Monday, February 23, 2009



The most important aspect in gloom has always been opportunities, new and hidden, on most occasions people tend to bypass such openings during good times due to their lack of need. On the other side people starts to look at things differently, when faced with adversity or when cornered to the wall and out of sheer necessity they some how will find ways to come out of the mess each time we face such climate in life.

The idea must be to cater to the growing needs of the jobless and the need for the countries to revive their sagging economies. There will always be men of enough flexibility to look at things differently and come out with ideas to conquer in adversity.

The greatest melt down also promises the greatest of remedies and better alternate way of functioning, taking in to consideration the need of ecological balance as one should not be directing towards destruction of nature, which exactly was the reason why Americans took such a harsh beating, as they were the ones who were directly pitched against nature as the worse polluting among our worlds so called developed countries with the least thought for the effects of such living to our future generations. This has been a rude shock and time for realization as to where exactly they went wrong, and to reflect up on the remedies urgently needed for the sake of humanity as a whole. While the humanity is struggling to survive even after the only beings with so called rational thoughts and brain, which at times exposes our blunders and those guys who admit their blunders are most likely to come out with answers than those who live in denial of their own mistakes and refuses to accept their own blunders trying to justify their actions instead of accepting the mistakes graciously to think out for solutions. Tough times are surely going to bring out the toughest in to the forefront of damage control exercises.

The greatest challenge will be to find out the extent of real damage only then can we actually measure up to the remedial antidotes. By the end of this fiscal we will be more or less sure about the extent of losses, and I reckon by May, June we will be on our way for revival and the worst will be behind us by then.
For Indians majority is always struggling to make the two ends meet hence, it wont be much of a problem here in India especially for the farmers, who are tuned and used to live and survive among the harsh weather and lost harvest every once in 3 years or 5 years. So the truth is that we are already best equipped to live even with one meal a day or maximum 2 meals a day is the amount of intake for almost 60 to 70 percent of Indians. That too is bare minimum such as dry roti; if the guy can afford dal then he is comparatively well off. [Hindi word for bread]. On the other side people of the developed world spend for their drinks alone per day ten to twenty US dollors which are enough for our farmers to live happily for a month feeding the whole family in the process. But those top ten percent, including our politicians, who like parasites, have been living and getting richer year after year at the cost of our poorest. For those unfortunate people the lord has come out punishing the richest worse than the poor, as things cannot go any more worse for them, as they are already at the rock bottom ,and if any change happens, it will either be good times for them or they might perish helpless. But God has mercy on the poorest and time will prove the wisdom of living righteously.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009



The tragedy is continuing even after decades of war started by Russian invasion during the cold war period decades ago. It will be rubbish and useless now to actually point a finger of blame towards US or the erstwhile USSR. The fact remains very unfortunate for any modern country to be fighting, as a way of life, for generations of poor and most backward tribal Muslims. They are certainly a confused lot not knowing whom to trust and whom not to trust. The result is one of the most brutal regimes in our history. Oppressing and taking those Muslims backwards in history culturally.

The primary reason is lack of proper education which has been denied to a whole lot of generations of Muslims and girls especially. This has been the worst scenario in terms of human rights protection, as we have collectively failed, to address their basic needs of education and exposure to modern world with some sort of mechanism to uplift the poor from the clutches of poverty by educating and thereby ensuring civilized life, Christianity on the other hand helped in spheres by establishing educational institutions all around but some how seems to have missed out especially in Muslim countries. Muslim Madras’s instead of teaching love and sympathy wrongly have begun to teach hatred and destruction and have succeeded in brain washing young boys while suppressing the voice of womanhood as a whole. No Muslim who is righteous and educated with exposure will ever defend, such a scenario, for it will be a disaster if more young boys grow up to be mercenaries fighting a war which they don’t realize is towards self destruction. They are fighting a war of not their making but were thrust up on them by religious fanatics, who are using phrases in Koran misinterpreting the real meaning to suit their purpose god knows why?

It is high time that real teachings of Koran has to be interpreted in a sane manner by the Muslim Scholars of Aligarh and a number of Pakistani,Saudi or even Indonasian Universities with authority has to clear the air by explaining in simple language Urdu or Arabic, teachings of the texts. Right now they have to start having Radio programmers who might actually be able to reach out to those unfortunate human beings now facing an uncertain future as to when or how they can start living normal life. They may not know what life really is like outside their hilly terrains, as not many have seen or read anything sane in their whole life for they are mostly illiterates and only listens to mullahs who are professing hatred and propaganda blaming all and sundry for their sufferings but themselves who are the ones responsible for such a mass genocide in the history of mankind. The tell tale signs of misery is already having its effect on the global population as a whole, a direct result of huge war expenditure.

All right thinking Muslims will agree with me that no human race, has ever won a war on their own women folks, for the women has to be respected first, only then we can call ourselves civilized other wise they are barbaric and not at all brave warriors. A brave man never is cruel towards the weaker sections in society.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009



For the last few months I have tried my very best every way to highlight the plight of the poorest people on earth, which is almost a billion, 1/6 of the world’s population. They are on the verge of starvation due to food shortage or rather the ever rising commodity cost, due to food shortage and the mechanics of demand and supply, which has been most severe, for the most helpless and poorest people of Africa and Asia and perhaps some South American countries.

I have blogged and sent articles to almost all the leading dailies, giving even the exact amount held in Swiss banks by our mighty guys on earth which includes Indians holding almost half the amount of total deposits of Swiss banks from people around the globe. This illegal and ill gotten black money itself is more than enough to tide over a century of meltdowns and job losses. But nobody was even willing to publish my observations due to the bad quality of my writing may be cited as one reason but the issues raised by me is true and needs urgent intervention, the least you have to at least give thought for the issues raised by me by acknowledging, which itself was not only done but all such articles never found space in any of our so called pillars of democracy, the leading news papers which included Hindu, Indian Express and visual giant on TV NDTV, BBC etc. No one is willing to risk the displeasure of those corrupt politicians.

This sort of reaction rather non action has increased my belief that all are in fact part of a larger scheme and may be part and parcel of the team of the mighty few, who is methodically assisting or by turning a blind eye is supporting such actions indirectly. This truth has left me shattered and my only hope now is God, who alone can find answers for survival of the poorest while punishing the rich who made their wealth at the cost of the poor working class. Even when faced with the highest number of unemployment in history and the resultant poverty and hunger endangering the lives of almost a billion people round the globe, the guys who matters most is so insensitive and cruel and is not willing to part with their ill gotten wealth even after realizing that it can save lives of millions. The governments instead of addressing the real needy and unemployed are busy bailing out rich corporate houses and their bosses, who might have contributed heavily towards election fund raising.

History will be created as the worse phase in modern times with some guys spending hugely on construction of whole island palaces; flights and luxury life spending billions, on such bloody waste show off actions costing thousands of times more than what it really takes to eradicate poverty and hunger round the globe.

I want those guys to remember that their ignorance is costing lives round the globe daily and god will not forgive them, unless they repent and mend their lifestyles and do more for the poor of the world, who most importantly has god on their side for sure. The last laugh will definitely be reserved for the righteous. The world as a whole has the power to influence lives of the poor by at least providing them two meals a day. If we are unable to do even that much it will be a shame on our humanity as a whole.

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Monday, February 9, 2009



I recently read a mail item which explained the blessed state of affairs if you happen to spend life inside a jail. For instance you don’t have to pay rent; food is cooked and served to you on time by others free of cost. You have your own cot, mattress and blankets provided free and you have nothing to worry during nights, robbers, thieves etc. The result is sound sleep as the door too is closed and opened on time by others on your behalf. What else do you need?

Outside life is getting too tough with losing jobs on whims and fancies of your bosses. Finding another job too has just got tougher all around the world. For those who have a steady job too life is very difficult, for you have just stopped getting fresh loans, and due to the easy loans earlier we too have got our self used to living posh lives with own houses and cars, to add you have also consumer products like TV, Refrigerator, Computers with net connection and mostly all poor,middle and higher class guys have own mobiles and have to pay regularly for all the above EMIs. You are losing sleep over the over due bills and other loans which has to be serviced each month.

Think about life of Mr.Raju of Satyam. Now that the worse is over, he must be the happiest man. Jail wardens and other law enforcing guys must be fighting for a posting to the particular jail, where Mr.Raju lives life happily ever after. The guy has got backing of about 7000 Crores stashed away safely ,and if my guess is right must be the ideal inmate any jailor would love to serve; just for the tips which itself may be lacs and nothing less. On Camera you can pose any which way you want the people to see you and in the process also earn sympathy. But once you are off the lights, life could not have been any better for the worst criminal India has seen in our recent history.

But I am sure there are a lot of guys following or wants to be in Mr.Raju’s shoes very much. Such are the times, values and morals are an unknown commodity in today’s man eat man world. I won’t be surprised to hear in the near future that Mr.Raju is writing an autobiography, for which he can employ the services of Mr.Jeffry Archer, who himself is veteran and a role model for Mr.Raju’s any where in the world.

I can also bet that so many will not get the pun intended in this article and there is every chance that this will be read seriously so as to be followed as a life style for success in life. But my intuition tells me that Mr.Raju will have to pay the price for all the sins that he committed, as of now he may feel he was very clever, but time will prove otherwise for sure. The ways of God is very queer.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009



The worst meltdown in history needs extraordinary measures to tackle the global gloom and the worst effected of course are the poorest people on earth. Where are all the money gone for the entire world to be effected. The answer is simply the most obvious truth, the funds have been stashed off by politicians and the bigwigs who controlled the worlds' richest corporate houses based mainly in US and Europe. We have actually made the worst blunder in history by allowing the private owned companies to go on and on squeezing life out of the world's most poor people.

The funds are in Swiss banks. The amount the Swiss was told to be holding in 2005-2006 belonging to people of Indian Origin was 75,00,000 lakhs Crores [in Rupees] it was then about 41 percent of total deposits held in Switzerland by people of all countries . Last 3 years must have at least doubled this amount as the money swindled during last couple of years throughout the world was much more than the preceding decades put together, as was witnessed by us. It was like taking away the wooden pillars from a house on fire.

No political party will ever be addressing this issue, as all are having huge funds stashed away irrespective of the party, ideals or political leanings be it communism, capitalism or pure dictatorship all have more than enough funds with Swiss bankers, who allow any one to keep deposits or gold with them without ever having to reveal their identity or the source of funds. Even if a guy commits murder and steals money, Swiss bankers will help him keep such funds away in hiding and allows its use afterwards or on demand. They don't ask questions. This may have made Switzerland a rich economy but they will have to pay the price, if they go on doing such ruthless banking practices.

We have to initiate a public debate so as to get such ill gotten funds back to the people who deserve it as a matter of its rightful ownership.

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