Sunday, July 31, 2011



Recently I came across an appeal for urgent help from a social organization named “CONCERN” an Irish based social organization fighting against all odds, to save millions of malnourished population in northern African countries, mainly, Somalia, Sudan and their neighbors all reeling under the worst famine conditions in 21st century.

Most of Saharan countries have been going dry for decades without pure water for drinking while the only source is again contaminated water, making it worse as other illness also double their sufferings through the intake of such water. More acute is the food shortage as their land is almost fully deserts and is not fit for farming hence; they are wholly dependent on outside help which only can save them. Their respective Governments are mostly corrupt and care the least for the unfortunate people who are on the verge of starvation deaths in millions.

The above scenario perhaps is not new, as we have witnessed more or less the same scenario, the great famine in Ethiopia in the middle Eighties when some good Samaritans among the musicians and pop icons helped by way of conducting concerts around, under the leadership of Bob Geldof, [Hope my memory doesn’t fail me] the proceeds from it helped save many lives during those painful period.

Now on the other side we have individuals with mass accumulated wealth, which can save millions of lives but most of them are least bothered about millions dying, rather they would order for a new Yacht costing millions and party throughout the year spending so much that alone can save all those would be victims, if only such guys think in matured and well intended lines and makes a difference to those starving people.

We know for a fact that in the Middle East, with all the oil money pouring in, they made such huge plans to make the grandest island palaces by filling in the middle of the ocean with boulders and sand and once the island is made, then they start the construction of bungalows with all the five star or even more facilities such as swimming pools, helipads and airstrips to make their planes take off and land in their own island bungalows. So many American Billionaires and big wigs in the world all over were the first ones to book for such bungalows. The construction costs for it can only be imagined. But the last news about such grand ideas I heard was utter failures, as there were hardly any takers for it, after the devastating Tsunami which happened in the year 2004 December 24th, which made all those rich and famous to think twice before launching in to such misadventures.

My point here is had that money been routed for the benefit of the starving famine victims we could have saved millions of our children, women and unfortunate people who are suffering for no fault of theirs at all.

They are suffering due to the greed of few among the rich and famous who are only concerned about the listing in the Forbes richest and improving upon their standing in the said list. How snobbish and selfish people can be is seen from all these happenings around the world where almost 7 billions live under the same moon and sun, yet lives so differently. The majority is so concerned about having some food and water at least once daily, while the minority in the rich list, may be about 1 to 10 percent or even less is holding the fortunes roughly about 90 to 95 percent ,meant for all the nearly 7 billion of our world population,spend billions on just for trivia, showing off their might and wealth on grand palaces,planes, yachts and costly cars to those who hardly have anything to drink [water] leave alone food,what a cruel joke.

We have to understand that those unfortunate people of the famine hit countries did nothing wrong. Their only mistake is being born at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Let us also remember that god is watching every action of every individual. The balancing act will soon follow and the rich and famous may not get to live and use all those funds, if they help the needy in bad times, god will help them in their bad times and also will benefit due to the blessed action of saving millions, which itself is a godly wish, those who fulfill gods wish, will and can ensure that their future generations will be blessed due to the good will earned by their forefathers.

Otherwise we can witness ourselves they will attract the wrath of god ,just as the US is now facing, a few years back no one would have believed then, that US out of all the great countries, will go bankrupt as they are now, faced with a situation of their own making spending needlessly fighting wars around the globe in one pretext or other and now is about to miss their dead line and is bound to default on their commitments, unless some miracle saves them by lending more or increasing their overdrawing limits. If this has happened to the greatest economic powerhouse called U S A , The same can happen any where else in the world very soon.

The message from all the above is “stop, think and proceed.

May the lord show us the way forward and help us, so as to help those in need, around the globe, irrespective of their religion ,color or politics.

Painful thoughts of solitairebala.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Have you ever heard of the above word’ dementia’. This is the latest word used by our great Tamasha man Mr.Suresh Kalmadi, who swindled almost a lac crore out of our country’s exchequers to conduct the Common Wealth Games.

During the first week of his imprisonment, we heard of him conducting meetings on the very Jail wardens’ table in public view with mobile phones and his cronies surrounding him and having five star facility offered right inside the jail itself. Once the news leaked, the second trick was the usual chest pain and other ailments for which he needed five star facility hospitals.

The latest is ‘dementia’ which means he has forgotten all that had happened in the past, specifically all that issues in connection with CWG, luckily god has given him specific memories with which he can remember all other things such as his family, friends and how he managed to stash off funds and where it has been kept etc. But the problem is he forgets the whole episode if any CBI officials nears him for questioning this is some thing like an allergic disorder connected to his Dementia, as the doctors already must have given a detailed report . This acute health problem is some thing our top doctors will need to do research and find out and promptly give him a certificate if not already given, with a recommendation for rest and recuperation very soon, so that the great man can rest in places like Switzerland, Singapore, London or even US the climate there suits for such cases, the doctors may put in some earlier cases where it worked well, jus as the case of Mr.Dawood Ibrahim who survives only in Pakistan Climate or the Middle East due to some peculiar decease, which he got infected from perhaps Mr.Bin Laden himself.

Mr.Murdock also could have cited the same word, to side line all those who questioned him on his corporate affairs without an eyebrow raised for he is much older and the argument would have been much more apt that people would have even sympathized for his ‘dementia’. Mr.Madoff also missed this mantra when it was required most.

These are the areas where the west can learn a lot from our great Indian politicians, their cronies and corporate bigwigs, as to how to dodge an enquiry. The Ex- top World Bank executive could have easily got a certificate from a renowned Indian doctor citing that he is impotent hence, could not have committed the rape he was supposed to have attempted.

All such certificates, doctorates, military honors and great escape mantras can be out sourced from India for benefit of those who wanted a cover up or escape the inquiries, leave alone the mines, land and poor people already available for the cheapest rate in the whole universe.

Unfortunatly, Mr.Raja, Mrs.Kanimozhi and Mr. Maran all missed out on this particular mantra, the most effective in their defenses, perhaps it might still work with a renowned doctor certificate citing our Parliament house as being the source of this virus.

Our capital New Delhi has already been the source of a virus, which was named as Delhi virus immune to all the existent antibiotics.

Hilarious thoughts of’ solitairebala’

Thursday, July 21, 2011


There was a news item a couple of days back that the Chinese have executed some of their corrupt officials, it looked from the news item itself as a very low key affair for the rest of the world.But for some who is so obsessed and frustrated all over our country [India], seeing it all happening but ultimately the politicians bureaucratic & media colludes as one, to loot our country,then the only way forward is the execution of those who are proved corrupt beyond any doubt.

Such a scenario will only happen in INDIA if and when we have strong leaders who are willing to go the extra mile unlike the double agents of this era. The Maos are a direct creation of our corruption filled politics of 65 years. They will be supported by people and farmers at large if the state of affairs remains the same without any politicians willing to act on their own ilk along with those corporate honchos who are gobbling up anything and everything from around the globe.

Our policy of hobnobbing with US & NATO in their ambitious land grab happening in the north African countries and the middle east for selling their weapons and getting the oil fields in return,while keeping a check on the Arabs around by putting strong defense in Israel,will all boom rang on them very soon as was the case when they made people like Osama & Taliban,which ultimately became their strongest head ache in the long run and still continues to be.

In the larger scheme of things god almighty has a way of balancing correctly in his/her own ways to be proved later. What looks a set back now for the righteous will ultimately be the greatest boon for the nice people around the world for sure. But to evolve things takes its own time and some perishes while others survives in this wicked world. But the wrong doers always gets punished in their lifetime it self, at times their action leads to better things without them ever knowing that it was due to their wrong doing that turned out to be a blessing for other innocents in the future.

So let the game goes on while the god is watching , the guilty will be punished and the deserving nice and poor guys who follows truth will ultimately win, the cleverest will at times turn out to be the most stupid guy on earth,such is the way god functions. He makes people do things which ultimately will end up to be good as a whole for the humanity if not immediately perhaps in the long run decades or centuries.

The stars and sun will be shining and witnessing all those stupid idiots who may think and behave as if they are the masters of the universe only to realise in the end how stupid they were.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011



These are the messages specifically meant for the students which should be given by the parents and teachers. These are only the directions and guidelines, which should be understood first and present to the students systematically and customatically. The wordings, the way of presentation, addition of their experiences, etc should be done by the teachers and the parents themselves. Their experiences and the experience of other great and good men also should be incorporated in the explanations . The ultimate aim of the narration is to build self confidence in the students and remove the fear complex. Explanations should be in simple words, in low voice, in a casual way without much seriousness and with a pleasant facial expression and voice, attractive like story telling. Total duration of the presentation / discussion can be limited to 2 hrs as such or as parts in few days in different classes or occasions. Few points should be repeated and make the students repeat the same . Tell the students the following points (need not be in the order given).

Start by saying that “all the modern scholars and professionals in the world who have received the school and college education have written examination as the part of their education. So there is nothing unusual in facing the exams”.

1. Everyone who writes the exam will have fear complex which is common at any level.

2. Even those who are contesting for election will have a fear complex including prime minister and president.

3. The parents and teachers also should explain their experience in the school and college days.

4. They should explain the privileges of the lucky students studying in the modern academic institutes. And also the fate of the under privileged poor children begging in the streets or working in the factories for a meager salary.

5. We should inform the students that there are many medical colleges, engineering colleges and good professional institutes all over India. Every student with reasonably good marks need not worry too much about getting an admission in the institutes of their choice.

6. In every steps of one’s life there will be examination, written test, interview and it will continue till the last part of profession. Exams are part of the life and job. There are examinations for the doctors, engineers, chartered accountants, judges, advocates and so on.

7. Even in the profession/ job there will be fear while undertaking the wok . Think about a surgeon doing surgery, judge giving / reading the verdict, a singer singing in an auditorium, a soldier fighting in the battle field, a police man facing a mob, a mahout controlling an elephant, a forest guard protecting the forest, a pilot controlling the flight, a driver driving the bus, a tree climber going to the top of the tree, the fishermen in the sea, the cook amidst fire in the kitchen, film producer, the actor, the cricket player, the swimmer, ! Everyone of them will have fear in the inner core of his/ her mind even if they are experienced in the same field for decades. So the fear is a common feeling for everyone in the world.

8. The student should remember that the fear cannot solve the problem of exam writing, it can only aggravate the problem of forgetting what is studied and what is to be memorized while writing the exam. The student should take the exam seriously but fearlessly.

9. Marks of the exams are important but not crucial for a good successful life. It is only one among many parameters. Marks in each class is only a stepping stone for the next class. No one is going to ask how much marks one got when he is working in a reputed office. None has asked Mahatma Gandhi about the marks he got in his exams when he was spearheading the Indian freedom movement. Ranks and distinctions are important but not an inevitable parameter in life.

10. Life is not school or college education. It is only a small part in our life. Socrates, Jesus, Albert Einstein, Ramakrishna Parmahasa, Ramana Maharshi, Amruthanandamayee, Sai baba, Sree Sankaracharya and many great did/ do not have college education. They are remembered not based on their academic qualifications.

11. Mahasrhi Valmeeki and Maharshi Veda Vyasa did not have Ph. D. But hundreds of Ph.Ds are being taken in Ramayana and Mahabharata.

12. Follow the life systematically and customatically. Practice the scientific customs and rituals in the life. Let our life become useful + fruitful + purposeful + peaceful. That is what is meant by glorious life (dhanya jeevitham). Waking up before 5.30 am, a prayer sitting on the bed, morning bath, prayer in pooja room, few soorya namaskaram for the body, a prayer before taking food, taking the blessings of the parents before leaving to school, taking the blessings of the teachers during the exams, after returning from school, playing for sometime and living with nature, taking the evening bath, prayer with family members, spending some time with parents and reading with a pleasant face and calm mind upto 10.30 pm. There ends the day routine. Never study later than 10.30 in the night particularly during exam days.

13. Attend the classes, recollect whatever is explained in the class and discuss with friends casually on the subjects. After studying, try to write down atleast once. Do all these without tension.

14. The student should remember that there will be positives + negatives in the life, success + failure, happiness + sorrow, profit + loss, fiends + foes, criticisms + appreciations. Life is nothing but experiencing all these positives and negatives boldly.

15. Prayer should not be for getting what ever is asked. It should be for getting whatever we deserve. God will not give rank or distinction in the exams. God can give you courage and blessings to study well and present them well if we are good enough. God can give self confidence, courage and opportunity to develop and progress.

16. Let the parents, teachers and students remember that it is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to spend few hrs every day for making every child good and great.

17. The parents should remember that their child is spending every working day only 7 hrs with the teacher in the school among 40 – 50 students. But their one or two children live with them almost 15 -17 hrs during each working day and almost full time during the holidays. The teachers can make the student great, but the parents should make the child good and great. The parents brought the child to this world without their request. So start giving nutritious food for the body and give good messages + experiences + stories with the message from the age of 3

18. Remind everyone that none is permanent in this world. Everyone will be here only for about 80 yrs or so. How long we are living is less important . How we are living is more important. That is the realization of the truth of life. In this journey of life, the studies, exams, marks, ranks, etc are only small parts. They are not the challenges of life and death in our life.

19. Let the teachers and parents devote small part of their time, energy and knowledge for making each student good leading them to greatness. Let there be the integration of science and spirituality, modern and ancient, logical + rational + scientific experienceable and experimentable knowledge in every teacher, parent and student.

20. Our prayer and blessing of our motherland to all teachers and parents


Thanks again to fetched by solitairebala


The British say God Save the King.
The Americans say God Bless America.
The Indians say Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.
Does this tell you something?
“God Save the King/Queen” is the National Anthem of the United Kingdom. It is also one of the two national anthems of New Zealand, and the royal anthem of Canada, and other Commonwealth Realms, as well as the anthem of the British Royal Family. [link]
“God Bless America” is an American patriotic song originally written by Irving Berlin in 1918 and revised by him in 1938. It is sometimes considered an unofficial national anthem of the United States.[1] It also served as the inspiration for another anthem, Woodie Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land”, which was written in response to it. [link]
“Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu” (Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu) means “May Eternal Peace & Goodwill Prevail in the Whole World” [link]
Om sarveshaam swastir bhavatu
Sarveshaam shantir bhavatu
Sarveshaam poornam bhavatu
Sarveshaam mangalam bhavatu
Sarve bhavantu sukhinah
Sarve santu niraamayaah
Sarve bhadraani pashyantu
Maakaschit duhkha bhaag bhavet
Auspiciousness (swasti) be unto all;
Peace (shanti) be unto all;
Fullness (poornam) be unto all;
prosperity (mangalam) be unto all.
May all be happy! (sukhinah)
May all be free from disabilities! (niraamayaah)
May all look (pashyantu)to the good of others!
May none suffer from sorrow! (duhkha)
Thanks to Indian Institute of scientific heritage.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011



As their name indicates Rupert and his son James Murdock the billionaire media tycoons has been running the worst media empire in our world’s history. For sensationalizing news items they were using hacking of phones and voice mails interceptions of hundreds or even millions of important personalities and also the most vulnerable including a British teenager, who later was murdered, in the world. What has now come out in the open is only the tip of the iceberg.

He can not have made such a fortune in a short span with out crime behind such acts. It was not at all surprising to note that his so called friends and cronies included the British Prime ministers, top Police officers along with all those who mattered in the country. He did admit in the British parliament that he was a regular visitor to the British Prime ministers, but always went through the back doors as was the arrangement. They also submitted their ignorance that almost millions of pounds were paid without their knowledge to settle, out of court litigations, when ever it became necessary each time some one among the victims went to court to expose them.

Their modus operandi is such that they pay bigwigs to get scoops for their news stories at time who knows? May even have made things happen and then make big news out of that happening. Their motto was to make money what ever be the cost, which later can be made up by selling more copies of the newspaper due to the sensation created from such news stories which they make or procure from their big connections and by way of hacking or intercepting voice mails. Journalist ethics is a word unknown to them. No one could have questioned them for the very people supposed to have been keeping watch over their actions were in the list of their monthly pay cheques or their buddies in the action.

The body language and the way the senior was making his points were arrogant as he was banging on the desk on each occasion he made a point, as if he is the judge himself with the hammer. He himself declared that the News of the World newspaper in Britain was only one percent of his business empire and he cared least to talk to the big officials of the said newspaper as he had his other 99 percent business to take care of in other words, he has made himself very clear to his rivals that shutting down the 150 odd years old newspaper is nothing in comparisons to what he actually owns. We can surmise from the above statements that he has become such a big fish that our worlds nets and laws are not enough to punish him for his wrong doings, leave alone the fact that no one will dare to show guts to stand up to him and point a finger at him because of his powers and attitude is such that he can go to any extend. ‘Murderous’ as his very name suggests without a second thought any one who stands on his way. Corporate responsibilities are not in his agenda. He is one of the greediest people as the man who attacked him with the shaving cream rightly muttered.

We do have so many Murdock’s among our Indian journalists as well for sure, Radia tapes were only a sample, and more will come out in the open very soon.

But eventually he too will have to pay back for his sins in a manner the Great lord decides, but not the British Lords anyway.


Thursday, July 7, 2011



Recent searches conducted in Sri Anandapadmanabhan temple [Trivandrum]vaults has come out with hidden wealth, which can not be valued at its face value as the treasure belongs to an era which is thousands or at least hundreds of years old hence, the antique value can only be assumed [A rough estimate puts it around $50 billions] and the search is not completely over yet, much more may come out in the open.

Second revelation of recent time was the Sathya Sai Baba Trust, which again has so much wealth hidden and open, all of which does require any declaration what so ever, neither the source nor the volume, under our rules governing the charitable and religious trusts acts. The whole fund is free from any income tax, as are the cases of millions of our country’s Trusts in India which itself is basically wrong, since the government squeezes blood and sweat of those people with an income of more than Rs.150000/- per year [Govt. servants and the common salaried class]

These trusts are the parking place for all ill gotten money from our system, looted out through corrupt politicians or even through terrorists activities by most illegal and banned organizations being run around the globe in the name of charity and supposed to be meant for the down trodden and the poorest. Also belonging to those crooked business class, who thinks their sins can be erased by donating a sum to the temple like Tirupathi or any other religious institutions.

In reality the Government has made their job very easy with tax holidays and the unlimited cap on its income or expenditure, which has no binding rules to go through audit or publishing the activities and the details of expenditure and sources of the so called donations or donors etc. No questions asked from which country or which person it came and for the purposes for which the money is being spend or how much is really there in such entities and so on.

No religion or god has ever preached to collect taxes from the rulers or the people around the globe on his/her behalf. It is a way of keeping idle funds hidden for a time or certain undisclosed future endeavors of its real owners, which surely are not the common poor guys, but mostly belongs to those scheming bigwigs.

It is high time that our populace is turning their attention to these undisclosed fortunes which belongs to the common people of our country and not certainly the deity. Those who keep it on behalf of the deity, while denying their citizen of their basic rights, are in fact attracting the wrath of the deity itself. They sure will be the first ones to be punished for such acts, which are cruel and unethical by any god’s standards. First and foremost duty of any ruler is to ensure food, at least one meal, daily for the hungry people and water for the thirsty,then let them think of saving for the future.

May the lord show us the way to unearth such fortunes at these troubled times.