Thursday, January 31, 2008

volatile market,farm suicides and rising communalism


Our country after more than 60 years of independence has experienced ups and downs in many fronts. More intriguing fact of late has been the rising intolerance towards different beliefs and cultures among our countrymen. This is unacceptable in a country where we are supposed to be preaching, if not practicing equal rights to all our citizen irrespective of his/her caste or religion and our country has evolved as a true democracy in all spheres, but for a few hiccups when it comes to our record of tolerant levels towards other religions and beliefs. As a true secularist democratic country of 1.2 billion population, unless we are tolerant to all our brothers and sisters irrespective of his or her religion or caste, we can not survive or co exist if our own people practice hatred and starts killing only because of ones’ religion . It is a shame on a great country and its wonderful people, and the land of Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi both preached rightly, ahimsa and tolerance towards all our countrymen who has lived together for centuries and have a cultural bond among our populace who co existed and appreciated the good side of all religions for centuries before the British rule. They were guilty of dividing our huge country which was the only way of ruling. [Readers may recall their administrative mantra of “divide and rule”] That was the beginning of ugly politicians using the religion card and has practiced it ever since.
More disturbing and haunting is the farmer suicides last year when the number of suicides was more than 17000 and considering the number of families affected is in lacks, and is so harrowing and reminds one of the famine periods few decades back in Ethiopia and during thirties in Bengal. The so called strong fundamentals and the figure of economy rising @ 9 % are shown as parameters of a resurgent and strong economy.

These figures in effect hardly has any significance if one takes the plight of the majority of our population, who are still dependant on agriculture and have been taking the brunt of our thoughtless approach towards development. The mind boggling foreign reserves and rising rupee value can not hide the hardship faced by our farmers. Our think tank is so obsessed with the rising share market, which itself has been showing signs of volatility in recent times and rightly proves that all is not well in the market or in other words the market is still being manipulated by bulls hence, can not be termed as foolproof and we still could not put in place a mechanism to check the foul players taking advantage of their might at the cost of small investors of our country. The small and marginal investors are also responsible for their greed and have rushed in to make it big in haste, while the wise investors have been hesitant in expecting big returns in short periods and have stayed invested irrespective of the turmoil and have let go of many such opportunities for short time gains. The most prudent approach during volatility is to insulate ourselves from getting hit in the market by apportioning only a small percentage of the savings. Those who borrowed for investing in shares aiming for a rise in a short span of time have lost most of their funds as the lenders inevitably takes their share with interest at the first instance thereby, leaving the borrowers stranded and eventually losing what ever little they had as savings.

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As for the action of our government towards our hapless farmers has been little or what ever was meant for bailing out our farmers in distress has been gobbled up by the middlemen who acts as if they are the saviors of the farmers, only to trick them while, they make money highlighting the plight of the farmers, who on the other side can only look upwards for any mercy from the almighty by way of rain or divine help, there too destiny does not seem to be working in their favors, as the sky too has been very harsh in terms of unpredictable climate coupled with extreme weather at times too hot or too cold for any farming activity to bring good harvests.

On top of all these curses is the other nightmare called the communalism and fundamentalist terrorism? That too has taken its toll on human beings globally and is seen rising day by day. The ugly politicians find it the right time for good harvest in terms of votes and most of the political parties worldwide have been seen playing for the gallery with the sole aim of making political gains and also for usurping power which in turn is the gateway for wealth for most of them. The reason why they keep on adding fuel to fire is that, only then can they fish in such troubled waters without any body actually noticing their activities. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel for the time being and one wonders how many people are going to suffer and for how long. We definitely don’t have answers for now.

The nature absolutely will take its own course to maintain balance as we have witnessed throughout our history, that every time man and his grand ideas has been shattered by mother nature overnight before they realize what has hit them only for the cycle to repeat and meet with an end which ensures the beginning of the next cycle of life. But no matter how many such cycles have preceded our generation but people still haven’t changed much.

These are my thoughts and observation of the current state of affairs globally and more about our nation which is passing through a period of uncertainty, the cause mainly as always are that we simply don’t learn from our mistakes and results of the past due to our own false ego and one up man ship. But all good and bad things do come to an end. We can see from history of mankind that on each occasions the mighty rulers have all perished. The Moguls by British, British empire by Germany and Japan, Germany and Napoleon by harsh and bitter cold winter of Russia these are only a few examples which comes to ones’ mind. Like wise global balance will be maintained by our mother nature with its balancing acts sooner or later. The wise who thinks they have every wealth will soon find how foolish they were for all the wealth and knowledge is not enough for fools.

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