Friday, March 8, 2013

Darwin's Theory of evolution is Rubbish.

In the light of latest scientific advancement mainly in those countries, where they insist on the above theory of evolution is perhaps the result of wrong interpretation of 'Dasavatharams, of the lord, mentioned in Sanskrit scriptures, in which description of incarnations of Lord.Vishnu is mentioned over a period of millions of years or perhaps billions of years. All those literature's describe all these birds,animals along with fish and other creatures living in water. When you have written proof of all those living beings in an era never imagined before as true. Last Avatharam [Incarnation] earlier was thought to be Lord.Sri Krishna during Dwapara yuga,which ended around 5000 years back and Kaliyuga started after a deluge, but later during Sankara Acharya's search for truth in 7th century [Pardon me for my bad memory, if the time is mentioned wrongly] resulted in Devi.Mukambika, giving him a view of reality,which any one can see from the Photos of Devi Mukambiga in which Lord. Budha's Photo is engraved beneath Devi's photo suggesting that Sri. Buddha,was also one of the incarnations of the lord himself. That was the reason for Buddists from all over India then, including my forefathers, converted back to Hinduism resulting in reducing the Buddists in India, but in Sri lanka ,China mainly in Tibet, and all over East almost up to Japan Buddism is still thriving, in spite of Chinese authorities trying their best, to destroy all things and souls connected with Buddism.

These are historical facts,which has been proved beyond doubt by Indologists'  and other competent authorities. If you need more proof of my above startling facts, you are welcome to study Vedas,Upanishads and Indology. You will then understand that, what was taught to us as history was all almost wrong version,supported by colonialists, who purposefully wanted Indians to feel ashamed of our culture and they might have though it will help them in holding on to their mass land and wealth grabbed, but all their efforts have gone in vein as Indian's are no more those 'bloody Indians' as described, by those Indians' themselves, who went abroad in pursuit of wealth. We have in fact re emerged stronger and with more self esteem.

But the fact remains that our curriculum taught for more than centuries has all been fiction, and truth is only what you read in Indian Ithihas [History] , How long will it take for our countrymen to understand the truth.It is absolutely nearer.In a couple of decades at most, we will have done what ever is required to erase the damage done, to some generations till now,and to put back our own indigenous systems in place.We still can hold our head high in self esteem and self respect, no power in the universe is enough to prove otherwise, rather the ultimate triumph of Truth is proved yet again.     

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