Monday, August 8, 2011



Off late it has become difficult for the corrupt guys around the globe to take the bribe, kick back or quid pro quo as the case may be, to receive in liquid cash because of the Intelligence marked notes. Then their modus operandi changed by floating Trusts , and it was found easy to accept the said considerations by way of donations or showing as simple long or short term loans ,if caught they can always maintain that it was only a donation or a loan which was repaid etc.
But the activation of media where the competition for the viewers share has become so hot that they started to pick the trail of money chain, changing hands by way of bank transactions, mainly from Indian banks due to the strict secrecy laws of those tax havens. Phone hacking, interception of internet voice mails etc; where the main tools to obtain tips. Once they get the tips it becomes easy to get the information required by giving small bribes to those who have access to such information.

Now the dilemma faced by the corrupt guys is in investing the ill gotten money safely. The purchase of land and buildings was considered for its appreciation of value is much more than what they could get from the share markets, mutual funds etc. Our government [Ruling elite]which has major stake as the major players in all the above practices, made it easier for them to invest in our markets by way of foreign direct investments, which allows the individual routing it through the banks which was solely doing or catering to these guys’ activities by showing them how it could be done, with their international presence.

These banks did not open their braches in India to uplift our Indian populace in our development but instead was choosing mainly our metros and some other major cities alone with the sole intention of making a quick buck out of our corrupt trio of politicians, corporate bigwigs along with our top government servants all plotting together in these macro loots. Now if one observes keenly, we can see that each time a scam broke out our main political parties blame each other ,one saying it was mooted in the others’ era while the other saying it was done in the recent times. But at the end stops the blame game, when at last a deal between them chooses to bury the hat.

On each occasion the people find that these guys only matches the others’ activity which they will compare and say that they were more corrupt than us, so we can be spared because we did a bit less than the other. Both are equally corrupt and have together looted our country, much more than the invaders of the past, who at least had a bit of consideration for the people of India than the rulers at present who are so insensitive towards the burden of the common man due to the mass scale of corruption and the monumental loss to the exchequer.

Where ever we go we are being cheated, be it be schools & colleges or hospitals all have become so greedy that they are much worse than the Dracula which in stories sucks the blood of people. These guys are much worse than those Dracula [which again was read only in stories] and can be termed as modern day Dracula.

Now the people are awake and know that the time has come for actions. I will not be surprised at all if the struggle gains momentum and a mass movement akin to a civil war takes place, to erase all these blots on our society. New order and clean guys would emerge very soon to punish these crooks there will definitely be no sympathizers for them because they deserves it. They also will never get to use their ill gotten wealth as well, due to the power of god will ensure justice to our poor people.

Thoughts [or dreams perhaps] of solitairebala.

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