Wednesday, March 21, 2012

India's greatest and most cruel joke of all times.

We have heard so many sardarji jokes of all times, but the latest stays right there on the top. It goes as follows:- India's below poverty house holds have come down drastically by the stroke of a pen and statistics of our greatest Sardarji Mr.Ahluwalia, amply supported by another great King Mr.Manmohan Sing. According to them those who earns above Rs.28/-[Less than half a dollar]per day have increased substantially in Millions of house holds, and they are considered almost at par with the 1%, so called Rich among our world population. The conclusions are they no more needs any governmental support as they are rich already and prior to that, they were all poor because they were then earning less that Rs.28/- per day. I can't imagine any other government prior to UPA2 embarking on such path breaking statistics, by two eminent economists' [I suppose both have been given doctorates by some or other western Universities for their ability as illustrated above, to do away with poverty by just using their calculations] At this rate I won't be surprised if they both are given Nobel prize for eradicating poverty overnight in billions very soon. "What an Idea Sirji." Why no one thought of it before, perhaps due to their lower IQ.

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