Thursday, June 18, 2009



I always have performed my best under women bosses, for the simple reason that they are the lot more sensitive to understand a persons feelings and the psychological aspect than men. Men tend to find a different angle to each of the human rights causes and are not very welcome, in adjusting with the work load of a person or when it comes to being helpful in ones’ life when you are at times going through your most harrowing days. In another words they are more sympathetically well tuned, as can be seen the first act of our youngest minister Ms.Agatha Sangma who went first to a lady in extreme distress, and has given up on hope of living on her own, she simply prefers to meet with the end first, the Manipuri lady who has been on hunger strike ever since her near and dear ones were the victims of state apathy or misunderstanding.

I remember the time when early in my career there was this manager a man, who declared proudly the fact that he visited his fathers crematorium/cemetery after seven days of demise, such was his involvement in duties. He was expecting me to do the same when I wanted to be near my father during his last few days. Though he made his displeasure known, I still went ahead to be with my father rather than being there alone anxious and worried while, my father may have yearned my presence with him. Had it been a lady instead would have prompted me to visit as early, that was the difference of life, ad where ladies are better bosses and can see the human side best.

I have a lot of respect for ladies, like one of my customer who, said she was in the place of a mother for all five of her husbands sisters, and by doing the karma of making all the five settled in life along with her husband, by educating and marrying them all off well, she told, once she was decided, with her will then came ways of power and finance came through with the lords help, in miraculous ways, the same happened when it came to their children , who too benefited from the good karma of their parents well done , the children reaped harvest of the efforts of their parents because they all had five Aunts who all look after them with equal love and affection.

I am of the opinion that they deserve more quotas and will make a better home maker than men is. In spite of all those truths, we have some how made them poorer by giving preference to boys, in recent most dreaded violations of tampering with the natural truth by going for female infanticide, the balance of the world it self is depended on the ratio, which comes naturally but those who does the crime of ‘killing’ an unborn child knowingly, it was a cute girl, who deserved life and may have done miracles, had she been allowed to live. I am convinced of the importance of girls, who take care better their aged parents than the boys, who are seldom home. The parents too prefers to be with their daughters in their old age, here in such instances , men must be most accommodating and sensitive to be equally respectful towards your in laws ,which can relax the women of the house and there by do justice to all and sundry with their good intentions. Most curiously I wish to take orders from women than men with whom, not always can we get along due to ego, which is less likely to happen when your boss is a woman. I must admit existence of my ego, which is partly responsible for the rebel in me.
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