Monday, February 9, 2009



I recently read a mail item which explained the blessed state of affairs if you happen to spend life inside a jail. For instance you don’t have to pay rent; food is cooked and served to you on time by others free of cost. You have your own cot, mattress and blankets provided free and you have nothing to worry during nights, robbers, thieves etc. The result is sound sleep as the door too is closed and opened on time by others on your behalf. What else do you need?

Outside life is getting too tough with losing jobs on whims and fancies of your bosses. Finding another job too has just got tougher all around the world. For those who have a steady job too life is very difficult, for you have just stopped getting fresh loans, and due to the easy loans earlier we too have got our self used to living posh lives with own houses and cars, to add you have also consumer products like TV, Refrigerator, Computers with net connection and mostly all poor,middle and higher class guys have own mobiles and have to pay regularly for all the above EMIs. You are losing sleep over the over due bills and other loans which has to be serviced each month.

Think about life of Mr.Raju of Satyam. Now that the worse is over, he must be the happiest man. Jail wardens and other law enforcing guys must be fighting for a posting to the particular jail, where Mr.Raju lives life happily ever after. The guy has got backing of about 7000 Crores stashed away safely ,and if my guess is right must be the ideal inmate any jailor would love to serve; just for the tips which itself may be lacs and nothing less. On Camera you can pose any which way you want the people to see you and in the process also earn sympathy. But once you are off the lights, life could not have been any better for the worst criminal India has seen in our recent history.

But I am sure there are a lot of guys following or wants to be in Mr.Raju’s shoes very much. Such are the times, values and morals are an unknown commodity in today’s man eat man world. I won’t be surprised to hear in the near future that Mr.Raju is writing an autobiography, for which he can employ the services of Mr.Jeffry Archer, who himself is veteran and a role model for Mr.Raju’s any where in the world.

I can also bet that so many will not get the pun intended in this article and there is every chance that this will be read seriously so as to be followed as a life style for success in life. But my intuition tells me that Mr.Raju will have to pay the price for all the sins that he committed, as of now he may feel he was very clever, but time will prove otherwise for sure. The ways of God is very queer.

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