Sunday, October 14, 2007


Having born in Kerala [he Kerala tourism board later named it as the Gods’ own country, perhaps to attract tourists] I have seen and experienced the culture in almost all districts of kerala, the population is split approximately 20 percent each Christian ,Muslims and the rest 60 percent of majority Hindus, along with Jews, Jains, Buddhists Sikhs etc.

The southernmost Indian state has it all seen it all kind of people, who are intelligent hence, carries the burden of being neglected by big Industrial houses mainly due to the so called lien towards Marxism and Communism, who were mainly responsible for the empowerment of the socially backward field laborers who were working and enhancing the vast wealth, for centuries in the fields , for the land owners to get richer and lead life luxuriously at the cost of the labor of the socially backward communities. This inequality was first addressed by the communist govt. {First time in the history of mankind through election] elected in the late fifties. The land owners overnight became the landless almost but for their houses, off course, but for a lull period, due to the surprise element, they all have come up again in life through education and sheer intelligence which was their strong point. That again doesn’t mean others were less intelligent or have not come up in the ladder. Today’s’ Kerala leads highly in Healthcare, Literacy rate, and has now become the most sought after land destination for tourists from all over the world.

The triggering point must have been the boost which the National Geographic Channel gave, by rating it as the one among the top “MUST SEE DESTINATIONS”. The parameters were Scenic beauty, access by all three Modes, Sea, Air and Road. The panoramic beauty of sea beaches coupled with beautiful mountain resorts and sea faring people who can live in house boats and wander about for weeks in the backwaters or the rivers ,while they are treated with the age old and trusted Ayur Vedic Treatment which, as the name suggests has roots in ‘VEDIC periods considered to be at least thousands of years old and source of which is considered rightly divine though, some say, that almost or more than fifty percent have been lost or is now extinct due to our own ignorance and follies. People mistakenly was more attracted to those highly consumerist life styles of the western world, who were actually floundering their vast land, the process of its possession is still debatable as no person with a sound mind and balanced thoughts can do what the Europeans did to the native red Indians and poor negros of Africa, The use of gun powder was the only edge while massacring the red Indians and the animal wild. No system or fair playing man can forgive easily the curse behind accession of wealth or property by way of brutally destroying mother earth and eating up fast and quick the resources without any feel of guilt or remorse. Leave alone the fate of our mother earth by global warming and rising sea waves and levels added with the melting of our snow covered mountains and glaciers the balances of nature are being ignored by our so called developed nations.

I was told the other day that the emission levels by U S alone contribute to more than fifty percent of the total emissions. They still don’t realize the dangers. May god save all of us?
Coming back to Kerala, though not intentional the people revolted against industrialization and big Industries on the one side the villages are still more or less the same and preferred to go out to other places including foreign countries mainly to gulf, where they were building cities with the oil money, Malaya lees working outside kerala are considered among the best by any yardstick.
Their contributions alone have made the state survive all the tough periods. Now our main revenue may come out of tourisms [Health and vacation including the feel of gods own country] the first Christian church in India came up in Kodungallur [ancient name of the capital of Cheraman perumal was Musharis] of St.Thomas who was a direct disciple of Jesus Christ, hence must be at least 2000 years old nearby which, is the oldest Muslim shrine in India. Not leaving behind the most clean and pandas free temples lead by Guruvayoor{Sri Krishna Temple}Mammiyoor Shiva temple Sri Ayyappaa Temple Devi temples at Kodungallur, Chottanikkara,Meenkulathil Bhagavathi Amman, Kadampuzha Devi temple only to name very few among those thousands of temples.

The Western Ghats and Nilgiris protect Kerala from the heat waves of the north while the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal sees that the state is always cool and humid. Adding to these is the number of rivers with water throughout the year, Sea food etc, One can go on and on I wanted all the people to come and experience our rich culture which can be the leading light for the divided world where people are killing people god knows why, there is harmony in diversity at gods own country

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