manpower to succeed in converting our country to the top of the charts in all spheres.

Now with the young guards too joining the most experienced team of our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and company, and if the figures of 9% growth are achieved for the next five years, then nothing is impossible as far as India is concerned. We will be a force to reckon with. But the most important philosophy to remember is the story of the trees while blooming with fruits leans downwards in humility. That should be our approach towards the world community who is now looking towards India for answers. We do have answers for sure, as the next five years will definitely prove.

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