Saturday, August 27, 2011


India has been the greatest and most cultured country in the whole world as far back, as one can see or read.The majority of our populace has been always very nice and decent hosts.[That perhaps was our weakness as well.] As one goes deep in to history it has been rightly proved as the home of spiritualism.

India without an iota of doubt is still almost the same, in spite of the foreign influence for centuries, the base of our beliefs and basic instincts are still unchanged as it was amply proved by the peaceful protests all over the country of 1.2 billion people,with out a single violent action reported from any where.

Our Government headed by Dr.Manmohan Singh should be credited for being so patient and stood as the rock, in spite of the hawkish elements, who wanted the protests to be crushed by brute force.
His intelligence along with the leadership qualities of all those who mattered in this episode has to be recognized, as very Indian and the correct way of dealing with such a huge uprising,which might have been crushed by brute force, just as it happened in almost all other countries beginning from China's Tianmen square, to all those Arab countries facing such mass protest.

All those countries used force to massacre the protesters , some with success of silencing the masses temporarily, while others perished with more blood and millions of lives lost due to the lack of sense or sensitivity of the ruling class.

Sri.Anna Hazare did embark on a journey without any one giving him a remote chance of succeeding yet, did make the government yielding to his majority of demands. But as he rightly pointed out only half the battle has been won, there are some more important hurdles to cross before we can become a country with least corruption at least such as the Scandinavian standards.

For all those countries looking towards India, this is the biggest lesson to learn. Stand united for any cause but with out violence, willpower alone can achieve big wonders. Our freedom struggle by Mahatma Gandhi was won in these lines with out a gun shot being made or anybody killed.

Communal violence in the aftermath of our independence was only because of the poisonous seeds of the British Mantra for rule "SPLIT & RULE". Their cunning designs made India suffer even today, due to their tactics of pitching our countrymen in the name of religion against the other for their hold on our country, otherwise , with the population that we had, they did not stand a chance of ruling our country for so long. Our populace fell for the trap and started to fight each other while they made their progress by looting us for centuries.

It is time for us to stand together as Sri.Anna showed that no religion or class or politics can spoil our country, if we are intelligent enough to understand the nobleman and con man. Differentiate between the crooks, noble, divine and most importantly sane individuals from the lot who may come asking for our votes think and see through them,then decide whom to vote and whom to reject.

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