Sunday, December 4, 2011


The present deadlock between Tamilnadu and Kerala over the weak and old Mullaperiyar dam issue, perhaps can be resolved by creation of a number of check dams between Mullaperiyar and Idukki dam.
In the event of a disaster the check dams down stream can hold water in small reservoirs of each check dam and any further flow can be stopped at Idukki which is bigger and stronger dam and can hold the rest of the water after these check dams considerably hold the majority of the water flow.The major share of the fury of the water flow will be reduced by these check dams, which also can be used for generation of electricity for the people while on the other side these check dams can hold considerable amount of water and also will check the flow in quite a number of suitable places to be identified.

These check dams are the best idea also for flood related accidents in a number of rivers during monsoon. These check dams can hold enough water for the surrounding areas ground water level also will increase and the wastage of the water running to the sea is avoided as well. We see a lot of rivers are dry during summer because the water is allowed to flow to the sea without hindrance instead we can harvest these waters for the summer and cultivation to help agriculture activities.

We must see that each river water is preserved in ways of these check dams in regular distances, so that the flood situations can be avoided and the water resources can be used to the maximum or optimum level and see that the precious water is used in ways to benefit the ever increasing usage of fresh water as our population also is increasing.

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