Monday, August 22, 2011


From the look of the attitude and the lackluster ways of our government seems to be waiting for Anna to show signs of weak body parameters under the pretext,they can move him to a hospital to be tube fed. We have seen the case of Manipuri activist's Mrs.Irom,who has been surviving on tube fed food and drinks for the past decade.

Once, that is done then they can relax as the absence of Anna will make the crowds wither away and slowly things can be forgotten as Anna will not be seen active among the people. He may be lying down in some ICU away from his supporters citing his deteriorating health.

Before that happens the strategy to bring the government down on their knees must be activated. The show must go on. The youth power has to be unleashed. The funding part must be transparent as they can take help of various non political NGOs',help also may come from non political charitable organisation such as the Art of Living foundation along with Mata Amritanandamayi foundation etc, which are all very open and righteous trusts run by efficient servants who are very committed to the cause of human beings as a whole around the world.

Help also may come from generous well to do and right minded citizens around the world.But there must be no let off as sufficient time was given and the government used it to cheat the negotiators, ultimately proving that the team consultation was an exercise to fool all of our country's people.Now they tell they need another four months is another time buying tactics to fool all.

There should be no more negotiations unless they come out with some concrete agreement to make things happen on the ground. No more talks with the Lawyer turned corporate backed and the most venomous ministers, who did the most damage, flouting all norms of decency and are all cunning to the core is there to be seen like bright red sun. Talk to only those who are genuinely interested to see the corruption eradicated and the stashed money brought home,must be the mantra.

There is no use talking to those lawyer turned ministers and spokespersons of all political parties , as we have seen Mr.Abishek singvi , defending the worst criminal in recent history just for money. That again was the case of Mr.Ram Jethmalaini who was seen defending 2g case victims for money alone. What more proof you need to know that all of them are together in this looting business.

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