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My experience itself was so thrilling in reality that I almost forgot the graveness of the dangers; I went through as a young man in his early twenties. I had been wandering with out any aim in life and went to place to place, wherever god took me and led the way, I just followed my intuitions and inner self.

After my graduation my father had made it very clear that it is time that you start to earn your own living, and pointed out to the world and said “son there is a world out there, you have to go out and earn a rightful and honest living”. Now in hindsight,I can see and feel his love and warmth for me, as he knew inside his mind, that by getting exposure on my own, I will be able to make my life as every self made person should try & emulate.

To get a job on your own merits and not by recommendations or due to the high power contacts we had. Though my first break came in the form of a job as Medical Representative for a Chennai based Company manufacturing, some very good products. They were the leaders of their brands, which was very fortunate, and my cousin who was the stockists and dealer for a lot of Medical Companies had actually introduced me as his cousin, and asked the Manager of the company to select, if I was found to be meritorious. As luck would have it, I got the job and was on my own enjoying the freedom of finance and living along with my fellow sales people in a big Bungalow, we rented for the purpose at Cannanore in Kerala State, I had everything going for me then, a two wheeler with money to spend on drinks and friends, and was living one of the most carefree phases in my life.

But it was not long before, I jumped my job to a better company with more salary, and it was based on Mumbai and gave me an elaborate training in YMCA international a Star Hotel, with boarding and training, but some how I did not last long in that job as well. I resigned and started my search for a better option or job, but it was always easier to get a job when you have one, but it becomes difficult when you are out of job and your nervousness shows, for you are desperately in need of a job. It was the toughest phase, I went through in life and the only time I remained jobless for a few months. But it was enough to learn that at the end of it all, when you are broke and down, no one else will be willing to help you, as they would want me to learn a lesson in life, so as to be serious in life ever after.

Out of sheer necessity for a change in life, I went to North East where my Sister and her husband, who was an officer with a bank was posted. I accompanied them to North East and the rest is history. After a few months of getting acclimatized, I started my search for a job and also tried to get in to a law college to do a law degree,which was my weakness at that point. I spend a few years working for some or the other, while I also wrote the BSRB exams. [Banking Service Recruitment Board].

When I got my appointment letter it was already late and I hardly had any more days, and I was at that time with a star hotel in Gujrat [Surat] and had my guitar and some personal belongings, which I stuffed in to a shoulder bag leaving my guitar and all other sundry items behind, and made a rush to make it to Jorhat In Assam, where my appointment letter had advised me to join in 14 days time& almost 10 days had gone by. My brother gave me enough money to make it via Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Udaipur and Delhi. When I got down at Delhi Railway station my train which was leaving for Guwahati was almost about to move, but I ran as quickly as I could with my shoulder bag, some how bought a ticket and made it in to the train just like any thriller movie as the compartment I caught was almost the last but one, I threw my bag inside first before hopping in to the train which had gained speed of about 30 to 40 Kms by them,and had almost cleared the platform, but I could hang on to the door bar and stood there as there was hardly any space to go inside , some guy had taken my bag kindly and kept it up along with his luggage all the while, I was standing on the footboard at times sitting on the door kept open with the wind in my face, I just was feeling alive, but was so terribly hungry as I had hardly eaten anything since last 24 hours, I traveled the same way throughout Bihar and got some dry roties to eat and the Railway station’s water was enough for me to drink as much as I wanted and survived another 36 hrs to 48hrs by the time I got to Kolkata , again the journey went on for another day almost and by night 9 pm after 2 days I got down at Guwahati and booked for a night bus to take me to Jorhat. Both towns are besides Brahmaputra river in Assam, I had a proper meals after almost 4 to 5 days that night and got in to the bus and slept off dozing only as the bus journey was a terrible ordeal, after all the tension I had already gone through and made it the next morning by 6Am at Jorhat and reported on the same day and ever since has remained with the same bank till today.

TRUTH AT TIMES IS STRANGER THAN FICTION, by “solitairebala” for more visit Google.

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