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These are the messages specifically meant for the students which should be given by the parents and teachers. These are only the directions and guidelines, which should be understood first and present to the students systematically and customatically. The wordings, the way of presentation, addition of their experiences, etc should be done by the teachers and the parents themselves. Their experiences and the experience of other great and good men also should be incorporated in the explanations . The ultimate aim of the narration is to build self confidence in the students and remove the fear complex. Explanations should be in simple words, in low voice, in a casual way without much seriousness and with a pleasant facial expression and voice, attractive like story telling. Total duration of the presentation / discussion can be limited to 2 hrs as such or as parts in few days in different classes or occasions. Few points should be repeated and make the students repeat the same . Tell the students the following points (need not be in the order given).

Start by saying that “all the modern scholars and professionals in the world who have received the school and college education have written examination as the part of their education. So there is nothing unusual in facing the exams”.

1. Everyone who writes the exam will have fear complex which is common at any level.

2. Even those who are contesting for election will have a fear complex including prime minister and president.

3. The parents and teachers also should explain their experience in the school and college days.

4. They should explain the privileges of the lucky students studying in the modern academic institutes. And also the fate of the under privileged poor children begging in the streets or working in the factories for a meager salary.

5. We should inform the students that there are many medical colleges, engineering colleges and good professional institutes all over India. Every student with reasonably good marks need not worry too much about getting an admission in the institutes of their choice.

6. In every steps of one’s life there will be examination, written test, interview and it will continue till the last part of profession. Exams are part of the life and job. There are examinations for the doctors, engineers, chartered accountants, judges, advocates and so on.

7. Even in the profession/ job there will be fear while undertaking the wok . Think about a surgeon doing surgery, judge giving / reading the verdict, a singer singing in an auditorium, a soldier fighting in the battle field, a police man facing a mob, a mahout controlling an elephant, a forest guard protecting the forest, a pilot controlling the flight, a driver driving the bus, a tree climber going to the top of the tree, the fishermen in the sea, the cook amidst fire in the kitchen, film producer, the actor, the cricket player, the swimmer, ! Everyone of them will have fear in the inner core of his/ her mind even if they are experienced in the same field for decades. So the fear is a common feeling for everyone in the world.

8. The student should remember that the fear cannot solve the problem of exam writing, it can only aggravate the problem of forgetting what is studied and what is to be memorized while writing the exam. The student should take the exam seriously but fearlessly.

9. Marks of the exams are important but not crucial for a good successful life. It is only one among many parameters. Marks in each class is only a stepping stone for the next class. No one is going to ask how much marks one got when he is working in a reputed office. None has asked Mahatma Gandhi about the marks he got in his exams when he was spearheading the Indian freedom movement. Ranks and distinctions are important but not an inevitable parameter in life.

10. Life is not school or college education. It is only a small part in our life. Socrates, Jesus, Albert Einstein, Ramakrishna Parmahasa, Ramana Maharshi, Amruthanandamayee, Sai baba, Sree Sankaracharya and many great did/ do not have college education. They are remembered not based on their academic qualifications.

11. Mahasrhi Valmeeki and Maharshi Veda Vyasa did not have Ph. D. But hundreds of Ph.Ds are being taken in Ramayana and Mahabharata.

12. Follow the life systematically and customatically. Practice the scientific customs and rituals in the life. Let our life become useful + fruitful + purposeful + peaceful. That is what is meant by glorious life (dhanya jeevitham). Waking up before 5.30 am, a prayer sitting on the bed, morning bath, prayer in pooja room, few soorya namaskaram for the body, a prayer before taking food, taking the blessings of the parents before leaving to school, taking the blessings of the teachers during the exams, after returning from school, playing for sometime and living with nature, taking the evening bath, prayer with family members, spending some time with parents and reading with a pleasant face and calm mind upto 10.30 pm. There ends the day routine. Never study later than 10.30 in the night particularly during exam days.

13. Attend the classes, recollect whatever is explained in the class and discuss with friends casually on the subjects. After studying, try to write down atleast once. Do all these without tension.

14. The student should remember that there will be positives + negatives in the life, success + failure, happiness + sorrow, profit + loss, fiends + foes, criticisms + appreciations. Life is nothing but experiencing all these positives and negatives boldly.

15. Prayer should not be for getting what ever is asked. It should be for getting whatever we deserve. God will not give rank or distinction in the exams. God can give you courage and blessings to study well and present them well if we are good enough. God can give self confidence, courage and opportunity to develop and progress.

16. Let the parents, teachers and students remember that it is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to spend few hrs every day for making every child good and great.

17. The parents should remember that their child is spending every working day only 7 hrs with the teacher in the school among 40 – 50 students. But their one or two children live with them almost 15 -17 hrs during each working day and almost full time during the holidays. The teachers can make the student great, but the parents should make the child good and great. The parents brought the child to this world without their request. So start giving nutritious food for the body and give good messages + experiences + stories with the message from the age of 3

18. Remind everyone that none is permanent in this world. Everyone will be here only for about 80 yrs or so. How long we are living is less important . How we are living is more important. That is the realization of the truth of life. In this journey of life, the studies, exams, marks, ranks, etc are only small parts. They are not the challenges of life and death in our life.

19. Let the teachers and parents devote small part of their time, energy and knowledge for making each student good leading them to greatness. Let there be the integration of science and spirituality, modern and ancient, logical + rational + scientific experienceable and experimentable knowledge in every teacher, parent and student.

20. Our prayer and blessing of our motherland to all teachers and parents


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