Wednesday, August 24, 2011


As expected the end game has come to such a level , where the politicians are unwilling to let go of their hold on power, they are not willing to let the poor people have their share. Their monopoly continues in expected lines even when faced with the massive support, shown all over the globe for the cause of liberating our people from the clutches of the power mongers , the most corrupt government ever in the history of post independence India.

The mass supporters must be very disappointed and frustrated. The peaceful protest so far has become so fragile and might go out of control if Anna's health fails. The future of our country is on the edge and may lead to mass level violent protest due to the stubborn and most insensitive ministers sticking on to their own version of the so called 'promotion of corruption bill'.

Poor Anna has shown the guts and determination in the face of all odds and so many hurdles, just as it was in the case of Mahatma Gandhi who too stood his ground in the face of all the abuse and torture meted out by the British prior to our independence struggle. The almighty god is witnessing all the drama just as the global audience, who too are sympathetic towards and in favour of team Anna.

The right thinking people among those political parties must now desert their corrupt masters and join Anna's team, as there seems to be a section at least among the Government and Opposition who are indeed favouring team Anna's righteous fight.Now is the time for change and history of our great democracy must be allowed to change for good. The corrupt must be punished. Clearly the count down has begun and the fall of the government is now imminent as the conscience of all those nice guys in the government will start to prick them resulting in a revolt very soon. People now is confirmed in their belief that the majority of the politicians are most corrupt and will do any thing and everything possible to remain in power with out which they will be an easy prey, for the people are waiting in millions and crores to vent their suppressed anguish, which might prove to be the most damning and bloodiest fight in our countries history.

May better sense prevail with the help of god, who will be the savior for our poor countrymen who are otherwise helpless against the most cunning crooks holding on to power for scheming and the looting to go on and on.

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