Saturday, March 9, 2013

Why are the rape cases rising in the world?

Brutality towards women and girls has been on the rise ever since,the incarnation of internet and the freely available pornographic contents overflowing from the web.Children gets exposed to these perverted views of sadistic nature, of the mentally unstable lunatics.The word is 'making love',which means it is the ultimate of a pure nature which man and women,the only species who use it for other than reproduction. We can see it is seasonal for the animals but not for people who alone do it all throughout the year.

We have to some how restrict the pornographic stuff from the web by having some mechanism to block such contents alone. You are actually giving the wrong signals to those boys ,who tends to think it is all common. These guys start to think, rather wrong ideas are fed in to their otherwise innocent minds and actually starts to believe what ever you see is natural The fact is , I am told that there are many sites easily available from the mobile gadgets as well.One can very well imagine the fate of those unfortunate girls who become the prey for those vultures on the sky with sharp eyes to track their prey. Recent observations caught on camera showing the elected representatives showing each other mobile sex contents of the worst kind in the Augustus place in State Assemblies.These guys themselves are punishable under our criminal procedures.The question is what do our law says about viewing XXX sites?,and what are the mechanisms to stop such material being so readily available.

I think perhaps it will help in giving sexual education to teens by exposing to them the right kind of sex,which is divine and with out violence.        

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