Tuesday, February 3, 2009



The worst meltdown in history needs extraordinary measures to tackle the global gloom and the worst effected of course are the poorest people on earth. Where are all the money gone for the entire world to be effected. The answer is simply the most obvious truth, the funds have been stashed off by politicians and the bigwigs who controlled the worlds' richest corporate houses based mainly in US and Europe. We have actually made the worst blunder in history by allowing the private owned companies to go on and on squeezing life out of the world's most poor people.

The funds are in Swiss banks. The amount the Swiss was told to be holding in 2005-2006 belonging to people of Indian Origin was 75,00,000 lakhs Crores [in Rupees] it was then about 41 percent of total deposits held in Switzerland by people of all countries . Last 3 years must have at least doubled this amount as the money swindled during last couple of years throughout the world was much more than the preceding decades put together, as was witnessed by us. It was like taking away the wooden pillars from a house on fire.

No political party will ever be addressing this issue, as all are having huge funds stashed away irrespective of the party, ideals or political leanings be it communism, capitalism or pure dictatorship all have more than enough funds with Swiss bankers, who allow any one to keep deposits or gold with them without ever having to reveal their identity or the source of funds. Even if a guy commits murder and steals money, Swiss bankers will help him keep such funds away in hiding and allows its use afterwards or on demand. They don't ask questions. This may have made Switzerland a rich economy but they will have to pay the price, if they go on doing such ruthless banking practices.

We have to initiate a public debate so as to get such ill gotten funds back to the people who deserve it as a matter of its rightful ownership.

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