Friday, December 16, 2011


The drama in relationship with Jan LOKPAL bill has been dragged on for decades itself, is proof enough for any layman with little intelligence to understand the complicity of the ruling Congress and its allies. But the worst among them are the top leadership of the Congress , the mother of all corruption seen in India from the seventies onward.

For a person old enough , who has seen the emergency period and the elections fought right after the Morarji government failed to live up to the expectations, saw for the first time, how money power was used for fighting elections. By none other than the so called great Mrs.Indira Gandhi herself. The Congress funds abroad itself will be enough to bail out the ailing economy of our country.

When we see the Congress behaving as if they are the angels is the worst joke one can see and every guy on earth knows who are the power players in India, and how they amassed wealth over decades of corruption from top to bottom.

Now coming to Mr.Chidambaram who was a lawyer with a tag of millions per hour of appearance in any case,itself proves the power he wields among the judiciary and investigating agencies.The millions paid for his appearance will not be wasted, because he will win ultimately with his clout and connections in the corridors of power, where he too is among the top players the exact reason why the Congress is vehemently and so stubbornly supporting him because he is one of the kingpin and knows some information or is party to information which can destroy Congress's mask of innocence.

The top corporate honchos are all pawns who plays around these cronies of the top Congress leadership who matters in every thing and anything that goes around in Delhi or for that matter in all around India.

So my intuition tells me nothing is going to be done as far as the Jan Lokpal bill is concerned , all they are doing is to play the game to delay it by beating around the bush for as long as possible, and till such time when the people at last lose interest in it and some other more important issue crops up to bury this issue for the time being.

If Mr.Chidamparam falls then the trail will lead to the top which at any cost they will not allow. Also the fact that the alternative opposition also comprises of the same ilk means our people for the time being has no other option but to look upwards for the lord to help in his own unique ways

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