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Americab folly and the looming dangers

From my childhood I have been fascinated with the progress made by US, whether it is true or a window dressing act, time will prove .Their economy in real perhaps, is a bubble about to burst. The fact that the industrial revolution happened in U S, and its population according to some at least, is claimed to be the most enterprising and the tenacity has no doubt achieved so much due to their eternal fighting spirit and cruelty and has no peers. Very few countries can boast of having a life style which, as seen from an outsider’s perspective, looks the most dynamic success story. But the fact of the matter is whether they can maintain the same level of progress for longer period .Their frantic efforts to expand its business across the globe going for new markets to satisfy their high flying life styles and its costs may not be prove to be successful, because of the competition and unpredictable happenings which can boomerang. Be it the natures balancing acts or the retribution from their foes, all of them have the scope of negative effect which can tumble any so called strong economy. For the Americans it is already showing the signs of taking a beating in the near future. The sense of urgency shown in atomic energy tie up with India is the proof that all is not well with them. The war expenditure is mounting and very soon they may have to withdraw from Iraq .The weakening of the green buck is the other source of worry for them as Euro is gaining and is seen much stronger and dependable. Now the situation is going to fall apart if China or India backs up. They need at least one of these countries to be their partner or else it is dooms day for them. China has always been seen with suspicion hence, the urgency in taking along India which is a stable democracy and has all the ingredients to make things click for them. So without tacit support from India, things look very grim for their future.

As far as India is concerned the big question is whether it suits us or is it really in line with our scheme of future development, our need for energy is obvious and urgent. But our past records and experiences may show that US never was our ‘best friend’, but as two of the most accomplished democracies we can find common ground, more over we have most number of skilled manpower working in US hence, things as it stands may benefit us in the long run provided Americans too reciprocate evenly.

The fruits of friendship between our two countries are logically and mutually beneficial. More to Americans, as we are in fact bailing them out of the mess they are in. But there are so many other issues more pressing, and have to be addressed before we enter in to an alliance of our businesses.

There are alternative tie-ups with other like minded countries, which also will prove its worth if we decide to give a skip to the 123 agreement. So like our prime minister rightly pointed out it is not the end of the road as far as the deal or alternative arrangements for us are concerned.

Coming back to the progress of America in the last few centuries and the side effects of their life styles is also debatable, the results are only to be seen and evaluated. But the- capitalistic and market oriented economy has its own draw backs and the first sign of vulnerability has started showing of late.

If we go backwards from the early days when Columbus sailed in search of India, where wealth and prosperity awaited him and stumbled upon American continent instead and those deadly red Indians [who were named so by default] who fought against the intruders and as a result was massacred along with the animals, with the help of the fire power of the gun powder .Then came the era of slaves from Africa who were rounded up and was shipped to USA and was made to work in the fields and factories, which again was possible only because they had guns while the African natives like the red Indians had to fight with arrows ,bows and swords.

Then, the revolt of those Americans against the British monarchy, which till then had held those vast territories and the income generated through the hard work of the slaves and the rich natural resources the land had unlike many other landscapes. The lure of richness made people go mad after wealth and land, and resulted again in bloodshed between the friends turned foes. Life and death became so cheap that in seconds an individual can turn to a murderer and the fate of the living was always hanging in thin edge.

The fate of red Indians were doomed in no time and the Americans [who were actually of Europeans origin] then succeeded in throwing out the British as well in no time.

Ever since then they had gone on and on with their highly consumerist and wayward life styles, which actually was animal like and without any remorse or regret they kept on gobbling up the vast resources of the land without any second thought for the generations to follow. The highly materialistic and sinful lifestyles made their children grow to become highly restless and reckless citizens, children as we all know are flexible as well as vulnerable during the adolescent years they need parental guidance and co existence to feel secured. The care and love of their parents normally make them grow to be a responsible human being with love for humanity and learns to respect elders and most of all have compassion towards their fellow countrymen and humanity as a whole.

These traits were absent in American society which has resulted in broken families and the side effects which follows is of hatred towards all and sundry. This can prove to be very dangerous for the society. Most of the cruel members in our society are the recipient of cruelty in their child hood, as can be seen from real life experience of many such criminals. The cultureless society without value for righteous thinking led to the evolving of less and less matured people and without any order or systematic grooming, the future generations became more and more impatient and ruthless. The role of Christianity in maintaining sensible behavior and good grooming of the children was negligent or rather ineffective.

The spiritual outlook is the most important ingredient in any human being to transform and grow to be a balanced and matured human being. We can see the poor slum dwellers in India is actually in most cases ,more at ease and lives more happily than most of those big and mighty rich Americans . There is harmony in living together, though in thatched -huts instead of big houses .What is the use of Palatial Bungalows or luxury apartments and pent houses if you have no one to live in there? Or is left alone and the loneliness may even result in depression and psychological disorders.

The American society had gone too far deeper and had almost reached a point of no return .The society allowed directly or indirectly the sinners to go from bad to worse as far as the moral discipline was concerned.

The result of the last few centuries of madness is there to be seen. I read some where that almost 50 percent of the children in their early teenage do not even know the name of their father. If that is called modern and sophisticated society and is being shown as the best examples to be emulated, I feel, the guys have got it all wrong .It will certainly start boom ranging with a disastourous end in sight as can be seen from the School shootings and the worldwide hatred towards Americanism and their wretched way of life.

The telltale signs are there to be seen and the future looming of the black clouds are shutting us off from the rejuvenating light of the sun god, adding to which is the fear of the un known results of global warming and the disasters awaiting humanity. The sinners will perish along with many or huge number of innocent lives.

The only way-out is to understand the graveness of the situation and drastic change in attitude is the need of the hour. They can look and observe our Indian way of living and the age old scriptures left behind by far more civilized and scientific people who wrote our VEDAS and UPANISHADS apart from other thousands of scriptures which are there for all to look forward and understand the real meaning of life and the art of living.

There are answers to all our problems and queries in those very scientific scriptures which are thousands of years older and have a divine nature to it. {Readers may visit the sites of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage for more on Indian culture, tradition, and age-old practices]

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