Friday, May 9, 2008



The recent observation of the almighty American president followed by his secretary of state’s utterances, about the food crisis and the reason being the demand for better nutritious food by middleclass Indians and Chinese, because of their increasing purchasing capacity, which means 350 to 400 million middleclass population of India combined with Chinese middle class, according to him, has prospered enough to have caused the world food crisis.

How cultureless and insensitive they are is proved beyond doubt. Their lack of knowledge of our living conditions compared to theirs and the simple statistics available can prove them wrong, if we take per capita food consumption the rate roughly is around 5:1 [Which means spending ratio is 5times more than an Indian in comparison to an American person’s food and beverage intake ] More over, they have proved their worthless attitude, before a few years when we witnessed a news item on TV showing US secretary of state searching for purchase of a pair of slippers worth thousands of dollars, while her fellow countrymen was devastated by the fury of ‘Katrina’ the typhoon, which killed thousands while wreaking homes of the poorest of US citizens in one of their poorest state new Orleans.

Their insensitivity and lack of understanding of the world as a whole, is as limited as can be seen by their untimely slip of the tongue and occasional bursts resulting in showcasing their stupidity and ignorance of the highest level. Let us examine the facts and figures while feeling pity for the Americans who deserve a better and knowledgeable president than Mr. Bush.

Firstly, the main reason for the present food crisis is due to the transformation of land meant for cultivation of food in to products cultivated for the purpose of making bio fuel etc, this has taken its toll on the world food scenario. The Europeans have already understood the graveness of the situation and have rolled back their policies of cultivation meant for bio fuel especially Scandinavian countries, followed by more, have already understood the root cause of the problem, just as they have understood the grave situation of global warming more than any other developed countries. They were at least brave enough to admit their blunder unlike the U S, who still blames all and sundry but refuses to acknowledge their share, which is actually more than the combined share of all the rest of the world, if we carefully analyze the root causes of global warming and global food crisis. We can see that the climate and disastrous happenings due to the fury of the nature has become more and more frequent with more powerful destructions than we have ever experienced in the known past. Last century onwards and especially during the last decade the Tsunamis, Typhoons , storms ,hurricanes and earthquakes have been more pronounced and the frequency has become more and more quicker than, any time in the history of mankind [Recorded History]. Ignoring all these tell tale signs of bad omen will prove to be very dangerous and the existence of earth’s population and the chances of survival are becoming more and more remote. Adding to all our woes is leaders like Mr. Bush with little knowledge, which is more dangerous than having no knowledge at all.

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Secondly, Farmers especially in developing countries such as India, has been the most neglected lot among our populace. It has become a thankless job and instead of encouraging we have been discouraging them by not subsidizing and not giving them their due recognition, similarly, like adding insult to injury, we have ignored their pleas and distress calls and the number of farmer suicides are daily news with the govt. machinery dragging their feet all along by showcasing India Shining campaign by concentrating on few individual performances like Mittals, Ambani’s and Tata’s who were given priority over our poor farmers, mainly because they are unable to contribute much to the coffers of all political parties, who favored and gave great publicity and backing of the entire Govt. Machinery for conquering foreign entities and take over bids of these few individuals and their missions such as the Arcelor and Corrus deals to name a few examples. While few Indians made it to the elite and richest list by Forbes magazine our farmers were committing suicides due to their inability to pay off the money lenders, The blame should also be shared by the media who along with the Govt. was busy reading the Forbes list and highlighting the achievements of these individuals on their cover stories and farmer distress and suicides found no space among the media or on the govt. agenda. Few of those reports were lost in the basking in glory of those business guys who made it rich. How ever, it is comforting to know that we have been self sufficient in our food needs for more than 3 decades and yet again has had a good harvest this year with the grace of god.

Recently, our Govt. was so busy with the nuclear deal and the urgency of power generation while on the other side people were on the verge of starvation and the poor farmers were still fighting for survival. It is a well known fact that if we go for the nuclear deal, we are certainly inviting trouble. No body has yet found a way of disposal of the spent fuel from the nuclear power plants, which is highly toxic and poisonous and the radiation effect will last even after decades.

The Americans are certainly going to dump the nuclear waste in India, and Bhopal like happenings can be expected in huge numbers in regular intervals. There are so many other means and ways for meeting our energy requirements for instance wind, solar, hydro electric power generation, and the vast reserves of natural gas also can generate energy. In all the above energy sources wastages involved are minimal nor do they have any radiation hazards which again has direct link causing cancers and so many other ill effects. Most importantly our ecological balance also has to be maintained by least polluting ways of energy creation such as windmills, solar panels and hydro electric energy from water falls natural or even man made.

Now even after thousands of farmer suicides and the imminent threat of food crisis, we are still turning a blind eye towards farm requirements. All countries need to initiate concrete and speedy actions, which is the need of the hour rather than blaming each other for the causes. Mr. Bush is clearly beating around the bush rather than addressing the real issue.


Thirdly, the Americans are the real spendthrifts. They are the most consumerists among all the countries; just imagine where all those Red Indians and Animals have gone? They have vanished from America and in real they have all been killed by the wild western cowboys and out of sheer habit which necessitates killing they have started again, The best example more than any thing is the huge amount spent [trillions of dollars] for wars which has no meaning in the present crisis situation. The precious trillions are spend for supporting their wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and the result is the millions of lives lost added to the fuel, ammunition and other precious supplies wasted for the useless wars, adding to which, is the wasted labor and wealth.

The real culprits of terrorism is still at large, while U S army is engaged actively and blames all others but not them. They have been in war for past hundreds of years one after the other. Second World War was followed by Vietnam, Cambodia etc, they still have not found any sign of the Weapons of Mass destruction, which they claimed Iraq had in possession. Leave alone Osama Bin laden or for that matter the Taliban. Only thing U S managed so far has been killing of millions of innocent Iraqi’s and Afghan people. They still continue to do the same while; the world is shivering at the thought of the sickening food crisis in the near future.

The time has come for us to stand up and be counted against the war against the American blunders against the enemies of the world. We have to raise our voice now or it may be too late, for a full blown food crisis, the signs are already there to be seen in Africa, before long it is bound to cover the entire world including U S and may impact in such a way wiping off at least one third of the worlds’ population because, they are the most poor and vulnerable lot on earth. The ultimate truth is that the Americans are the real culprits and they are the ones floundering and spending and are the greediest among all the nations of the world.

Compiled by, M.Balakrishnan,
16a, III layout,
Meena Estate,