Tuesday, February 10, 2009



For the last few months I have tried my very best every way to highlight the plight of the poorest people on earth, which is almost a billion, 1/6 of the world’s population. They are on the verge of starvation due to food shortage or rather the ever rising commodity cost, due to food shortage and the mechanics of demand and supply, which has been most severe, for the most helpless and poorest people of Africa and Asia and perhaps some South American countries.

I have blogged and sent articles to almost all the leading dailies, giving even the exact amount held in Swiss banks by our mighty guys on earth which includes Indians holding almost half the amount of total deposits of Swiss banks from people around the globe. This illegal and ill gotten black money itself is more than enough to tide over a century of meltdowns and job losses. But nobody was even willing to publish my observations due to the bad quality of my writing may be cited as one reason but the issues raised by me is true and needs urgent intervention, the least you have to at least give thought for the issues raised by me by acknowledging, which itself was not only done but all such articles never found space in any of our so called pillars of democracy, the leading news papers which included Hindu, Indian Express and visual giant on TV NDTV, BBC etc. No one is willing to risk the displeasure of those corrupt politicians.

This sort of reaction rather non action has increased my belief that all are in fact part of a larger scheme and may be part and parcel of the team of the mighty few, who is methodically assisting or by turning a blind eye is supporting such actions indirectly. This truth has left me shattered and my only hope now is God, who alone can find answers for survival of the poorest while punishing the rich who made their wealth at the cost of the poor working class. Even when faced with the highest number of unemployment in history and the resultant poverty and hunger endangering the lives of almost a billion people round the globe, the guys who matters most is so insensitive and cruel and is not willing to part with their ill gotten wealth even after realizing that it can save lives of millions. The governments instead of addressing the real needy and unemployed are busy bailing out rich corporate houses and their bosses, who might have contributed heavily towards election fund raising.

History will be created as the worse phase in modern times with some guys spending hugely on construction of whole island palaces; flights and luxury life spending billions, on such bloody waste show off actions costing thousands of times more than what it really takes to eradicate poverty and hunger round the globe.

I want those guys to remember that their ignorance is costing lives round the globe daily and god will not forgive them, unless they repent and mend their lifestyles and do more for the poor of the world, who most importantly has god on their side for sure. The last laugh will definitely be reserved for the righteous. The world as a whole has the power to influence lives of the poor by at least providing them two meals a day. If we are unable to do even that much it will be a shame on our humanity as a whole.

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