Friday, March 23, 2012

Thank god there is at least one lady with conscience against Dow Chemicals.

Out of the so called committee consisting of twelve members who in spite of Amnesty International's reservations about a company which has not yet paid for the thousands of lives lost due to their negligence, still chose the same company called Dow Chemicals [The name change was done to fool the public as it was known in the name of Union Carbide then.],as the official sponsor for London Olympics,there was none who questioned the ethics or rationale behind roping in Dow , who was responsible was the worst human made disaster resulting in deaths of more than twenty thousand people and indirectly effected millions since last couple of decades, after the atomic bombs that must have been the worst man made tragedy. This again proves the fact that you can make money by hook or crook and use the same as weopen to cleanse the minds of snobbish elements, now called the elite,who don't care the source of wealth made or the ethics involved or in the righteousness in their process of money making,all they care is their sporting events, while there are millions facing deaths due to lack of food and water. This has no relevance for those people at all.It was a pleasing sight to hear that a Lady resigned from her post from the committee due to her guilty feeling. It is reassuring to see at least one person with conscience in these times of sinners.
The times are very bad for the honest ,open and simple guys or women in all walks of life. Your reaction towards anything and everything not seen as correct according to you will be seen as a stumbling block for others.They will on the other side go to any extend to see their plans or actions are not exposed. We are coming across so many executions or blatant day light murders of simple guys who tried to do their duty honestly. Because those who are rich have all the government machinery in their support,politicians openly or secretly support illegal activities for their coffers and for that they need corrupt and cunning guys ,who manages their financial aspects. We feel so frustrated and sad for the ordinary ones who perish for being righteous in life.The rulers have become so cunning to have their agents in all fields and departments or ministries right from the top to bottom.Those who do not get along with these nefarious activities will have to either turn a blind eye and pretend they did not see or heard the true facts and go on in life as if nothing has happened. The foremost investigating agencies such as CBI is now only another tool along with judiciary, barring a few perhaps, are all in connivance with the rulers looting in all fields.We just saw IPS officers mauled by tractors and another CBI officer in Kerala inquiring a high profile case ending his life leaving a note behind,or perhaps he may have been killed,the possibility can not be ruled out as the ones involved in the cases where very big fishes. Even at home you have no license to talk the truth because your views may not be pleasing for others who would say we are fools not to go along with the times and make money instead at times you become a stranger at home as well, when your near and dear ones would not want to share some news from you, because you being a naive and open type, may blurt out the so called secrets there by, causing discomforts in others' life too. I have become more alone in these crooked world only because I tend to talk straight and honestly about my views in certain or all issues and has been an open book, all my life which is unlike my own spouse, who feels that is simply not acceptable that way as one must keep quite in front of people and pretend differently and naive. It is very hard to do such acts for people like me, who are spontaneous and truthful always adding to my woes is the fact that I am a talkative person and no secrets will ever be kept inside a dark room in my mind, as I simply do not own a dark room in my body as that was the way god created me and now it is too late to make an effort to change because, I am past middle age and is nearing retirement. I am becoming more and more frustrated seeing the fate of the poorest in our country and the fact is that what ever your ideals and principles are, you are after all not even a single pawn in this battle field of today, where the corrupt ones seems to be having their way in almost all instances. God might intervene once in a while and make some corrections but by then huge populations may be wiped off the face on earth.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

India's greatest and most cruel joke of all times.

We have heard so many sardarji jokes of all times, but the latest stays right there on the top. It goes as follows:- India's below poverty house holds have come down drastically by the stroke of a pen and statistics of our greatest Sardarji Mr.Ahluwalia, amply supported by another great King Mr.Manmohan Sing. According to them those who earns above Rs.28/-[Less than half a dollar]per day have increased substantially in Millions of house holds, and they are considered almost at par with the 1%, so called Rich among our world population. The conclusions are they no more needs any governmental support as they are rich already and prior to that, they were all poor because they were then earning less that Rs.28/- per day. I can't imagine any other government prior to UPA2 embarking on such path breaking statistics, by two eminent economists' [I suppose both have been given doctorates by some or other western Universities for their ability as illustrated above, to do away with poverty by just using their calculations] At this rate I won't be surprised if they both are given Nobel prize for eradicating poverty overnight in billions very soon. "What an Idea Sirji." Why no one thought of it before, perhaps due to their lower IQ.