Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The new era of our great Indian history has begun with the Anna movement and the repercussions aftermath.We can not allow the situation to drift any longer, lest people forget the importance of the pressure already created.We have now seen the guys who were vehemently opposed to the idea of an independent authority. They are the very ones who stands to lose hence,the adamant attitude and the drama of the drafting the bill on their own, to suit their master plan, which was to shelve the momentum.Their assets has to be evaluated now, along with their immediate relatives or cronies.

For example, I can site the houses built by the top guys of the communists' in Kerala & Bengal,the so called patriots, leave alone other parties such as the Congress,BJP & other Regional parties, all of them have amassed wealth [immovable properties and stashed away funds] which in itself is worth Billions of Crores{Rupees}. The question is where did they get the money from? We have seen majority of them, all starting very poor and in few years, they could build houses like palaces along with land either grabbed, while they were in power or purchased with illegal means. The same is the case with so many other politicians, bureaucrats, Judiciary & their cronies in the corporate world.

They have to show the source of their income, and if found guilty of wrong doing or they are unable to give their accounts and source, then it could be confiscated by giving notice to them to show cause and let the law of our land begin to function with out any bias or any further nexus among them, allowing them to get away without any punishment.

The Tax havens too should be asked to give notices to their account holders,[Just as was done by our Reserve bank of India by invoking 'Know Your Customer'norms very strict] by our Supreme Court or other competent institutions, to show their source and identity. If they fail to turn up or refuses to give details, then those funds becomes unclaimed, which automatically should be brought back to the nation of its origin because it belongs to the nation as a matter of rightful ownership.

Like wise it is high time we introspect about the prospect of all mining activities along with illegal encroachments of our public land or forests by people with political compliance, may loot all our resources with in no time with out any contribution of such proceeds to our exchequer , more over the very fact is that, India alone is indiscriminately using up our fossil fuel,iron and rare earth minerals so fast , while other big countries like USA,China & Russia is most prudent in their approach to such factors, as they keep their reserves intact while, importing minerals and fossil fuel cheaply from India,middle east and other developing countries in Africa and South America.

Our government should wake up to these real truths and start to take action transparently with out any further delay.Other wise it will be great injustice to our future generations as they will be left with nothing but deserts and huge craters. Vegetation and all valuable minerals along with rare earth and fossil fuel disappearing from our dear land will be disastrous for our future.The mining mafia has to be checked in their nefarious activities urgently.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


India has been the greatest and most cultured country in the whole world as far back, as one can see or read.The majority of our populace has been always very nice and decent hosts.[That perhaps was our weakness as well.] As one goes deep in to history it has been rightly proved as the home of spiritualism.

India without an iota of doubt is still almost the same, in spite of the foreign influence for centuries, the base of our beliefs and basic instincts are still unchanged as it was amply proved by the peaceful protests all over the country of 1.2 billion people,with out a single violent action reported from any where.

Our Government headed by Dr.Manmohan Singh should be credited for being so patient and stood as the rock, in spite of the hawkish elements, who wanted the protests to be crushed by brute force.
His intelligence along with the leadership qualities of all those who mattered in this episode has to be recognized, as very Indian and the correct way of dealing with such a huge uprising,which might have been crushed by brute force, just as it happened in almost all other countries beginning from China's Tianmen square, to all those Arab countries facing such mass protest.

All those countries used force to massacre the protesters , some with success of silencing the masses temporarily, while others perished with more blood and millions of lives lost due to the lack of sense or sensitivity of the ruling class.

Sri.Anna Hazare did embark on a journey without any one giving him a remote chance of succeeding yet, did make the government yielding to his majority of demands. But as he rightly pointed out only half the battle has been won, there are some more important hurdles to cross before we can become a country with least corruption at least such as the Scandinavian standards.

For all those countries looking towards India, this is the biggest lesson to learn. Stand united for any cause but with out violence, willpower alone can achieve big wonders. Our freedom struggle by Mahatma Gandhi was won in these lines with out a gun shot being made or anybody killed.

Communal violence in the aftermath of our independence was only because of the poisonous seeds of the British Mantra for rule "SPLIT & RULE". Their cunning designs made India suffer even today, due to their tactics of pitching our countrymen in the name of religion against the other for their hold on our country, otherwise , with the population that we had, they did not stand a chance of ruling our country for so long. Our populace fell for the trap and started to fight each other while they made their progress by looting us for centuries.

It is time for us to stand together as Sri.Anna showed that no religion or class or politics can spoil our country, if we are intelligent enough to understand the nobleman and con man. Differentiate between the crooks, noble, divine and most importantly sane individuals from the lot who may come asking for our votes think and see through them,then decide whom to vote and whom to reject.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


As expected the end game has come to such a level , where the politicians are unwilling to let go of their hold on power, they are not willing to let the poor people have their share. Their monopoly continues in expected lines even when faced with the massive support, shown all over the globe for the cause of liberating our people from the clutches of the power mongers , the most corrupt government ever in the history of post independence India.

The mass supporters must be very disappointed and frustrated. The peaceful protest so far has become so fragile and might go out of control if Anna's health fails. The future of our country is on the edge and may lead to mass level violent protest due to the stubborn and most insensitive ministers sticking on to their own version of the so called 'promotion of corruption bill'.

Poor Anna has shown the guts and determination in the face of all odds and so many hurdles, just as it was in the case of Mahatma Gandhi who too stood his ground in the face of all the abuse and torture meted out by the British prior to our independence struggle. The almighty god is witnessing all the drama just as the global audience, who too are sympathetic towards and in favour of team Anna.

The right thinking people among those political parties must now desert their corrupt masters and join Anna's team, as there seems to be a section at least among the Government and Opposition who are indeed favouring team Anna's righteous fight.Now is the time for change and history of our great democracy must be allowed to change for good. The corrupt must be punished. Clearly the count down has begun and the fall of the government is now imminent as the conscience of all those nice guys in the government will start to prick them resulting in a revolt very soon. People now is confirmed in their belief that the majority of the politicians are most corrupt and will do any thing and everything possible to remain in power with out which they will be an easy prey, for the people are waiting in millions and crores to vent their suppressed anguish, which might prove to be the most damning and bloodiest fight in our countries history.

May better sense prevail with the help of god, who will be the savior for our poor countrymen who are otherwise helpless against the most cunning crooks holding on to power for scheming and the looting to go on and on.

Monday, August 22, 2011


From the look of the attitude and the lackluster ways of our government seems to be waiting for Anna to show signs of weak body parameters under the pretext,they can move him to a hospital to be tube fed. We have seen the case of Manipuri activist's Mrs.Irom,who has been surviving on tube fed food and drinks for the past decade.

Once, that is done then they can relax as the absence of Anna will make the crowds wither away and slowly things can be forgotten as Anna will not be seen active among the people. He may be lying down in some ICU away from his supporters citing his deteriorating health.

Before that happens the strategy to bring the government down on their knees must be activated. The show must go on. The youth power has to be unleashed. The funding part must be transparent as they can take help of various non political NGOs',help also may come from non political charitable organisation such as the Art of Living foundation along with Mata Amritanandamayi foundation etc, which are all very open and righteous trusts run by efficient servants who are very committed to the cause of human beings as a whole around the world.

Help also may come from generous well to do and right minded citizens around the world.But there must be no let off as sufficient time was given and the government used it to cheat the negotiators, ultimately proving that the team consultation was an exercise to fool all of our country's people.Now they tell they need another four months is another time buying tactics to fool all.

There should be no more negotiations unless they come out with some concrete agreement to make things happen on the ground. No more talks with the Lawyer turned corporate backed and the most venomous ministers, who did the most damage, flouting all norms of decency and are all cunning to the core is there to be seen like bright red sun. Talk to only those who are genuinely interested to see the corruption eradicated and the stashed money brought home,must be the mantra.

There is no use talking to those lawyer turned ministers and spokespersons of all political parties , as we have seen Mr.Abishek singvi , defending the worst criminal in recent history just for money. That again was the case of Mr.Ram Jethmalaini who was seen defending 2g case victims for money alone. What more proof you need to know that all of them are together in this looting business.

Friday, August 19, 2011


It was very sad to note how our politicians change colour after elections.During elections they are all very humble,polite and humility personified.Once the elections are over they change overnight to become unreachable, arrogant and treats the people especially the poor, with utter contempt,while giving red carpet welcome to corporate bigwigs,big business guys and all those who matter in their scheme of things to make a quick buck.

It was disgusting to watch the attitude of people like Manish tewary, Kapil Sibal and Chidambaram all acting and giving lecture to the very own people who sent them to parliament, as if they are students who had to be taught lessons. By quoting a few sections of the Indian penal code they, declare that it is due to the ignorance of the people about the law of the land,that people like Anna Hazare is not understanding because he is not a lawyer and does not even possess a University Degree to understand the law of the country.

Their arrests and release of this simple and most noble man is the biggest slap on the face of our so called democracy and the question of the fundamental right of any citizen to protest peacefully. It has been proved beyond doubt that they are using their power to demonize and scare people not to raise their voices. If they do then the result will be as being in the case of an unarmed old Gandhian whose only intention was to inflict pain on himself, by fasting for the benefit or the larger interests of our majority among the poorest, as their survival is the hardest fight against all odds,due to the lack of sense , accountability and sensibilities of a government which has been the worst seen in terms of large scale looting. Scam after Scam was reported almost on daily basis amounting to millions of crores. The cover up effort of the ruling government is being questioned by even our supreme court. Now they are also raising the question of the supreme court order and according to them they only can order inquiries.{which they don't want to do, to save themselves who are the biggest thieves.]

The accused in scams also said the same that CAG consists of Accountants and do not know any thing about Indian Penal Code and so on. But the answer to all the above is that you don't need a University Degree to understand the difference between the Bribe and Fees. Donations and Tuition fees. People are not fools to believe the defense of the thieves and the rhetoric of the defendants,just the same as in a legal court where, they might get away arguing or bribing their way through the mess of their own creation. Even an illiterate person can tell and see the difference between a noble man and a con man.

It was a blunder from our prime minister who too was declaring in the parliament, that they are supreme. But the fact remains ,just as our legal expert Mr.Nariman pointed out correctly, who too is considered , and rightly so, a very good legal brain in our country, that the people of the country is supreme all others are the result of the decision of the people by majority.

The situation during election was entirely different and all the scams , with monumental loss to the exchequer came out in the open after the elections. So rightly people are agitated when they see the government do nothing, while the big ministers are seen defending their supremacy against the people's will.

Our constitution as stated by Mr.Nariman,starts with the words "We the people of India" all others are their servants and nothing more. The will of the people must be the final verdict. Now the people have shown their loss of faith in those elected by them a couple of years back.Now they wanted them to go out by resigning or face the wrath of the country who will throw them out if they refuse to quit.Or accept their blunders with humility and apologies then follow it up by doing what is necessary in the current situation as per the people's wish and will.

Monday, August 15, 2011



People are so fed up and frustrated with this government, perhaps not the prime minister but with those cronies surrounding him, all jokers with high ego and dishonest, barring a few such as Mr.A.K. Antony, they have made a mess of the situation leading to the fasting of Anna Hazare,by trying every thing possible to derail his efforts against corruption and black money.

Their first mistake was the mud slinging started by none other than Mr.Amar Singh, the greatest among those thugs and land lords who made it big by sucking the blood and sweat of the poorest in UP. The Second big mistake was trying to side track Mr.Anna Hazare by giving a red carpet welcome reception arranged by so many high & top ministers and the may hem which ended up in mid night police action ,which must have been the idea of none other than our Home Minister, the snob, from the hawkish and very shrewd money lending businessmen of south, Marvari businessmen can learn a thing or two from them, as they are more ruthless than the Jews themselves.Because they realized the Swami's campaign as a bigger threat than Mr.Anna may be, due to his Sang -Parivar connections.

Mean while,precious time as been given for the Swish bank Account holders to take their money away to other safer destinations,because the latest Swiss bank announcement shows there is only a fraction left there now, from what it was during the mid and late 2006-2007,figures. God knows the truth. Now Anna's action though will be welcomed as something to salvage for and the people in large numbers may support him.

People identify and trust him more than those clever guys like Mr.Kapil Sibal,Mr.Chidambaram Mr.Moily,Mr.Mukherjee etc. All are seeing themselves as the great avatars, and the most intelligent, underestimating the peoples' IQ level and their hatred to see the drama and prose unfolding each day trying to hoodwink the nation, through media campaign and that too two pronged strategy with the spokesman giving another story of Rs.2,lac spent by Mr.Hazare's birthday.

Such silly and stooping levels shows their desperateness as all avenues are now being shut,with the Supreme Court too giving strong signals against the monumental corruption and the attitude of the Government as if it has nothing to do with all these cases and is only making their side weaker by tabling a lokpal bill which is not worth the value of its typed papers. If they think people can be fooled to such levels then they are living in a fools paradise.

Indians all along has been famous for their magnanimity and tolerances. This can not be taken as our weakness for the mass is capable of riding over any country in the world today in all fields. There are very good chess players in India even today, also remember that India has been the place of origin of modern day Chess, who has the brain and tactics to bulldoze through any obstacles, be it be the might Himalayan man who can be felled by a small fry with a sting on the right delicate place.

Rahul's tactics has to come to the fore with a genuineness and an intention to put things there right in the correct perspective. Leaving aside all those who made such a great mess of a small but powerful movement.Underestimating that and police actions will for sure result in utter chaos and the government will not last for even 90 days if they, try to suppress,with out reaching out and sensing the anger of common man and the poor among our society. The Government no longer should be seen backing only corporates'. The farmers and the poorest need their support right now for survival.


Thursday, August 11, 2011


Unemployment, deprivation & poverty must have been the root cause of the riots being witnessed in UK since, almost last one week. The burning streets, cars and looting shops are all happening around the country. After the 2nd world war they had a trouble free period relatively, in comparison with other countries around the world. If you look backwards in history the root cause behind all revolutions has been the class based society where, there are some classes with abundance of wealth, while the majority lived in utter poverty. The stubborn attitude of the ones with abundant wealth refusing to share it with those unfortunate ones, without any thing to fall back on in times of great agony has always resulted in revolutions around the globe from Russia, China, France and so many other smaller countries.

But people still are the same and have refused to learn from the past mistakes. When the breaking point arrives it results in high casualty and mostly ravages countries resulting in mass grave yards. The bitterness and destruction will follow, the class of the society perhaps changes, for the cycle to be continuing again when after generations’ people still acts the same way and remains most selfish.

It is very simple when you are willing to look at it in the right perspective. You have your neighbors sleeping or are sleepless due to hunger, while there is a high class society indulging in wild parties, where food is wasted and drinks are abundant, with all the noise of partying. Just think of your unfortunate neighbors who will naturally be feeling disgusted for they have to put up with it for years on. They will definitely feel jealous and will curse the god’s crazy ways and also will wait for an opportunity to vent their suppressed feelings, once when they get a chance. I feel that has been the root cause all along. The failure of governance to set things right,or is not there to be seen, people will take it on to themselves to set things right. It will be like death or survival. That’s when it can be told as a point of no return.

Our so called modern societies still fail to identify the simple psychology of human beings. You just can not have most wealthy and the most poor live side by side seeing each other daily, while looking the other way instead of trying to help out in some way or the other. The classless, casteless, religion less community as thought out by Marx simply did not happen.It was only a dream as history unfolded the Power corrupted majority, and those sane ones who wanted to help, also were caught between the devil and the sea as and when they tried to intervene in this mad world.

That being the situation it will be very hard to get back to normality once when the situation goes out of hand and lawlessness is the result. The theory of survival of the fittest will be the end result. There are lessons to be learnt from the ongoing scenario for the whole world especially in India, where too, the gap between the rich and the poor has been widening due to the wrong policies and priorities being followed by the government due to utter lack of sense or sensibility. The so called Manmanomics was just nothing but a condition of the western interests to enter our huge market with their products, in return they offered loans from IMF,World Bank [The former employer of our present Prime minister, if my memory is right].The so called FDIs and most of the money coming in to our own share market is our own money looted & routed through foreign entities or banks in disguise.For assets and wealth India never had to go elsewhere, for we have our own money more than enough,either stashed away in foreign banks or in trusts and temples in our own country , which were all schemes, of our ruling class mainly to divert our people, who as always were naive and trusting, while those who ruled always looted our mass in volumes which is mind boggling and always was going on right from the times of Mugals,British and now those who are ruling, is doing it differently but even worse and most damaging to our own country, I feel these crooks deserves no sympathy and god will punish them more, than those who were at least direct in their approach.

It is disgusting to see our populace who gets attracted to US, mainly due to their materialistic and consumerists lifestyles,mostly on borrowed funds plundering right from birth to their coffins as well, while their Jewish bankers were all making hay while it was shining, now those same business class wants to loot the rest of the world as well. They have buddies in their pockets to do the jobs for them every where, because they buy their way through. Most of the Chinese funds are locked in US hence, the worry for them.

Coming back to India,If you wanted to give priority and spend thousands of Crores of Rupees for conducting sports events such as CWG itself is in contrast, in the country [There too you make money for selfish deeds,looting the exchequer, the event just being a mask, both the ruling and opposition were involved in it together as things are emerging.], while your majority of the society was only and justly concerned about their living, without sufficient food and water. Just make a survey and see how many people among our countrymen actually know what Common Wealth Games is. Who are the people who made the profits? I am sure those who followed the same games can not have been 1/3rd or less of our country's population.

The sad point in India is even when some one from the lowest and downtrodden makes it to the top by virtue of luck or by the people whom they represent sends them with votes in high expectation, they too ignores the very class they belong to and takes the mandate as if it has been given to them as license, for the loot of their own class. It is a depressing and most disgusting sight to see, the very farmers who work hard to feed the world has now become the most vulnerable lot in India. In my opinion they are the ones who are feeling as the most marginalized ones, with no backing from the political parties, who are all making money in their names and are also making laws to make land grabs legal in the name of so called larger interests adding insult to injury. I saw farmers being shot and killed in Maharashtra, where the number of farmer suicides are reported as the highest in India, while the Minister for Agriculture and Food, who too belongs to Maharshtra, is seen busy making ICC rules and is running Cricket organisations, where there seems to be more money than from other forms.

They take our populace as fools and rightly so, because they make mistakes of voting for the same guys in each elections out of sheer lack of knowledge. We also witness the social activists shout hoarse and no body listens to them.

I can only wonder where our world is heading. Is it going to be total destruction or is there some hope left for those unfortunate people around the globe, by way of god’s interventions.

We can depend on god alone.

Disturbing thoughts 'solitairebala'

Monday, August 8, 2011



Off late it has become difficult for the corrupt guys around the globe to take the bribe, kick back or quid pro quo as the case may be, to receive in liquid cash because of the Intelligence marked notes. Then their modus operandi changed by floating Trusts , and it was found easy to accept the said considerations by way of donations or showing as simple long or short term loans ,if caught they can always maintain that it was only a donation or a loan which was repaid etc.
But the activation of media where the competition for the viewers share has become so hot that they started to pick the trail of money chain, changing hands by way of bank transactions, mainly from Indian banks due to the strict secrecy laws of those tax havens. Phone hacking, interception of internet voice mails etc; where the main tools to obtain tips. Once they get the tips it becomes easy to get the information required by giving small bribes to those who have access to such information.

Now the dilemma faced by the corrupt guys is in investing the ill gotten money safely. The purchase of land and buildings was considered for its appreciation of value is much more than what they could get from the share markets, mutual funds etc. Our government [Ruling elite]which has major stake as the major players in all the above practices, made it easier for them to invest in our markets by way of foreign direct investments, which allows the individual routing it through the banks which was solely doing or catering to these guys’ activities by showing them how it could be done, with their international presence.

These banks did not open their braches in India to uplift our Indian populace in our development but instead was choosing mainly our metros and some other major cities alone with the sole intention of making a quick buck out of our corrupt trio of politicians, corporate bigwigs along with our top government servants all plotting together in these macro loots. Now if one observes keenly, we can see that each time a scam broke out our main political parties blame each other ,one saying it was mooted in the others’ era while the other saying it was done in the recent times. But at the end stops the blame game, when at last a deal between them chooses to bury the hat.

On each occasion the people find that these guys only matches the others’ activity which they will compare and say that they were more corrupt than us, so we can be spared because we did a bit less than the other. Both are equally corrupt and have together looted our country, much more than the invaders of the past, who at least had a bit of consideration for the people of India than the rulers at present who are so insensitive towards the burden of the common man due to the mass scale of corruption and the monumental loss to the exchequer.

Where ever we go we are being cheated, be it be schools & colleges or hospitals all have become so greedy that they are much worse than the Dracula which in stories sucks the blood of people. These guys are much worse than those Dracula [which again was read only in stories] and can be termed as modern day Dracula.

Now the people are awake and know that the time has come for actions. I will not be surprised at all if the struggle gains momentum and a mass movement akin to a civil war takes place, to erase all these blots on our society. New order and clean guys would emerge very soon to punish these crooks there will definitely be no sympathizers for them because they deserves it. They also will never get to use their ill gotten wealth as well, due to the power of god will ensure justice to our poor people.

Thoughts [or dreams perhaps] of solitairebala.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


First spokesman 'mera pas 2g ka paisa hai,cwg ka paisa hai or be purana zamane ka bahuth paise swiss bank me rakha hai, tumharepass kya hai?

Second spokesman 'hamara pass mines hai,yoga gurus hai or bahuth paise bahar pe rakha be hai, ab tera kya hoga kalia'

Third spokesman 'hamara sath Chinese hai'