Sunday, March 31, 2013

Science behind the way of living in India.

Looking at the way of living of Indians so much can be learned by the people who are far away from India but still need some explanation to convince themselves of the scientific reason behind all the rituals and practices in various parts of India.

For an Atheist it may look rubbish stuff, but for those inquisitive and laymen it is not only their beliefs but the fact of science. Here I am giving below a few reasons which will convince the majority. For others it is bad luck and see you next time.

Firstly, I must enlighten those who take our scriptures as fiction or myth.This can be countered by seeing the roots of Parasurama in Kreta yugam or Sathyayugam [called so due to the reason that in those periods 100% of our people were honest righteous hence, the name Sathyayuga] The visible signs and places are almost still intact over or under the sea even today.

Secondly, comes the Treta yuga , during Ram , Laxman & Sita's period ,there too People were about 75% honest and righteous. The places and names mentioned here too is intact and can be seen today as well.

Thirdly, came the Dwapara Yugam when almost 50% people only were honest and righteous,The time of SriKrishna there again the places mentioned are still to be seen underwater , Dwaraka near the Gujarat Coast line and the satellite pictures proves it was the Saraswati River bed , but later the river was told to have changed course or dried and the flow in still happening under earth perhaps.

After the demise of Srikrishna Kaliyuga started,about 5000 years ago when almost 75% people are corrupt.

The duration of all four yugas are about millions of years and is only one day of Creator Brahma and modern day people are unable to fathom the huge lineage of people of Indian origin. But take for instance the huge wealth inside a single temple at Thiruvanthapuram,where the rajas' only acted as safe keepers or trustees, the actual owner is still the god almighty. Almost all Kingdoms including that of Zamurines[Samudiri King of Calicut.] all were genuinely nice people, where else do you have people pledging the whole property in the name of God in practice. I feel its best to go back to the rule of good kings, all other ideas are futile and not practical.

For those who believe god is up above there, its always good time, but for naysayers, may god bless them too, like the words of latest elected pope, who first told those cardinals who elected him 'may lord forgive you for your action'           

Monday, March 18, 2013

'Ahimsa' The most potent word for today's world

Meaning of "Dharma"

A Hindu Primerby
Shukavak N. Dasa
Copyright © 2007 Sanskrit Religions Institute
All rights reserved.

What is Dharma? 

The Dharma of Police
Dharma is one of the most important themes within Hinduism. One often sees dharma translated as religion, duty, or even righteousness, but in fact, there is no single direct translation for dharma. Religion, duty and righteousness are not wrong; they are simply included within the idea of dharma. The word "dharma" comes from the Sanskrit root dhri, meaning to "uphold" or to "sustain." From this perspective, the best way to think of dharma is to say, "that which upholds or sustains the positive order of things: the nation, the community, the family and ultimately even the universe." At a social level, every individual has a particular dharma according to their place in life. Children have a dharma, parents have a dharma, teachers have a dharma, the police have a dharma and even the head of a nation has a dharma. One of the dharmas of a child, for example, is to obey parents and to study. Parents have a dharma to protect and look after children: to make sure they are educated, fed, housed and trained. It is sometimes written on the sides of police cars: To Serve and to Protect. This is a statement of dharma for police. A head of state has a dharma to protect the country and to provide a secure environment for its citizens. If everyone performs their dharma: children obey parents, parents look after children, citizens uphold the laws of the land, the police enforce the law, a head of state protects the nation, then the family, the community and the nation are "upheld" and there can be prosperity. This is dharma, and it all follows from the idea of dhri, to uphold.
Graffiti as adharma
The opposite of dharma is "a-dharma." What this means is obvious. If children fail to obey parents, if parents do not train and discipline children, if the police misuse their power and fail to protect, if the head of state fails to act in the interest of the nation, then adharma exists, and when there is too much adharma, there will be a break down of the family, society or the nation. The nation, the community, the family and even individuals cannot prosper when too much adharma reigns. There is a saying, "Protect dharma and dharma will protect you."
Individuals have different dharmas at different times in their lives. A child has a certain dharma that we mentioned above, but the same person as an adult has different dharmas to focus upon. And still later in life, there are other dharmas that need to be stressed. When one is married, one should not live according to the dharma of a child. If an adult adopts the dharma of a child this is adharma. A child cannot follow the dharma of the police. If an ordinary citizen tries to follow the dharma of the a head of state it results in adharma.
The Wheel of Dharma
The ancient Hindu social system was called Varnashrama Dharma and the great epics of India, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are built on this system of dharma. In theRamayana, the hero Rama exhibits the ideal execution of the dharma as a son and king. Sita, his wife, illustrates the dharma of the ideal woman and wife. Hanuman, the divine monkey, exhibits the dharma of a devoted servant in the way he serves Rama. The evil Ravana, the villain, is the very personification of adharma as he kidnaps Sita and tries to usurp Rama's kingdom. In the end adharma destroys Ravana. In the Mahabharata, a great war takes place as dharma and adharma collide in a cosmic struggle over good and evil. In the end, good triumphs over evil. Dharma always rules over adharma. This is the way of the universe.
The word dharma is also used in a different way within Hindu philosophy that can also be understood from the root dhri. Every constituent of matter: liquids, metals, gases, fire, and so on have different dharmas. For example, the dharma of water is liquidity and wetness. The dharma of ice is solidity and coldness. The dharma of fire is heat and light. In other words, whatever it is that makes water, water or ice, ice, or fire, fire; what "upholds" the state of being water-ness, ice-ness, or fire-ness, etc., is dharma. These ideas occupies an important part of Hindu philosophy and even though they are subtle, I think the reader can see how even this use of dharma comes from the root dhri Indeed, the idea of dharma is paramount within both Hindu religion and philosophy.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Why are the rape cases rising in the world?

Brutality towards women and girls has been on the rise ever since,the incarnation of internet and the freely available pornographic contents overflowing from the web.Children gets exposed to these perverted views of sadistic nature, of the mentally unstable lunatics.The word is 'making love',which means it is the ultimate of a pure nature which man and women,the only species who use it for other than reproduction. We can see it is seasonal for the animals but not for people who alone do it all throughout the year.

We have to some how restrict the pornographic stuff from the web by having some mechanism to block such contents alone. You are actually giving the wrong signals to those boys ,who tends to think it is all common. These guys start to think, rather wrong ideas are fed in to their otherwise innocent minds and actually starts to believe what ever you see is natural The fact is , I am told that there are many sites easily available from the mobile gadgets as well.One can very well imagine the fate of those unfortunate girls who become the prey for those vultures on the sky with sharp eyes to track their prey. Recent observations caught on camera showing the elected representatives showing each other mobile sex contents of the worst kind in the Augustus place in State Assemblies.These guys themselves are punishable under our criminal procedures.The question is what do our law says about viewing XXX sites?,and what are the mechanisms to stop such material being so readily available.

I think perhaps it will help in giving sexual education to teens by exposing to them the right kind of sex,which is divine and with out violence.