Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Eye of the storm


Recent upswings we saw in our market are mainly due to the huge amount flowing to India especially from US by way of FII’s. It has been the result of the returns rather, more value for money, which must have been the reasons for the flow even after SEBI’s tightening of screws. Earlier lessons tell us that it may be a ploy of the powerful and bullish elements from abroad. American economists, has managed after their great depression periods during 1930s to dump the shocks and setbacks of their economy on others’ shoulders. Looking back what happened to the Asian markets just before the fall in late nineties is somewhat similar. Asian countries led by Japan and Korea took the brunt of the fall and it must have taken them years to come out of their mess.

Likewise, USA is now on the verge of an economic crisis and very badly wants to shove the burden on other countries so as to save their economy from the brink of a disaster.
Federal Reserve equaling to our RBI had to pump in 40 billion dollars to bail out Citibank corp. from the sub prime crisis. One can see the amount pumped in, which itself is huge and one gets the feeling, as only the tip of the iceberg. Like a person about to drawn is tending to take others’ neck as well in a frantic effort to survive. We have to be vary of the fund flow which when withdrawn all on a sudden may have a huge impact on our market. SEBI should be watching out for the source of the funds and must ensure that our market is saved, if in case it is a part of a larger scheme. The correction drop has to be gradual and should be considering buffer funds to insulate and take care of any eventuality.

We cannot allow our people to suffer for the blunders committed by others. At the end of such phases have seen ultimately the common average people suffering the most as the rich always can fall back on alternate arrangements.

There was this incident which happened in my younger days, in the late eighties when there was a publicity stunt of ‘double your money scheme’ and people were assured of double the amount they invest in a couple of weeks time. Initial weeks saw them actually making the payment of double amount thereby attracting more investments. Then people started to run berserk and rushed in to make double profit only in two weeks, queuing up to remit and those who were paid double, re- invested double the amount till sometime and when the fund became huge the promoters disappeared, leaving all those hapless people who, fell for the trap, dry and empty. The present Bull Run in the market reminds me of that happening and wanted to suggest investors in shares only to the limit of ten to twenty percent of their savings thereby limiting risk exposure to manageable limit.

How ever, our country is so huge in terms of fundamentals and basically can withstand any setback in the near future, purely for the reason that with over a billion people and mainly skilled man power who is virtually running the show all around the world and with the best brains among contemporary races can also absorb ambushes, without much of a problem. Hence, there is no need of panic reactions and may feel assured of the abilities of our government led by Sri. Manmohan singh who himself is a genius.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007


All human beings born in this world is born to a mother, as a result of loving parents who is the first contact of any child. Mothers are the symbol of love, affection and care and go through months of carriage ending with painful delivery, immediately afterwards she starts to feed the child and is the first teacher or guru of the child teaching how to talk walk and speak till the time, when a child become a boy or a girl who can independently take care of his or her needs.

Likewise, when a child grows up, in normal circumstances, starts a family and has a companion to live with while sharing love, thoughts and inputs to take them through the journey of life together in good and bad times. In life if we look deeper the role of mothers and wives are much harder and if the women concerned is employed then it is very taxing on them both physically and mentally and makes it all the more difficult while, men are seldom equipped to deal with such demanding schedule, which only a women does it most honorably and is amazing to see their patience while dealing in the domestic and official roles to be played or lived. On most occasions joint family mechanism has its positive role when it comes to rearing children their grant parents are mostly at ease taking care of their grandchildren and in normal cases they communicate well between them thus making it slightly easier for working women. Women in nuclear families find it harder to allocate time for her job and most importantly her family.

It is a thankless job and women take the brunt of hardships without complaining. They in fact go through hell if the man or her husband is na├»ve towards her hardships and acts selfish. Men are by nature stronger and when the intention is good can contribute a lot in seeing the work is shared at home or can at least be an understanding soul, thereby being more patient towards his better half and can be more sympathetic towards women under stress. For some it may seem to be an easy task but if one is able to grasp and analyze the usual days work minutely one can see that a woman’s job though menial in nature and may look easier, in real is stressful and most time consuming .The pent up stress at times may erupt like a volcano, which is normally the result of stress and never ending hard work which is routine in a family with children. Men instead of under standing the root cause or reason behind reacts roughly making it from bad to worse.

When a couple starts their family life a man can actually see the part of wives’ role as more tougher and to make things more complicated , is the fact that women normally are the ones married of to a different family and has to start all over new in a different family and the circumstances also becomes new and the problem of the acclimatizing to different people from what she has been living with while being with her parents is suddenly changed and see herself among total strangers in most cases and endures silently for the sake of the family. If the woman is employed as well then it becomes all the more hard and difficult. They have to wakeup so early to prepare food for the morning and afternoon before she goes to work and usually comes back very tired only to see that the cleaning and cooking chores is never ending adding to the need of tuition and helping their children with their studies and homework, again to be followed by the need for dinner, dishwashing etc; For some the release of the accumulated stress by way of shouting can result in dangerous consequences if the husband is a rough guy or may not be a ‘gentle’man and might actually hurt the helpless wife supported by her in-laws who waits for such situations to get even with the intruder who is the ‘bahu’[daughter-in-law] in India. We all may at times experience the outbursts of the women in the house but seldom think of the reason behind or refuse to accept the tough job of mother hood and the pent up or suppressed feelings as a result of long and hard life. The most common causes of quarrel may be complaint about the quality of the food or the delay in serving etc; such trivial matters at times may end up to serious differences and actually can be avoided with little effort and reasoning by men.

Gender wise the woman of the species is far more superior to men and deserves to be appreciated and revered. I respect them and am convinced that their contribution for a harmonious family life is far more important and can not be replaced, if one wants to bring up children as responsible citizens with compassion for humanity as a whole.

The most disturbing news for me in recent times has been the alarming rate of female infanticide and the gender violence and cruelty against women. For a true warrior it is a shame to fight someone who is weaker. A brave man is the one who concur the mighty, not someone who unleashes his power towards a weak women. I am with our countries’ women folks in their fight against cruelty and male atrocities against women. I hope and pray that our land respects women and consider female child as a blessing. I have seen most mothers in their old age like to be with their daughters rather than their daughter in laws. Those people who destroy female fetuses may actually suffer in their old age with no one around to take care of them. Tough laws against such sinful acts are the need of the hour. The doctor who helps in female infanticide should be dealt with firmly and sufficient laws should be enacted if it is not in place already. That alone and so many other measures has to be undertaken to check such practices in our country especially in Hariyana and Punjab where, the bridegrooms are already searching for brides in neighboring states due to the ratio in those states is less number of girls to the number of boys.

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Atmospheric temperatures of our planet earth has been on the rise as we went about building factories coughing out plumes of black smoke round the clock while number of vehicles on the road has been multiplying at a rate which is mind boggling. The carbon de-oxide would have been converted by our green mass of trees in to oxygen had we been steadily planting more and more trees, instead we were madly cutting down the trees which, had drastically contributed to global warming ,leave alone the other side effects of erosion etc, The rise in the temperatures globally will certainly have a high impact as the melting of glaciers, will in the beginning flood rivers and sea level increase will wipe out most of the low lying landscapes over a period of time.

The erratic behavior of the climate change is definitely going to harm humankind and the survival or the existence of human beings may lie beneath, as we have seen the dinosaurs and so many other species which have vanished from the face of the earth. As responsible citizens we have to realize the dangers of rising temperatures and start reversing the situation as fast as we can, so that the effects may be reduced gradually thereby limiting the disaster to some extent.

The Europeans has mostly come to terms with the imminent danger, Americans has been indifferent in addressing this issue, though it was heartening to note that the efforts of Al-Gore former American presidential candidate who lost to the junior Bush and has embarked on a mission in support of the reduction of green gas omission drastically to revert the effects of global warming.

The urgency of the period has to be understood and drastic measures have to be undertaken, only then can we actually hold on and see to our dear earth’s well being. Also in the process we may actually succeed and see that we leave behind a livable atmosphere for our future generations. United Nations will have to make some hard decisions to press for reduction of green gas emissions especially the so called developed countries led by USA which alone is contributing to more than fifty percent of the emission level of green gas.

The most important thing to remember is that the further we go away from mother nature the more dangerous it is going to be in the future. In U K a recent news item revealed that the wind power alone will be sufficient for their energy needs in the near future, which is reusable and does not involve any pollution. Like wise all developed and developing countries have to be in total understanding and turn to reusable energy sources such as wind,sun and hydro electric projects. Atomic energy is always a danger to depend on as time and again it was proved to have disastrous impact of radiation leakage which can wipe off almost all living beings in vast areas. We are not yet sure how fool proof the nuclear technology is, which only experts may be able to answer.

The importance of the present situation can not be ignored for long for it may end the fate of the human race forever. Or at least may hasten the journey towards doomsday. Apart from a major portion of humanity other living creatures also may perish for a mistake which was not of their making.We only can blame ourselves. The natures fury at times have shown how little and helpless we are when it comes to natural calamities like storms, earthquakes, wild fires. Having experienced all such calamities still we don't take notice of the power of the nature or the dangers of tinkling with the balance of earth's powers and our limited capacity to deal with enormous back fire of our nature. I sincerely hope and pray for all the countries to sit together and find out common grounds to deal with global warming and also pave ways for the future generations also to lead their lives in tandem with the nature.

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Indian population was for long considered as a handicap and it was seen as a hurdle for development and till some time ago, there were thoughts of putting a cap on how many children one can have as in China. But fortunately better sense prevailed and such thoughts were converted to publicity of the side effects of having large families, mainly the need of providing for many children ,be it good education or high and comfortable standard of living.

Chinese, though succeeded in controlling their growth of population, now may be thinking of the side effects again of having majority of the population either in old age category or in unproductive category in the lesser age group. The short fall suddenly of the productive age category in the future also may backfire on them. But that does not mean they were wrong in controlling the population growth. Other wise they would have been facing more devastating effects of abnormally high population.

We have succeeded to some extent to control the growth of population but I feel, more measures have to be initiated to see that we convert the productivity factor as our population is a huge asset. The manpower is the supreme power, if harnessed well, and given the skill of our enterprising young generation, who are second to none in whatever parameters one may evaluate.

More over, I don’t think any country is wealthier in terms of the volume of gold in possession of the population. Our women possess, to a rough estimate of mine, more gold than all other countries put together or at least some where near to that estimate.

Though we may look as a poor country with hungry masses, the wealth of our country can not be under estimated. We possess huge volume of assets like gold, {mainly ornaments] leave alone other natural resources. I have a gut feeling which tells, the next big source of energy is the solar energy. We have abundant source of the same and even a pessimist may agree that we are in fact a very rich country which is about to explode and assert our position as the leader in almost all aspects. Whether that is going to happen in our lifetime is yet to be seen though, we are almost there.

Our main problem, especially in the northern states, is that the slow emergence of middle class as a stronger and majority among our population, which has happened in southern states and is not happening at the desired pace in the states like UP, MP, Bihar etc.

The middle class values according to me, are the best in the country, as they seldom show off in front of the downtrodden or the poor masses. After all what can one gain by showing off in front of the poorest, for whom, a good meal per day is the main attraction.
I have seen especially in Kerala women not wearing many ornaments even though they may possess much, during functions. The same is the case with well educated girls these days. Apart from few among them, majority is compassionate towards the poor and really wants to contribute towards their society for the development of the poorest in our country.



India has been the main news internationally mainly because of our population of over a billion people our country has almost one fifth of the total human population. But the land area is not in proportion in comparison as our country is not as vast as we would have liked it. China is about six times larger and area population ratio will show that our country is the most thickly populated and people per square kilometer are the highest. As our population increased the land area occupied by people spread thick and fast resulting encroachment of forests. This has been proving disastrous and have left the animals no place to hide leave alone their other problems such as access to drinking water and food. Already we can see the daily news items of elephants and wild animals wandering about and stumbling upon villages.

Well there seem to be no opposition when the animals right of living has been ignored while, there are so much opposition against the land grabbing being done by the Government, animals on the other hand does not find any supporters and have been losing ground steadily throughout the history. The next target is the poorest among the poor, the small farmers with what little land that was left, is now being targeted by the big corporate houses in the name of development and progress with the steady support of the Govt. Machinery.

The idea of cost effectiveness and cheaper productivity can not be justified, if the land acquisition was done forcibly against the farmers’ wish. His right to livelihood is a bigger issue and can not be forcibly thrown out of his farm land unless he agrees to an alternate arrangement or offer. Like wise the special legislation empowering the govt. to acquire any such land in the larger interest of the state or the country, is also debatable and does not guarantee safety to any citizen or his land.

As a democracy, which boasts of civil liberty and rights of all her citizen, the contrast in approach towards the right to lively- hood and the right to own land can not be ignored.
Even if the effected party is only one person still the Govt. is under obligation to provide these fundamental rights, leave alone all other basic needs such as drinking water ,food, electricity, transportation, protection etc. Each and every citizen has a right to live and the government is supposed to be seeing and ensuring that the basic fundamentals are provided without hindrance rather than being hindrance to their lives.

Farmers’ suicides these days are becoming a non event and no one seems to be in a hurry to address this issue, while the takeovers and market swings and the few rich Indians doing well in the international level seems to be the front cover stories of almost all magazines and newspapers. The claims of 9 to 10 percent growth and share markets’ which are booming are all seen as the big success story of our country. But the ground situation or reality shows our poor have in real become poorer while, the rich as always are getting richer. The word inclusiveness has become the latest mantra but nobody has actually included our farmers in their scheme of things.

We need a national movement for the causes of the poor farmers. They have to be subsidized and guided before they perish. The development, progress and industrialization can not be at the cost of our poor farmers. The government has to gear up and lift those farmers above the poverty line as a primary target before embarking on further development and land acquisitions. The urgency of the country shown in fast track development of infrastructure instead, should be on the farming side which is still the primary livelihood of almost 70 percent of our population.

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