Saturday, December 24, 2011


It has become a selfish world. The rich and mighty does not care for the millions dying of starvation.They visit the Church for the blessing of the lord, but does not understand what Jesus Christ conveyed by dying the most painful way on the cross.As the lord, why he did not avoid the certain death. It was his way of 'sacrifice', so that other living beings are left with lesser pain for he tried to maximize the pain endured by him, so that others gets that much less pain in life.

How many Christians do understand the meaning of that ultimate sacrifice, such as the sun burning itself so that we get light and life. Visiting the Church every Sunday does not get you the salvation or blessings, on the other side visiting the church and not knowing or trying to understand what Christianity is all about is the ultimate ignorance, for which the lord will never forgive the mighty and powerful, who are so selfish that they might rather destroy the excess food/grains by dumping in the sea, but still would not share it for the hungry in the name of economics and the mathematics they feel is good for their selfish deeds.

My lord, it is a pity that your efforts in reaching out to these silly people has failed miserably.They are still the same old selfish guys, who do not give a second thought for the hungry and thirsty millions dying around the globe ,but is scrupulously safe guarding their ill gotten wealth for they do not know that is has no value and they will never get to use it in their life or for that matter their future generations also will suffer due to their sins because they just forgot the consciousness of feeling sympathy for the unfortunate, what an irony for them to be calling themselves true Christians, but in real does not understand what Jesus Christ tried to convey through his life and death, I understood the fact and I truly believe in the lord[Though I am born a Hindu.] which is all one, I may call it in my Hindu way while the Muslims may call it their way, but just as the great souls such as Shirdi Saibaba and Sree Nrayanaguru declared that "Sub Ka Malik Ek" which means the the lord of all living being is one. And Narayana Guru told "it does not matter which religion or caste you belong, but being righteous and good is what matters most"

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