Saturday, December 3, 2011


This was exactly how the Congress played their cards, while in UPA[1],when they wanted the Nuclear Bill passed and the communists backing them then refused to support.First they created an impression that they are holding back, while in reality they were pursuing their plans meticulously, They then started to buy out MP's with the help of great players of the old game, like Mr.Amar Singh and company,money would not be a constraint or hindrance, as that will be provided discreetly, by the people who stands to benefit, or the ones who are about to invest for profit in the later stages.

The background players must have initiated their moves already, if I am not mistaken,because we have already seen the same scenario.The communists made a blunder then, by allowing them time to buy out enough numbers, by being naive to the realities then.Or was it deliberate? Well, that is a billion dollar question.They could have immediately withdrawn support before the congress, brain- washed our population, while their stooges purchased enough numbers of MP's from behind the scene moves to win the voting on it subsequently.

The same story is being scripted this time as well.But the scenes have changed Players have changed and the rules governing the number game remains the same.My suggestion to the people who cares to see a better India, is to withdraw their support now, as this government has already eaten up enough for our generation and is now going on giving away enough of our future generations' hopes also, as the prime minister himself is not above suspicion any more.

Their credibility is in question. I do not see many guys in the present government who are honestly and earnestly working for the people of India.All they are doing is making themselves rich and their cronies are the ones who alone gets benefits. Our huge numbers of poor people has no hope under them.Now I see them as the cheapest commodity in the international arena, as we see them working abroad as daily laborers or in conditions which reminds us the slavery which prevailed in US a few centuries back. Our people unlike the African Nationals of US are yet to get their freedom from the elite or the corporate honchos abroad [Like Satyam who made our youngsters work to death for their profits alone].

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