Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The War with no end in sight


We all have been witness to a bloody war which has killed over a million Iraqi’s and has no end in the near future. The country which was already in ruins due to their prolonged war with Iran could not actually get over the shock of one war before the second was thrust upon them. Their economy was already in shambles due to the sanctions over the presumed existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction and the reluctance of their Military dictator Gen.Saddam Hussain, to give up power. He too is no angel as was visible by actions throughout his rein which lasted decades, when he killed thousands of Kurdish rebels presumably with Chemical weapons, more than the Iran’s soldiers who lost their lives during their war with Iraq. He could have at least given up after his Kuwait invasion back fired and gave American soldiers permanent stay in the Middle East. All his actions resulted in death of innocent Iraqi soldiers who had to obey orders.

All said and done the question remains whether was it absolutely necessary to invade Iraq. The UN sponsored inspection was being complied with and they had no clue what so ever to prove Iraq had WMDs in their arsenals. The subsequent sequence which unfolded in UK also did prove that the war mongers had ‘sexed up’ the documents to press hard for an all out war along with the Americans. The US and UK always did maintain that they stood for right against wrong. What right do they have to show for all the innocent lives lost and Iraq still is in deep turmoil killing Hundreds every week at least.

The ever increasing oil price is a direct result of the war in Iraq. There are hundreds of countries who just can’t afford to pay such huge resources on oil alone when their people are on the verge of starvation. Now the situation has reached a point of no return and the war has to go on and on till either all Iraqi’s are dead or all American soldiers involved are dead. Both possibilities are not in near sight. Americans are now like a person who caught a tiger’s tail he just can’t let go for the tiger will eat him nor can he keep on holding forever, he has to run along but for how long?

If they are after the oil reserves, which is obvious, then it is not worth all the lives lost and the end in no sight all the money made by those few Companies as a direct result of the war will find the price they have to pay will be much more and for generations the after effects won’t let them live in peace. Just take the example of Jews who crucified Jesus Christ, they still could not live peacefully even after 30 to 40 generations. The sin was so huge that one just could not rid oneself from the curse of the almighty. Like wise, no one can justify a war spending almost 700 billions a year when there are thousands starving without even one square meal a day.

The only hope for the world is that Mr.Bush has now almost become a lame duck president hence, the most urgent change in views and actions are nearing with a new leader at the helm, the approach also may change but not much, because those who are financing the election campaigns are the same ones who are making a huge profit out of the war and killings and the reality is that no American president ever can become a president without obligations of those very scruples people who finances the campaign with an eye on the future profits. The maximum one can expect from a president is the possibility of a double crossing game after winning the elections which is very unlikely to happen.

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Monday, April 14, 2008



The parameters to know whether you are true and genuine Indian is as follows:-

Always make others wait for you. Never turn up exactly on time. You may remember how Saurav Ganguly won tests for India while playing against Australians, he always made Steve Waugh wait for him at the ground for toss and the result is well known.

Never stay in queue, be it for a bus or a movie ticket always look for a short cut and think out ways to overtake others in front of you, there are times when you have to pay a little extra . Such situations warrant bargaining for the least possible bribe you can make. If you are driving make sure the other guy has to take evasive action. Also give a passing curse on the other guy to let him wonder for the rest of the day or if possible for the rest of his life.

Take amble time to see that the work is not finished in time. If you are a public servant look out for ways for either passing the buck or find some ground or other to reject whatever the work that is entrusted on you. If you try hard you may always find something to show as reason enough for rejection or postponing the work.

Never ever appreciate others’ work or achievements. If you think deep you will certainly end up finding some fault with the other guy which may be highlighted for the benefit for the other non performers. If you come across people who are good workers try back biting against them to the boss. The more effective you are in doing so, the more efficient you are and deserve promotion while your foe will end up wondering and confused for the rest of their career.

Your greatness grows when the number of rejections are more and think 24 hrs a day for all the seven days of a week to come out with golden ideas of stalling the work or passing the buck .The more greater Indians are the ones who actually end up higher in the ladders and knows his boss’s weak points and plays a partner role and ensures moving up in their respective careers.

If you find some one on the way needing help or rescue effort take a ‘U’ turn immediately and don’t look back. Also deliberately forget the same.

These are only tit bits for ones journey to become the greatest and true Indian. The more you think the more you will get to hinder the progress of our nation and its people. As you meet more and more people in life your greatness can be proved to that many and also by outliving your compatriots your greater efforts can be beneficial to generations and such great Indians normally do out live most often, than others for they are more anxious and desperate to make their life more and more effective and ‘worthwhile’.

Thoughts of becoming a great Indian has made me look for the traits of those successful Indians but unfortunately could not match their skill and efficiency hence is only a worm out of giants surrounding me in all walks of life.

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Off late we have all experienced the abnormal price rise for food commodities especially day to day provisions and vegetables. The equation is simple in economic terms, the higher the demand the higher the price goes. This simple logic of demand and supply aptly shows why the prices are going higher and higher. We have all contributed to this by not giving enough for our farmers and making their job the most thankless and they have been the most ignored lot among our populace.

If the signs are true and if we are presuming that the world is facing a food and water shortage then the crisis has only begun now. The predictions of some hard thinkers are that we have only reached a stage which is bad, but now onwards it may become worse if drastic and urgent measures are not taken by the whole world as one. This unlike any other issues needs very serious consideration and if we let go this one time, then almost one third of the worlds population is in danger of a famine like situation when people die out of hunger and thirst.

Though the world still has not realized the ominous signs which are obviously pointing towards suffering of the poorest among the world populace, who will be hit early only for others to be effected later. The thrust for all and sundry is to concentrate harder on the agriculture front which is the most pressing issue right now. We have to at least double our production of grains and vegetables as early as possible because the stock is definitely on the decline and some signs such as global warming and unpredictable weather conditions only add to our already precarious position in terms of food and water.

The 97 percentage of our water on earth is not drinkable the rest of 3 percent is also decreasing. Imagine for every tea spoon full of sugar needs at least 250 liters of water to grow the sugar cane required for the production of sugar. The cost of drinking water [pure] has almost caught up with the cost of milk. First signs will be of epidemics born out of contaminated water. Other famine like situations will follow later and most vulnerable lot will always be the poor who can not afford to purchase water if the situation warrants it.

I remember a couple of decades earlier in Kerala people were advised to leave farming and to start earning as entrepreneurs of small scale industrial units. They were discouraged to do farming which was not at all profitable; instead others who made foray in to other sectors were making more money than a farmer who was always fighting and struggling to survive. Government policies all throughout these last few decades have been to encourage other sectors and not farming. The farmers were at the mercy of the god almighty alone for there were very few takers who wanted their children to do farming or enter agriculture production. It was the most disastrous action which has now resulted in gloomy days ahead for the whole world, because the basic needs of any living being first is food and water.

Gone by are the days for remorse or regrets, the need of the hour is to start encouraging people to enter agriculture sector and help all throughout the process for seed selection, bio technology and micro biology will help us in higher production from what ever land there is left for farming, the second phase should be the provision of fertilizers and the assistance and expert advices should also see them through to the harvesting period. The job does not end there, for we also have to ensure that the farmer get a good price for his products. For that to happen, the government can purchase directly from the farmers by giving them value for their work and encouraging their efforts. Such prolonged efforts only can save the world. For our economic stability we have to then supply their products to the ultimate end users after subsidizing. The short fall in capital has to be born by the big corporate and other rich people who have to share such short falls, only then can we survive as a country or for that matter any country in the world. We all can see that among our farming community the present generation is probably the last generation who has willingly spent their life time farming, the next generation will certainly not go their parents’ way because they all must have witnessed the hardship faced by their farming parents, some have even lost their parents out of sheer helplessness which has led to most number of farmer suicides in our country. We must be feeling ashamed of ourselves for having been na├»ve towards their needs, had we taken timely and appropriate measures lots of lives could have been saved. Now our apathy have made us facing a crisis situation, better be late than never.

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