Saturday, December 31, 2011


I had dealt from various angles and have concluded even before the LOKPAL saga started that the present politicians, as a matter of fact is the ones who will be the losers, as they themselves are the ones against whom the LOKPAL is intended.

So it was a foregone conclusion that these guys will do nothing of the sort except try and throw blame on the opposition and vice verse.under the circumstances my suggestion to Annaji is to support the less toxic element or the leader of the down trodden though is corrupt, is at least not a master yet in other words Mayawati is less tainted, than the other big fishes such as Congress and BJP.You have to fight metal with metal.Like wise fight the most corrupt with the support of lesser corrupt. Teach the Yadavs a lesson in the process along with the big ones as well.Now if the corruption is not being tackled, at least let the new ones make it this occasion, instead of the same old people doubling their loot.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


The mud slinging campaign against Anna Hazare is just not going to work because people have eyes and ears.They can see who leads what kind of life.Who is wealthy and who is simple and lives life in pure genuine simplicity.That is proof enough for the people to understand the games being played.They are trying every thing and by hook or crook wants to see a strong LOKPAL derailed.

That is the agenda.Just look at the wealth of the Congress leaders.They way they travel,the way they live and the assets declared and undeclared held by them.The luxury and indulging in corruption and amassing wealth at the cost of the poor people of India has gone too far for them to believe any politicians any more.But see the life of people like Anna Hazare ,he does not own Mercedes Benz nor does he travel in luxury. He lives is a small village among the poor farmers as one among them, he has no skeletons to hide.His life is an open book unlike the so called leaders who indulges in such luxurious life at the cost of the exchequer.Also owns Bungalows in big towns and luxury apartments and Cars and so on.People have eyes don't think they will keep their eyes shut and believe the mud slinging campaign.

Now coming to ideology.It does not matter what ideology he believes in as long as he is honest and wants to stop corruption at all levels ,if RSS ideology is same so be it.People will support or if the Communist ideology is the one he believes and is honest about it that too will be OK as far as the people are concerned, because they are sick and tired of the false promises ever since Independence while on the back side all of them irrespective of the party has been looting that includes BJP, Communists, but majority of Congress leaders are the worst because, they fooled people by showing themselves to be the ones as saviors of the nation and it has been a breach of trust and deserves the worst possible punishment a nation can give such ruthless ,cunning and most of all fully corrupt leaders from head to toe.

It is laughable to see them accusing the Mayavati Government of being corrupt, If it is true, then it was the Congress, who must have taught her how to be corrupt, because there are no better teachers to teach the subject of corruption than the Congress in our country.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


It has become a selfish world. The rich and mighty does not care for the millions dying of starvation.They visit the Church for the blessing of the lord, but does not understand what Jesus Christ conveyed by dying the most painful way on the cross.As the lord, why he did not avoid the certain death. It was his way of 'sacrifice', so that other living beings are left with lesser pain for he tried to maximize the pain endured by him, so that others gets that much less pain in life.

How many Christians do understand the meaning of that ultimate sacrifice, such as the sun burning itself so that we get light and life. Visiting the Church every Sunday does not get you the salvation or blessings, on the other side visiting the church and not knowing or trying to understand what Christianity is all about is the ultimate ignorance, for which the lord will never forgive the mighty and powerful, who are so selfish that they might rather destroy the excess food/grains by dumping in the sea, but still would not share it for the hungry in the name of economics and the mathematics they feel is good for their selfish deeds.

My lord, it is a pity that your efforts in reaching out to these silly people has failed miserably.They are still the same old selfish guys, who do not give a second thought for the hungry and thirsty millions dying around the globe ,but is scrupulously safe guarding their ill gotten wealth for they do not know that is has no value and they will never get to use it in their life or for that matter their future generations also will suffer due to their sins because they just forgot the consciousness of feeling sympathy for the unfortunate, what an irony for them to be calling themselves true Christians, but in real does not understand what Jesus Christ tried to convey through his life and death, I understood the fact and I truly believe in the lord[Though I am born a Hindu.] which is all one, I may call it in my Hindu way while the Muslims may call it their way, but just as the great souls such as Shirdi Saibaba and Sree Nrayanaguru declared that "Sub Ka Malik Ek" which means the the lord of all living being is one. And Narayana Guru told "it does not matter which religion or caste you belong, but being righteous and good is what matters most"

Achyutam Keshavam

Achyutam Keshavam

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Friday, December 16, 2011


The drama in relationship with Jan LOKPAL bill has been dragged on for decades itself, is proof enough for any layman with little intelligence to understand the complicity of the ruling Congress and its allies. But the worst among them are the top leadership of the Congress , the mother of all corruption seen in India from the seventies onward.

For a person old enough , who has seen the emergency period and the elections fought right after the Morarji government failed to live up to the expectations, saw for the first time, how money power was used for fighting elections. By none other than the so called great Mrs.Indira Gandhi herself. The Congress funds abroad itself will be enough to bail out the ailing economy of our country.

When we see the Congress behaving as if they are the angels is the worst joke one can see and every guy on earth knows who are the power players in India, and how they amassed wealth over decades of corruption from top to bottom.

Now coming to Mr.Chidambaram who was a lawyer with a tag of millions per hour of appearance in any case,itself proves the power he wields among the judiciary and investigating agencies.The millions paid for his appearance will not be wasted, because he will win ultimately with his clout and connections in the corridors of power, where he too is among the top players the exact reason why the Congress is vehemently and so stubbornly supporting him because he is one of the kingpin and knows some information or is party to information which can destroy Congress's mask of innocence.

The top corporate honchos are all pawns who plays around these cronies of the top Congress leadership who matters in every thing and anything that goes around in Delhi or for that matter in all around India.

So my intuition tells me nothing is going to be done as far as the Jan Lokpal bill is concerned , all they are doing is to play the game to delay it by beating around the bush for as long as possible, and till such time when the people at last lose interest in it and some other more important issue crops up to bury this issue for the time being.

If Mr.Chidamparam falls then the trail will lead to the top which at any cost they will not allow. Also the fact that the alternative opposition also comprises of the same ilk means our people for the time being has no other option but to look upwards for the lord to help in his own unique ways

Monday, December 5, 2011


It is very surprising that the Dow Chemicals who are yet to pay compensation for thousands of people killed in Bhopal Gas tragedy more than two decades ago, have enough funds to sponsor an Olympic event single handed, while on the other side the company, which was named Union Carbide earlier has not paid a single penny yet, to those thousands of people who died due to the tragedy.Leave alone those who are suffering due to the toxic gas which was leaked and has effected thousands of families in the vicinity.

What an irony for the so called developed Country like UK,which did not raise a single question on the tragedy or the compensation paid.They are only concerned about their Olympic games of 2012,and choose the same company who was responsible for the deaths of so many thousands.Under what circumstances, can they justify their action in accepting the very same Company which owes millions to the helpless poor people who perished due to their ignorance.

Also the Indian Government which kept a mute silence on the issue from the time it was known that Dow Chemicals are the Official sponsors of the London Olympics,did not raise an objection now at last, for the sake of fooling people it has raised the issue, but does not seem to be taking a tough stand to boycott the Olympics if Dow chemicals remains the sponsor.

It is very unfortunate that people are willing to spend millions of dollars for sponsorship of great events for publicity, but is not willing to compensate the victims of one of the greatest tragedies in history ,for which they alone were responsible,which looks like our peoples' life is not worth a penny because we do not have a government with spine to stand up to those guys and declare ,that we object to the very idea of such sports events, before the victims have been compensated fully to the satisfaction of all the effected families.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


The present deadlock between Tamilnadu and Kerala over the weak and old Mullaperiyar dam issue, perhaps can be resolved by creation of a number of check dams between Mullaperiyar and Idukki dam.
In the event of a disaster the check dams down stream can hold water in small reservoirs of each check dam and any further flow can be stopped at Idukki which is bigger and stronger dam and can hold the rest of the water after these check dams considerably hold the majority of the water flow.The major share of the fury of the water flow will be reduced by these check dams, which also can be used for generation of electricity for the people while on the other side these check dams can hold considerable amount of water and also will check the flow in quite a number of suitable places to be identified.

These check dams are the best idea also for flood related accidents in a number of rivers during monsoon. These check dams can hold enough water for the surrounding areas ground water level also will increase and the wastage of the water running to the sea is avoided as well. We see a lot of rivers are dry during summer because the water is allowed to flow to the sea without hindrance instead we can harvest these waters for the summer and cultivation to help agriculture activities.

We must see that each river water is preserved in ways of these check dams in regular distances, so that the flood situations can be avoided and the water resources can be used to the maximum or optimum level and see that the precious water is used in ways to benefit the ever increasing usage of fresh water as our population also is increasing.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


This was exactly how the Congress played their cards, while in UPA[1],when they wanted the Nuclear Bill passed and the communists backing them then refused to support.First they created an impression that they are holding back, while in reality they were pursuing their plans meticulously, They then started to buy out MP's with the help of great players of the old game, like Mr.Amar Singh and company,money would not be a constraint or hindrance, as that will be provided discreetly, by the people who stands to benefit, or the ones who are about to invest for profit in the later stages.

The background players must have initiated their moves already, if I am not mistaken,because we have already seen the same scenario.The communists made a blunder then, by allowing them time to buy out enough numbers, by being naive to the realities then.Or was it deliberate? Well, that is a billion dollar question.They could have immediately withdrawn support before the congress, brain- washed our population, while their stooges purchased enough numbers of MP's from behind the scene moves to win the voting on it subsequently.

The same story is being scripted this time as well.But the scenes have changed Players have changed and the rules governing the number game remains the same.My suggestion to the people who cares to see a better India, is to withdraw their support now, as this government has already eaten up enough for our generation and is now going on giving away enough of our future generations' hopes also, as the prime minister himself is not above suspicion any more.

Their credibility is in question. I do not see many guys in the present government who are honestly and earnestly working for the people of India.All they are doing is making themselves rich and their cronies are the ones who alone gets benefits. Our huge numbers of poor people has no hope under them.Now I see them as the cheapest commodity in the international arena, as we see them working abroad as daily laborers or in conditions which reminds us the slavery which prevailed in US a few centuries back. Our people unlike the African Nationals of US are yet to get their freedom from the elite or the corporate honchos abroad [Like Satyam who made our youngsters work to death for their profits alone].