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Recently I came across an appeal for urgent help from a social organization named “CONCERN” an Irish based social organization fighting against all odds, to save millions of malnourished population in northern African countries, mainly, Somalia, Sudan and their neighbors all reeling under the worst famine conditions in 21st century.

Most of Saharan countries have been going dry for decades without pure water for drinking while the only source is again contaminated water, making it worse as other illness also double their sufferings through the intake of such water. More acute is the food shortage as their land is almost fully deserts and is not fit for farming hence; they are wholly dependent on outside help which only can save them. Their respective Governments are mostly corrupt and care the least for the unfortunate people who are on the verge of starvation deaths in millions.

The above scenario perhaps is not new, as we have witnessed more or less the same scenario, the great famine in Ethiopia in the middle Eighties when some good Samaritans among the musicians and pop icons helped by way of conducting concerts around, under the leadership of Bob Geldof, [Hope my memory doesn’t fail me] the proceeds from it helped save many lives during those painful period.

Now on the other side we have individuals with mass accumulated wealth, which can save millions of lives but most of them are least bothered about millions dying, rather they would order for a new Yacht costing millions and party throughout the year spending so much that alone can save all those would be victims, if only such guys think in matured and well intended lines and makes a difference to those starving people.

We know for a fact that in the Middle East, with all the oil money pouring in, they made such huge plans to make the grandest island palaces by filling in the middle of the ocean with boulders and sand and once the island is made, then they start the construction of bungalows with all the five star or even more facilities such as swimming pools, helipads and airstrips to make their planes take off and land in their own island bungalows. So many American Billionaires and big wigs in the world all over were the first ones to book for such bungalows. The construction costs for it can only be imagined. But the last news about such grand ideas I heard was utter failures, as there were hardly any takers for it, after the devastating Tsunami which happened in the year 2004 December 24th, which made all those rich and famous to think twice before launching in to such misadventures.

My point here is had that money been routed for the benefit of the starving famine victims we could have saved millions of our children, women and unfortunate people who are suffering for no fault of theirs at all.

They are suffering due to the greed of few among the rich and famous who are only concerned about the listing in the Forbes richest and improving upon their standing in the said list. How snobbish and selfish people can be is seen from all these happenings around the world where almost 7 billions live under the same moon and sun, yet lives so differently. The majority is so concerned about having some food and water at least once daily, while the minority in the rich list, may be about 1 to 10 percent or even less is holding the fortunes roughly about 90 to 95 percent ,meant for all the nearly 7 billion of our world population,spend billions on just for trivia, showing off their might and wealth on grand palaces,planes, yachts and costly cars to those who hardly have anything to drink [water] leave alone food,what a cruel joke.

We have to understand that those unfortunate people of the famine hit countries did nothing wrong. Their only mistake is being born at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Let us also remember that god is watching every action of every individual. The balancing act will soon follow and the rich and famous may not get to live and use all those funds, if they help the needy in bad times, god will help them in their bad times and also will benefit due to the blessed action of saving millions, which itself is a godly wish, those who fulfill gods wish, will and can ensure that their future generations will be blessed due to the good will earned by their forefathers.

Otherwise we can witness ourselves they will attract the wrath of god ,just as the US is now facing, a few years back no one would have believed then, that US out of all the great countries, will go bankrupt as they are now, faced with a situation of their own making spending needlessly fighting wars around the globe in one pretext or other and now is about to miss their dead line and is bound to default on their commitments, unless some miracle saves them by lending more or increasing their overdrawing limits. If this has happened to the greatest economic powerhouse called U S A , The same can happen any where else in the world very soon.

The message from all the above is “stop, think and proceed.

May the lord show us the way forward and help us, so as to help those in need, around the globe, irrespective of their religion ,color or politics.

Painful thoughts of solitairebala.

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