Thursday, August 11, 2011


Unemployment, deprivation & poverty must have been the root cause of the riots being witnessed in UK since, almost last one week. The burning streets, cars and looting shops are all happening around the country. After the 2nd world war they had a trouble free period relatively, in comparison with other countries around the world. If you look backwards in history the root cause behind all revolutions has been the class based society where, there are some classes with abundance of wealth, while the majority lived in utter poverty. The stubborn attitude of the ones with abundant wealth refusing to share it with those unfortunate ones, without any thing to fall back on in times of great agony has always resulted in revolutions around the globe from Russia, China, France and so many other smaller countries.

But people still are the same and have refused to learn from the past mistakes. When the breaking point arrives it results in high casualty and mostly ravages countries resulting in mass grave yards. The bitterness and destruction will follow, the class of the society perhaps changes, for the cycle to be continuing again when after generations’ people still acts the same way and remains most selfish.

It is very simple when you are willing to look at it in the right perspective. You have your neighbors sleeping or are sleepless due to hunger, while there is a high class society indulging in wild parties, where food is wasted and drinks are abundant, with all the noise of partying. Just think of your unfortunate neighbors who will naturally be feeling disgusted for they have to put up with it for years on. They will definitely feel jealous and will curse the god’s crazy ways and also will wait for an opportunity to vent their suppressed feelings, once when they get a chance. I feel that has been the root cause all along. The failure of governance to set things right,or is not there to be seen, people will take it on to themselves to set things right. It will be like death or survival. That’s when it can be told as a point of no return.

Our so called modern societies still fail to identify the simple psychology of human beings. You just can not have most wealthy and the most poor live side by side seeing each other daily, while looking the other way instead of trying to help out in some way or the other. The classless, casteless, religion less community as thought out by Marx simply did not happen.It was only a dream as history unfolded the Power corrupted majority, and those sane ones who wanted to help, also were caught between the devil and the sea as and when they tried to intervene in this mad world.

That being the situation it will be very hard to get back to normality once when the situation goes out of hand and lawlessness is the result. The theory of survival of the fittest will be the end result. There are lessons to be learnt from the ongoing scenario for the whole world especially in India, where too, the gap between the rich and the poor has been widening due to the wrong policies and priorities being followed by the government due to utter lack of sense or sensibility. The so called Manmanomics was just nothing but a condition of the western interests to enter our huge market with their products, in return they offered loans from IMF,World Bank [The former employer of our present Prime minister, if my memory is right].The so called FDIs and most of the money coming in to our own share market is our own money looted & routed through foreign entities or banks in disguise.For assets and wealth India never had to go elsewhere, for we have our own money more than enough,either stashed away in foreign banks or in trusts and temples in our own country , which were all schemes, of our ruling class mainly to divert our people, who as always were naive and trusting, while those who ruled always looted our mass in volumes which is mind boggling and always was going on right from the times of Mugals,British and now those who are ruling, is doing it differently but even worse and most damaging to our own country, I feel these crooks deserves no sympathy and god will punish them more, than those who were at least direct in their approach.

It is disgusting to see our populace who gets attracted to US, mainly due to their materialistic and consumerists lifestyles,mostly on borrowed funds plundering right from birth to their coffins as well, while their Jewish bankers were all making hay while it was shining, now those same business class wants to loot the rest of the world as well. They have buddies in their pockets to do the jobs for them every where, because they buy their way through. Most of the Chinese funds are locked in US hence, the worry for them.

Coming back to India,If you wanted to give priority and spend thousands of Crores of Rupees for conducting sports events such as CWG itself is in contrast, in the country [There too you make money for selfish deeds,looting the exchequer, the event just being a mask, both the ruling and opposition were involved in it together as things are emerging.], while your majority of the society was only and justly concerned about their living, without sufficient food and water. Just make a survey and see how many people among our countrymen actually know what Common Wealth Games is. Who are the people who made the profits? I am sure those who followed the same games can not have been 1/3rd or less of our country's population.

The sad point in India is even when some one from the lowest and downtrodden makes it to the top by virtue of luck or by the people whom they represent sends them with votes in high expectation, they too ignores the very class they belong to and takes the mandate as if it has been given to them as license, for the loot of their own class. It is a depressing and most disgusting sight to see, the very farmers who work hard to feed the world has now become the most vulnerable lot in India. In my opinion they are the ones who are feeling as the most marginalized ones, with no backing from the political parties, who are all making money in their names and are also making laws to make land grabs legal in the name of so called larger interests adding insult to injury. I saw farmers being shot and killed in Maharashtra, where the number of farmer suicides are reported as the highest in India, while the Minister for Agriculture and Food, who too belongs to Maharshtra, is seen busy making ICC rules and is running Cricket organisations, where there seems to be more money than from other forms.

They take our populace as fools and rightly so, because they make mistakes of voting for the same guys in each elections out of sheer lack of knowledge. We also witness the social activists shout hoarse and no body listens to them.

I can only wonder where our world is heading. Is it going to be total destruction or is there some hope left for those unfortunate people around the globe, by way of god’s interventions.

We can depend on god alone.

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