Monday, August 15, 2011



People are so fed up and frustrated with this government, perhaps not the prime minister but with those cronies surrounding him, all jokers with high ego and dishonest, barring a few such as Mr.A.K. Antony, they have made a mess of the situation leading to the fasting of Anna Hazare,by trying every thing possible to derail his efforts against corruption and black money.

Their first mistake was the mud slinging started by none other than Mr.Amar Singh, the greatest among those thugs and land lords who made it big by sucking the blood and sweat of the poorest in UP. The Second big mistake was trying to side track Mr.Anna Hazare by giving a red carpet welcome reception arranged by so many high & top ministers and the may hem which ended up in mid night police action ,which must have been the idea of none other than our Home Minister, the snob, from the hawkish and very shrewd money lending businessmen of south, Marvari businessmen can learn a thing or two from them, as they are more ruthless than the Jews themselves.Because they realized the Swami's campaign as a bigger threat than Mr.Anna may be, due to his Sang -Parivar connections.

Mean while,precious time as been given for the Swish bank Account holders to take their money away to other safer destinations,because the latest Swiss bank announcement shows there is only a fraction left there now, from what it was during the mid and late 2006-2007,figures. God knows the truth. Now Anna's action though will be welcomed as something to salvage for and the people in large numbers may support him.

People identify and trust him more than those clever guys like Mr.Kapil Sibal,Mr.Chidambaram Mr.Moily,Mr.Mukherjee etc. All are seeing themselves as the great avatars, and the most intelligent, underestimating the peoples' IQ level and their hatred to see the drama and prose unfolding each day trying to hoodwink the nation, through media campaign and that too two pronged strategy with the spokesman giving another story of Rs.2,lac spent by Mr.Hazare's birthday.

Such silly and stooping levels shows their desperateness as all avenues are now being shut,with the Supreme Court too giving strong signals against the monumental corruption and the attitude of the Government as if it has nothing to do with all these cases and is only making their side weaker by tabling a lokpal bill which is not worth the value of its typed papers. If they think people can be fooled to such levels then they are living in a fools paradise.

Indians all along has been famous for their magnanimity and tolerances. This can not be taken as our weakness for the mass is capable of riding over any country in the world today in all fields. There are very good chess players in India even today, also remember that India has been the place of origin of modern day Chess, who has the brain and tactics to bulldoze through any obstacles, be it be the might Himalayan man who can be felled by a small fry with a sting on the right delicate place.

Rahul's tactics has to come to the fore with a genuineness and an intention to put things there right in the correct perspective. Leaving aside all those who made such a great mess of a small but powerful movement.Underestimating that and police actions will for sure result in utter chaos and the government will not last for even 90 days if they, try to suppress,with out reaching out and sensing the anger of common man and the poor among our society. The Government no longer should be seen backing only corporates'. The farmers and the poorest need their support right now for survival.


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