Saturday, January 31, 2009



The Roti, Kapada or Makhan, Three must have survival kit for every human being. In English Bread, Cloths and house is the basics required for any man in this world, and is in fact the reason for many people to die trying to make the two ends meet, while having the most urgent necessities for the man kind.

First two necessities are somehow made, if one is willing to work and earn, while the third most important necessity of owning a house is the most terrifying aspect which not many can own or build a house in their life time. That is the reason why people have to live in rented houses as they can not afford to build a house due to their meager income. Though, banks have been lending for house building or home loans, the individuals eligible to take a loan are only those who can earn a good salary so as to pay the EMI of Housing loan and still have about 50 percent of their salary to spend on other necessities.

Living in a rented house can be the worst nightmare a person may have to undergo as there are so many conditions from place to place before one can actually get a house on rent. The first and foremost being the amount of advance one is required to pay some times as high as ten times of your monthly rent. Once the advance is paid your problems only starts there, as there are other requirements such as electricity bill, water bill, phone bill etc.

Adding to all these woes is the conditions. First you can not entertain guests as the numbers of people staying on most occasions are bound by the owner’s whims and fancies, and one has to maintain below the declared number actually living with you for 365 days.
As the guests arrive your blood pressure is bound to go up thinking of ways to be a good host and also have to make sure that you don’t invite the house owners’ anger, if the guests overstay for a few days more. How can you tell your guests that the house owner will not like if he or she stays for more than a day or two. In Tamilnadu due to the water scarcity the triggering point normally is water related quarrels. If you succeed in some how managing with the available water the second problem crops up that you and your families along with your guests are responsible for the septic tank often filling up and has to be emptied. You are bound to attract the ire of the house owner on such occasions too.

People normally forget that a house requires maintenance in every once in 5 or 10 years. The house owner will blame you for all the silly maintenance of painting and cleaning up the surroundings. The blame on most occasions is that the tenant is not looking after the house properly and due to the same the painting and cleaning up periodically will also be put on your head by giving some flimsy excuses. If the house owner is staying with you on another portion or floor of the house, then you can not live peacefully for he will always be making complaints on your children’s behavior or the sound of the TV or the frequent guests, even if it is your own mother who may wish to spend a few days with you.

I have gone through hell staying in rented houses, though I own a house but not near to my daughter’s school and my office. Convenience was the reason for me to search for a rented house near to my daughter’s school instead of staying in our own house peacefully. Some how, I have managed so far to have good relations with my house owners thanks to my wife who took most of the brunt, while my family members and relatives understandingly avoided staying with me. I do feel guilty for I could not be as hospitable as one would expect a true gentleman to be. The years have gone by so quickly that my aunts and uncles are now too old to travel or live else where other than their own places. I could not do justice to my own relatives and friends due to the problems of living in rented house.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009



The two terms of the 43rd American President Mr.George Bush [junior] was the most eventful after the Second World War. Though most of his decisions were baffling and debatable, the fact remains that he was responsible for the mayhem, which followed the attack on World Trade Centre on Sept.11, 2000. As admitted by him ,he had taken what he felt was the right decisions at the right time unfortunately in real turned out to be the worst period for the present American generation, as the price they had to pay for the wars fought around the globe became, little too much for their rich economy, which had been devastating.

Mr.Obama, has taken over as the 44th president of America and historically the first black one to hold the most powerful post on earth. Mr. Bush could not have been more hurtful for their economy as his decisions boom ranged on them and the whole world, even after almost a decade of wrong policies and wrong politics. History will correctly judge his tenure and can be proved as the worst in the history of US. Though, the debate will continue as both sides can not have won in such a scenario, where the Americans were fighting with the wrong guys. The guys who were responsible for the terrorism around the world and terrorists are still at large and all the killed millions of Iraqi’s and Afghan people are in real innocent for sure.

There was an argument in favor of the dropping of an atom bomb, as Mr. Roosevelt had to justify the spending of millions of dollars, and just to prove a point took one of the bloodiest mistakes by any ruler till date. Like wise the wars are justified by mentioning sept 11th on each occasion of mass killings around the globe. Americans are paying for the blunders of their least sensitive leaders who were actually lesser human beings without much thoughts or wisdom.

One simple example for the ignorance of Mr. Bush is when he was questioned about his actions against global warming, he was told to have mentioned ‘yes, it should be warmer as we have seen people suffer during winter due to cold weather’. Can you imagine? The most powerful guy on earth simply did not know what was global warming and its effect on human habitation. Our Indian politicians are supposed to be the most ignorant and un- educated lot. But in comparison with Mr.Bush they could certainly have fared far better.

US very badly needed a change in thoughts and perspective and with Mr.Obama at the helm; I feel it could not go any more badly than Mr.Bush’s regime. I think those who surrounded the president also did not make any contribution by way of good advices, as they too turned out to be war mongers and greedy. The damage control exercises it self will take a full term for Mr.Obama. Such is the situation and ground reality.

Let us hope and dream about a bright future, just as Mr. Martin Luther King, did dare think about his dream aloud, ultimately the dream has come true. A black president has been elected and a thoughtful and genuine gentleman at that. He can certainly make a difference for sure.

Thoughts of balakrishnan,

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Friday, January 16, 2009



The irony of seeing the most unlikely happenings from the most unlikely organization which was named ‘SATYAM’ now seems was done so deliberately, to fool the people who trusted the name and the organization only to realize how wrong they were because the naming could have been more apt had it been named ‘ASATYAM’.

One of the most respected ‘Satyam’ which in English means ‘The TRUTH’, has turned out to be the worst scandal of fraud in Sanskrit ‘ASATYAM’, meaning the greatest lie.
How a person who was termed as the most hardworking, can suddenly turn out to be the worst criminal and fraudster, in the process has taken the people of our great country of 1.2 billion for a ride and those creamy and brilliant workers and professionals are suddenly left wondering what wrong they did, to be treated as the worst criminals due to the cunning scheme and greed of a single individual in connivance with the Auditors and the Government [though, Yet to be proved and shall be deemed as innocent unless proved otherwise.]

The show which unfolded a couple of weeks ago by the confession of the top guy ,who was seen justifying his actions out of fear for the hostile take over bids of the mighty corporate houses, who are always on the look out for buying out, all viable companies doing good or at times facing trouble. Or is it simply a strategy to defend stashing away of hard cash by the top brass over a period of almost a decade, time certainly will prove.

Our countries’ worst punishment for embezzlements of finance and such irregularities in the face of law of the land only attracts maximum 4 or 5 years of imprisonment, after which the guy can have all the fun with stashed funds in tax havens. This is a lacuna in our system which has encouraged many a guy to go for it and enjoy the fruits later. Who is bothered with the good will or righteous ways of life, only the poor? The yardstick of the rich is definitely different and their mantra is to make it by hook or crook. Cheat the people, spend the few years inside jail with luxury when you have money as back up and life inside a jail also is heaven for such guys. To be followed by all the good times to follow. But the truth remains for he will never be able to live happily ever after for the curse of the lord is so powerful that he will live and will cry for mercy and death, for living becomes the worst nightmares for such crooks later in the life.

The positives from this episode is the greatest lesson to be learned by mankind yet again,
But in real life we have seen and experienced that people seldom learn from past mistakes. Had it been true then the world of today would have been a heaven by now for the mankind has experienced so much over centuries and still haven’t learned any lesson.

Secondly, Satyam employees, more than 50000 and considered the best in the world if we compare their track record. They can be profitably utilized if only the new arrangement with the government works out the costs and give it a lease, by providing capital to tide over the crisis period and the company can make good profits and also function as one of the best in the world for sure.

The culprits should be brought to book and should be punished to the extent that people should not try to emulate such gimmicks in future. For that to happen we must ensure our law of the land does not spare those who are fraudsters and should be considered as one of the worst crime which should attract the worst possible punishment so that no body dares do it again.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009



The state sponsored terrorism raised by US or their agencies, appointed and funded by the people’s money, by mainly US and its allies in the name of fighting terrorism is in fact a result of their own flawed policies and blunders over a period of decades after the 2nd world war. The cold war era sowed seeds of hatred towards each other so much, that people too started sucked in to these powers of evil like giant black holes, pulled in to the fray of destruction and mass killings all around the globe, becoming the most common sights than the most common cold.

If the US and its allies started these allied activities in fighting the so called evil of communism, later it turned out to be the biggest blunder over changing times and was surely responsible for the cropping work and the trained espionage to enlist trained terrorists to be used for terror supported by the states’ permission against changing ideals and fortunes in ever changing world order. The most astonishing punishment from the lord himself against such evil of state sponsored terrorism ,we are also witnessing the drama in Pakistan where too , under and umbrella of nuclear strike deterrents as they too now possess nuclear weapons, thanks to the Chinese and indirect US support in the name of containing the enlarging communists base with the help of another communists country China.

The fact now remains, of utmost danger and potent terrorists are now safe under the nuclear cover of Pakistan. Who ever may differ my view will have to admit one time or the other the uncomfortable truth of dealing with the terrorists hiding behind the Nuclear Umbrella Cover offered in Pakistan.

How long US can play hide and seek with the real danger is to be seen. Their calculations in terms of strategy are failed and is the pot giving birth to new terrorists as more and more people are directly affected tragically. It will be soon difficult times for US to realize their friend is their foe as well. May god save humanity?

Disturbing thoughts,

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