Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Earlier days in pure democratic setup like in India and US, those who lose election used to bow out with humility and respect for the people’s verdict. Recent examples are those of Rajiv Gandhi, who in spite of getting the mandate of the single largest party, still decided to stay away from forming a coalition, only because he was not willing to tamper with the mechanism of a pure majority and may have thought it against the wishes of people of the country. Like wise in US in spite of the recounting and re totaling and due to the fact that Mr.George Bush was not the type to give away easily must have prompted,Mr.Bill Clinton who advised Mr.Al gore, to show magnanimity in giving it up.

These are the recent happenings, more recently Mr.Mushraf of Pakistan also decided to call it quits due to the power of the people who were for democracy. But whether the government of Pakistan did justice to the faith of the people is another question which, demands debates of the highest class and lowest class together, and decide accordingly in the next general election, the tooland showcase of performance should be the independent Media, who must bring the culprits to book and show the people the real person behind their masked persona.

Unfortunately, Media too became a tool of the political parties, who owns most of the widely read or widely seen channels and news papers, weeklies' and other magazines' which only highlights the positives of a particuler political party and does not encourage or try to take in the peoples' verdict in to account, the main undoing of the present day news papers ,which will be mostly hit and will have to close down, if they ignore the independent blogs, viewing it as enemies but they are the life line of democratic principles,while news papers' out of the burden of doing things for benefiting a particular political party are disfiguring the reality.

I am a witness to the greatest revolution after perhaps the Russian and preceding that French, who all took to the streets to ensure justice for all. You can see every country has seen such revolutions of different kind over centuries and we still have understood little or still remain the same passive onlooker but the independent bloggers have been successful in citing the follies of great newspapers which are not at all democratic and is owned by certain families, unlike the web which is for all in equal measure, accessible and can also voice or write your opinions on all issues.

In Kerala we saw the first time people selecting the communists as the rulers of our state alone, though, other states too have come up later it was in 1957, that Keralites voted first the communists, to power with out any blood shed or dirty politics. Even today you will invariably find people expressing their anguish in numbers for all those non performers. All have witnessed the plight of the most corrupt off late.

My gut feelings says, in Iran too people have given their verdict, but manipulations is also a possibility and in today’s world all those vested with power are thinking themselves to be the lord and forgets for a brief period about god. They will all suffer in their later years and will also be seen in sheer numbers praying for death and mercy, for death simply does not come and living also becomes a nightmare. Just imagine the life of such people it is the sum of the result of our karmic performance during your lifetime, if you ignore your parents, like wise your children also are bound to ignore you in old age. That is the most important lesson a man can teach his children, to respect the elders and also have compassion in life for our parents, teachers, and all other strata of our society, then only are we doing justice to god, for having given you a chance to live and live good to ensure and end befitting a soul, who did his KARMA’s {ones’ duty towards all and sundry] as god would have wanted them to do.
That is the simple logic of living a good life and also ensuring a good life to all our populace irrespective of their colour, race or community along with all living beings on earth for all of them owns Mother Earth equally. No individual is born to think he is superior in any way to each and every beautiful species of the world. That will be the beginning of wisdom and our era may witness just the same with the free thoughts of individuals encouraged through the web, the mother of all revolutions.

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