Tuesday, February 17, 2009



The tragedy is continuing even after decades of war started by Russian invasion during the cold war period decades ago. It will be rubbish and useless now to actually point a finger of blame towards US or the erstwhile USSR. The fact remains very unfortunate for any modern country to be fighting, as a way of life, for generations of poor and most backward tribal Muslims. They are certainly a confused lot not knowing whom to trust and whom not to trust. The result is one of the most brutal regimes in our history. Oppressing and taking those Muslims backwards in history culturally.

The primary reason is lack of proper education which has been denied to a whole lot of generations of Muslims and girls especially. This has been the worst scenario in terms of human rights protection, as we have collectively failed, to address their basic needs of education and exposure to modern world with some sort of mechanism to uplift the poor from the clutches of poverty by educating and thereby ensuring civilized life, Christianity on the other hand helped in spheres by establishing educational institutions all around but some how seems to have missed out especially in Muslim countries. Muslim Madras’s instead of teaching love and sympathy wrongly have begun to teach hatred and destruction and have succeeded in brain washing young boys while suppressing the voice of womanhood as a whole. No Muslim who is righteous and educated with exposure will ever defend, such a scenario, for it will be a disaster if more young boys grow up to be mercenaries fighting a war which they don’t realize is towards self destruction. They are fighting a war of not their making but were thrust up on them by religious fanatics, who are using phrases in Koran misinterpreting the real meaning to suit their purpose god knows why?

It is high time that real teachings of Koran has to be interpreted in a sane manner by the Muslim Scholars of Aligarh and a number of Pakistani,Saudi or even Indonasian Universities with authority has to clear the air by explaining in simple language Urdu or Arabic, teachings of the texts. Right now they have to start having Radio programmers who might actually be able to reach out to those unfortunate human beings now facing an uncertain future as to when or how they can start living normal life. They may not know what life really is like outside their hilly terrains, as not many have seen or read anything sane in their whole life for they are mostly illiterates and only listens to mullahs who are professing hatred and propaganda blaming all and sundry for their sufferings but themselves who are the ones responsible for such a mass genocide in the history of mankind. The tell tale signs of misery is already having its effect on the global population as a whole, a direct result of huge war expenditure.

All right thinking Muslims will agree with me that no human race, has ever won a war on their own women folks, for the women has to be respected first, only then we can call ourselves civilized other wise they are barbaric and not at all brave warriors. A brave man never is cruel towards the weaker sections in society.

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