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Justice meted late, though was not desirable, but has become inevitable in our great country. We have lost count of the number of cases accumulated over decades still languishing in court files with out an end, even after the defenders and accused are no more alive. I simply can not fathom such degree of ignorance by those who governed for the last six decades after independence. How to make and set the records correct speedily, must be the priority of government. Justice delayed is equal to justice denied.

A simple narrative may explain the reasons for not fast tracking of certain cases but, when the mechanisms put in place for speedy justice for bank and service rendered, and the official apathy towards day to day banking and frauds related to corporate etc., should at least have speedy justice, the purpose behind such mechanisms. Banking Ombudsman for instance has been loaded with cases making the fate of such complaints, never being addressed in time of the effected generation’s life time. This can be the worst scenario as during present times.

At this juncture I wish to question the candidates fighting in elections under different names, purposes, religion based, communal based etc. They should be made accountable for the justice systems in our great country to be able to give fast track judgments, which is absolutely possible with the latest media gadgets along with phone call records and saved proof in the systems around the world. Don’t go on beating around the bush when you are sitting on top of the evidence and give instant judgments.

There again, I am not ruling out manipulations in mass scale, even in our history there is this case related to Karnagi [An incarnation of goddess Durga] According to our history Karnagi was a rich businessman’s only daughter who was brought up as a princess ,born with golden spoon. Unfortunately, her business man father, successful one at that, could not make the right choice for a husband as his son in law. As a result she was married of to a man who was financially broken and went out to sell his wife’s ‘chilenga’ with her consent ,worn by ladies of India according to their wealth position, some with gold and diamond stones inside the leg bangles, to give the dancing rhythm, while others with cheaper metals and unfortunately her husband got caught by the soldiers of the king of Madurai, who promptly took him to the king and seeing the item he was trying to sell off, the queen decided, seeing the worth of the stuff ,that it can only belong to a queen hence, the man was branded a thief and his head was chopped off instantly on the king’s orders.

Karnagi on hearing the word of her loved husband being killed by the king with out a fair trail, was turned in to the most ferocious Goddess Durga at her best and uttered with the sound of a thousand thunder together, the queen to prove in front of the people of their country with proof of belonging of the leg bangles [I am not sure what name the British has given to chilenga]. Her question was what the chilenga was filled in with, if the queen rightly points out the contents inside she is right or else if Karnagi could prove what is inside and if proved right will certainly have the king at her mercy. The queen could not tell what was inside correctly due to the very fact that it did not belong to her, while; Karnaki declared it is full of diamonds of the costliest variety from the country. She threw her other ‘chilenga’ down on the floor in front of the king and stunned people watching in horror the truth, that when it was broken by her throw, diamonds of the highest quality withered around making the king ashamed of his hasty and bloodiest mistake of all times and as a result the people must have revolted against the king and is said to have burned the whole town of Madurai, For Karnaki, her life was changed for ever and never stayed there, she came to Kerala still with anger, and took rest near a river at present day Attukal near Trivandrum capital city of Kerala. Rightly the people of Kerala and Tamilnadu, still believes she was a reincarnation of Goddess Durga , she ultimately came to present day Kodungallur near Trichur in Kerala. Both places are the most visited temples in South India as a testimony for the righteous justice and a symbol of meting out justice to only punish the culprits, while innocent people should not be punished for the crimes committed by other big fishes.

This should be borne in mind when we sit on judgments for different crimes by some crooks in our country.

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India in itself is so huge a mass of different cultured people speaking so many different languages, which has derived from Sankskrit, Urdu, Tamil and so many countless number of tribal languages mostly with script new and old. You have all the cultures and still have managed to unite as a country with the second highest population after China.

After independence in 1947 we have definitely come a long way in so many spheres but for the inequalities of the main states of UP, MP and Bihar as known earlier. We can see the richest or the poorest in all those three states, where unfortunately and deliberately by some made the people beggars while, only very few big guys alone indulging in luxury and politics. Unlike in almost all other Indian states we have seen the emergence of young educated middle class with the best values for life and society as a whole.

Thriving middle class, educated most of all, has to become the majority to be able to check and balance, also identify the wrong doers to punish them by voting them out of power, that exactly is the reason at least some parties are blocking the development by the most horrific goons culture prevailing, so that the people remain passive and dies out eventually.

It is high time that we demand from our elected representatives, while giving oath of office should also be made to sign a document stating his willingness to donate any funds later found to be in his custody or else where, belonging to him other than what actually has been shown while putting the papers in, and the people of India should own all such funds to be identified from different tax havens around the world. This is absolutely possible provided the people become aware of the genuine and committed personalities among our leaders. Left to each states to survive themselves almost all states in India is rich enough to survive alone, but for the above three states which eats up all the excess from the whole country.

It is high time that people react to the communal and regional manipulations to divide our populace among ourselves. Just remember that we have all lived together happily in the past and also can do so in the future only if we come out of our shell named bondage from the land lords. I sincerely hope the media succeeds in showing the culprits just as they are and expose their corrupt ways for the people to judge in the true sense with conscious.

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The Vysya community among Indias businessmen has been and still maintains their business, as close among their communities avoiding all taxes , unlike modern accounting procedures, they have their own style of book keeping in their languages Rajasthani, Gujrati, punjabi just to name few only ,no matter where, they have presence in almost across the continents. Westerners were hit where it hurts most economically, the so called capitalists system is like child’s play for, like the American Jews they challenge and find ways of bypassing the laws ,which ever country, with or without money power alone They demands you to make laws and they will show you how to break those, within days of proclamation .Leave alone for years and you will find yourself in their hands, so cool and calculated these crooks can be you will be left shattered and in spoils before you realize what actually hit you. The classic examples are the cool Mittals, son and father plotted against countries to come out winning in spite of all the mechanisms supposed to be in place in our open market economies. Just imagine their power, for all the countries in Europe together could do nothing but watch in horror, as the duo bought out Steel companies from around the world. The positives from an Indian perspective are getting back to where we must belong as the most intelligent, as any best in the world. Our Marvaries [Rajasthanis] can teach the most cut throat Jews one or two good lessons in just months.

The negative side is that, these guys by becoming so rich can do as much harm as any good for that matter. They are the most venomous creatures on earth. You can invariably find a marvari behind most of the crimes committed by goons or goondas,
They won’t hesitate a bit before killing hundreds, just if in the process their kitty gets bulged. The worst are almost majority in such communities, where ever you look from in India. The fact of the matter is that our laws are made to guard the rich, unlike the common belief that it is there to protect the poor. Having lived almost half a century in different states from the North East to down south and from Ahmedabad to Chennai or Delhi or Mumbai ,Kolkatta,I can authoritively and convincingly prove my point any where in the world with out the help of any lawyer.

My friend, who just retired as a Labour Commissioner, told me that the laws are such that the mill owner who chucks out employees a fine morning, with out any reason can actually succeed easily, because the law favours them only. I can also prove that those very mill owners have stashed away funds to take their dozens of generations, while the employee who spent all his life contributing to the companies’ coffers have nothing left for them but for rare cases where too, the righteous had the conscious to pay compensations to take care of the employee’s life at least. Why are we turning a blind eye towards the fate of the unemployed, while we go on as if nothing can be done?

The truth is that if we have the will to fight back we will be also find out ways of attaining our goals, let it be the sky, we still can make it happen because the god is on our side.

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Monday, March 23, 2009



Firstly, all good beginnings and changes have been preceded by mayhem and utter hopelessness. The present US position as a leader and super power began right after the great recession in the late Thirties to be followed by the involvement in WW II, and the block politics which began right after the war. The Soviet Block in the beginning made strides in space and rocket technology, while the US was not far behind and followed it by a moon walk by human for the first time, though the Soviets were the firsts to enter space.

The race between the communists and capitalist resulted in huge spending on weapons, which itself gave a boost to armor industry, jet planes, rockets and space shuttles and stations. But the worst problem was the leak of nuclear technology from China, Soviet and US private players, who too cashed in on the deadly technology to amass wealth, now the situation is in grave danger with at least a dozen countries having nuclear weapons secretly or publicly. The economic burden of the arms race was the direct reason for the fall of soviet block at first, followed by now US and a number of European countries.

The hard earned funds was utilized for wars and arms , weapons and disastrous technology such as nuclear, hydrogen and so many chemical mass killing gases and so on. Had we been prudent in the utilization of the funds for the right causes of eliminating poverty and sharing the wealth among the poor countries and its people we would not have reached a stage of fear and anxiety for the future.

But as always it is never too late to make corrections, for that we need now is dynamic leaders, who are well entrenched with the present situation and get together in finding solutions for the man kind in, tackling global warming and more importantly the economic disasters, which might follow if we don’t listen to our own conscious and intuitions with an open mind and creative partnerships among the most developed and developing countries, instead of again going on with the wars, which are sheer waste of money and human lives and is not the way forward. We certainly is not in a position to ignore the plight of the vast number of people facing starvation and death, any human being with compassion can not ignore such a plight to almost 1/6 of our total world population of about 6 billion people.

It will be much easier if the world unites in its fight against poverty and deprivation instead of hate politics and hate religions. It was a comforting sight to read the world’s stock of rice is at the highest since 2002 hence, food shortage, unless not diverted for bio fuel, we can manage with out much of a trouble, and wheat position is not known but can not be that bad for the monsoon has been kind this year too, as far as India is concerned.

The correction in the market which was overdue has happened and is now [sunsex index] 8000 to 9000, which was the actual range before all the bulls and bears started their games, to end up back to the normal rating instead of the abnormal high that we saw.

The prices going down instilling a fear of a long term recession, I pray and hope is not true, the prices have only come down to a sane level, from the high abnormal rate of petroleum which went up to almost 150 to 160 dollars a barrel and now corrected itself to about 30 to 40 dollars a barrel, subsequently all the commodity price too has come down to normal level when the price of the petroleum was 30 to 40 dollars. As we all know the petroleum cost has a direct bearing on transportation cost, hence the rise and lessening of the cost according to the fuel prices ,as both has a dynamism between and is linked to each other.

Like wise cost effectiveness in China and India has a direct effect on European and US economy, as they had already off shored their service and day to day manufacturing to these cost effective and cheap labour countries such as India and China. Now reversal can only back fire on their already stressed economies. The dilemma faced by them now is many of their policies now are practically binding and a reversal will only have a bigger side effect on their respective economies. The availability of skilled and cheap labour along with the populace to support any business or manufacturing with competitive price and quality has began to show just as we have witnessed TATAS’ new car Nano, a scientific marvel not thought or tried before. This is the way forward whether the Europeans and Americans likes it or not. is really the fact they can not live without, nor can they challenge due to the simple numbers involved with the generation of employments will happen more and more as things so far very costly will come down drastically. No car maker can dream of selling a car with such quality and pricing any where else in the world.

These are the truths and ignoring it will only harm their economies, instead the time is for reconciliation and revaluation of relations competitiveness and preservation of the brains which flocked to higher paying countries from India, will start to sail back and the price for westerners will be utter loss, while our country can reap the benefit of reverse brain drain.

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Wealth never ceases to exist but only changes hands, this is the truth. All through out the history of mankind we can see that richness always changes hands without any one ever expecting it to go or come as un invited as it may disappear also before we realize it is gone. In normal circumstances it has not stayed for more than 3 generations in a single family.

The ultimate truth is that a person who is miserly will be able to accumulate wealth due to his very nature ,he seldom spends, even for necessities , but saves penny by penny and makes a fortune by living his life as miserly as possible even starving at times to save little by little and it becomes a habit. For such a person the thought of spending money just for having fun is un imaginable and is sheer waste , while for a spend thrift, the fun lies in spending what ever he has, unlike the misers who is all for savings alone.

Under normal circumstances we can observe that a miser’s son or daughter will inevitably become a spendthrift, this very nature is due to the cravings one goes through while witnessing others having all the fun, while you are blocked mentally by your miserly father/mother from spending and always is advised to save and save alone.
Suppressed feelings are like the pressure cooker, when steam is not allowed to escape which itself creates heat and pressure on all sides and if the lid gives away the steam will escape with such furious pressure, which can even move a train, as with steam engines technology. Like wise a person with cravings and desires accumulates the pressure over the years and as and when given a chance, he is bound to free all his suppressed feelings and desires. As a result we can observe that a miser’s son/daughter is bound to spend heavily if given a chance, or after he is survived and becomes independent. This very nature in real makes the third generation becomes beggarly because the miser’s son has spent all the money and normally leaves behind nothing but liabilities, unlike the miser who leaves behind a fortune, for his spendthrifts, who will experience the money gone in no time.

Out of the beggars again a miser will rise up to lead a miserly life again to accumulate wealth. This cycle goes on and on as can be witnessed invariably in majority of cases under study.

That is the very reason for the time cycle of 3 generations for making and losing the wealth. Even the mughal , emperor’s , the decline started exactly by the third generation by the time the graph had started to come down. This is the ultimate truth. So to find a balance, so that you are neither a miser nor a spendthrift is the right way to go, also the right advices to be given to our dear children. Just make sure that you are in the middle and not on the extremes.

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Aiswarya, a girl of 12 years was the most, kind hearted and clever, and always wanted to help out her friends and relatives in all ways as she has been dreaming for years. The most frequent of her dreams always showed the guy called Neelavarnan, the blue coloured boy who kept on propping up in her dreams to get her what ever she wanted and dreamed of, in most of the nights, that exactly was the reason for her to be surprised, because her dream had just come true for there was this blue coloured boy who joined their school one fine morning, and had just walked in to their class room on a Monday morning. Though, his face was so familiar, due to her dreams, she still could not recall the place where they met because he looked so intimately near just like they had known for years, the face in the dream was surprisingly same and hence, she wondered whether it was god who made dreams happen and also in those wild dreams, he was always there besides sitting or playing with her in the dream but unfortunately, she could not recall her dreams and thought perhaps they might have met earlier at some place, and as a result he is looking familiar.

During the first few days they hardly got any chance to talk or get to know each other, but on Friday during games period , they got a chance to play in the same team towards other teams, surprisingly Neelavaran was so athletic and brilliant in any game that you may choose, that they were able to beat any team with ease, that was the time Aiswarya realized that the guy was the one in her dreams playing with her and always winning. This feeling made her realize that god was showing her dreams and the guy as well, was the same as in her dreams. They paired and got all the trophies in most of the games played in their school.

One day it was raining heavily and they had gone on picnic from the school and while playing in the river suddenly a current of water flowing so forcefully took Aiswarya by surprise and she fell in to the river and was drowning, when she felt some one tugging her dress towards safety, though she drank a lot of water, her life was saved by none other than Neelavarnan. From that day onwards they became best friends and without talking they can convey any message by way of just a nod or a sign. Always surprising Aiswarya as and when she is thirsty or hungry she always finds Neela in front with a pot of water or her Tiffin carrier. This understanding between them became an advantage in games and even during exams, when Neela used to remind her lessons most likely to come as questions and always he was proved right. This made Aishu, also having admiration for Neela when years passed, they were un separable and can be seen together in library, Ground, Classroom etc and became close companions. He was so kind and good but never did try to say or mention his family which made Aishu wonder, where he is coming from and where he goes after school hours; though she was curious to know who he is and his background, he never ever mentioned any details of his family. But some how they both know that they are the best friends and can not part with each other. Every time when one has a problem the other will have the solution this went on and they grew up.

There were days when Neela can be so naughty and makes the teachers go mad after him as he was always making fun or just with his pranks he can make the whole class room laugh out aloud with his gimmicks and he became the darling of all the classmates, though he was very close to Aishu they together used to help new students and other weak students again Neela was the clairvoyant one, because he always can tell you which lesson to expect during tests and exams and almost always was right on the bulls eye.

They both approach the weak students to tell them for studying a particular lesson so as to help them get good marks. This went on for about five years and now they are in 12th std. The time was fast approaching to say good bye which they did not want to happen and even thought of getting failed, so that they can be together for another year, but they appeared for the finals and purposefully left some questions un answered, even that was not enough as they had already made good grades during all the other tests, and as a result got through with flying colours. That was the occasion when they decided to go to college together.

He can be quite and can stay behind any teacher without them knowing he is behind, and always makes the students go laughing all out, seeing him dance behind the teachers. There were times when he can climb on any tree with mangoes or other fruits. Walking in the woods was their favorite pass time, they both also used to trek jungles for climbing mountains, for Neela it was as natural as he can climb very fast and effortlessly. He was in fact naturally gifted with all the talents, which made him the greatest.

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Friday, March 20, 2009



As inhabitants who was born and brought up on the sea side of Calicut , our family always relished sea food, which was inevitable and the main dish for daily nourishment and health. Mainly fish caught by our fishermen who goes for fishing early morning to return with fresh catches of lobsters, Tuna, Prawns, along with sardines and a variety of small and big fishes, but as time went by we started to realize the cost of Lobsters, prawns and the most tasty stuff was rising on a daily base before it disappeared from the local markets to be exported for baffling prices, due to the low value of our Rupee added to the dollars’ high value in comparison, Europeans and Americans were paying, to get them all the nice stuff from around the world, we were surely excited of the brightening prospect in the beginning imagining good times for our fishermen, selling to those big exporters who was in the process making huge profits, sparing little for the fisher folks. This contradiction was the bigger shock than the feeling of let down.

As a result of the demand and supply mechanism, Lobsters and a huge quantity of prawns was being exported and was never appearing on the local markets. We ‘bloody Indians’ in their own language; don’t deserve to be served of such items, when their past masters are not getting their hand to it. So it went on eventually making us all forget about the taste of such ‘nutritious’ items gobbled up by the ever hungry guys of the west for whom dinner starts at 5pm to go on till the next morning just before the sun rises again in the process they can have alcohol and big parties every nights, sinning all the way till the morning.

Exceptions may be there like in all communities we find good and bad people Scandinavians and Russians are most cultured followed by Germans, French, and Italians, Spanish they need to have more calories than us due to their extreme weather, so to keep them warm they spend more calories and as a result like in Russia they need alcohol to keep them warm along with heavy and more intake, unlike in our country due to the moderate weather we only need less calories hence, are spending less on alcohol and Non vegetarian food.

The greatest sin and irony is that there are millions of people starving and dying out of hunger and thirst in Africa mainly, and almost all places except for the few exceptions, there are always guys who accumulates wealth ,any thing and every thing from all around the globe and was eating up the reserves with the life style of real barbarians, in comparison with only a handful guys who never ever did indulge in such luxury and open vulgarity in the presence of own children, who will definitely follow their parents. That perhaps explain the real reason behind the Muslims & ultra Hindus of late, hate about the Yankees, who openly indulge in acts not befitting to a true gentleman. They all hate to see western culture of ‘barring and whoring’ [The term used by sailors] and wild parities with drugs and drinks people tend to lose their control and sense to become beasts like.

Human relationships are sacred compassion and love which goes hand in hand with deftness and softness rather than the drunken beasts acts of making love violently and to prove their macho behavior, according to such barbarians is like ‘give the bitch a thorough bashing’ unlike the natural sacredness of love, [desire and liking for the opposite sex ]

And its ultimate expression of coupling companionship and such fruits of passion, giving and taking with the pleasures of love making, between the loving parents are the children and our future. But unfortunately, even a rape also may result in birth, very unfortunate of course, future of such kids is normally a psychological disaster, and will be as violent as the violent beasts. Where do we draw the line is the question. Open partying and drunken lovemaking among total strangers are all momentary pleasure and lasts only for minutes or hours but life lies ahead for the women at the receiving end and men who are selfish for he has nothing much to lose, while the women normally end up bruised and with an emptied feeling, after giving birth, may not be sure as to who the real father is, that’s the trouble of such life styles.

It was not surprising at all when I heard that almost majority of the teenagers in western countries does not know their fathers’ name. That according to me is the clinching evidence that all is not well in the so called developed countries.

Coming back to our original theme of the sudden availability of all those export items, now back in our local markets as my sisters who still lives at Calicut told the other day that fish has now got cheaper and all the catch is now available for our own consumption rather than feeding our past masters as a toast to their success in looting for hundreds of years.

I visited Kovalam recently and was surprised by the number which is still ok, as I found the tables at exclusive places for foreigners was as always filled ,due to their currency conversion fetches them royal life style here in India vs. the amount they have to spill out for the same life styles in their own respective countries. Considering the demand for the green buck still high, the only difference is the currency stability which is slowly tilting towards China and India as was rightly pointed out by Dr.Manmohan Sing the only King of economics among all his contemporaries.

Like the saying goes ‘every dog has his day’. Now is the time for India all over again and rightfully so for there is not a single country in the whole world who can match India when it comes to civilizations and cultural behavior and the most hospitable people among the whole world nations. Have you ever heard in India ‘throw out the British and American bastards’ never, after our independence six decades back, for that is called culture? They have a lot more ground to be covered before they are actually grounded.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009



For those believers it is always easy to explain the world as it exists today, while for the non believers it is tougher to prove otherwise. I am giving below a list of events to prove god exists.

1] The worst money lenders all loses heavily, what ever they have made over decades is now suddenly zero or have lost more than 50 percent of their Assets, in just a few months.[Examples Lehman Bros, AIG, Citi, Bank of America, RBS, ICICI,ABN AMRO ,Stanchart, just to name a few ] All those names means terror and a pound of flesh just similar to deadliest sharks. They all had become so big and started to forget god, while fleecing life out of the poor, out of sheer greed for more and more now, god has saved people while meting out the harshest punishment. We all can recall how at our worst crisis financially, our finance minister then was in fact bullied to open up the market for them. What followed was the most horror filled phase when they made millions and millions out of our countries’ poor and at least some among us also was on their side partnering those very money mongers in looting the public for decades. But now due to god’s intervention at last, there is liberty for the people from the chains or shackles named Cards and loans, offered by those few names I mentioned above. It is almost like you enter the dragon and will never be able to come out.

2] In history all conquerors have at last perished at one time or the other as far as one can go back, we can see that those dominating can not go on forever, as things do come to its logical end by none other than the Almighty’s interference, but some guys have had a brief period of success over dominating and looting from any place in the world, where there has been wealth. And almost on all occasions you can find India has been the ultimate in terms of wealth or the nice and friendly people but for the business communities of Vysyas which includes Rajasthan, Gujarat, South and almost all states has a share of these communities for whom Hinduism had given a profession to excel and help, but the truth now is they have become wounded tigers which turns out to be man eaters. They control almost all business around the globe, but have taken a heavy beating now. They have no ethics what so ever, money is all that matters, human relations compassion and sympathy are words unknown to them. They are best in business no matter how you make rules or taxes or regulations all can be flouted by money power alone.If that does not help they are willing to kill for money. I knew several cases where in, though, they may own thousands of acres of plantations; the term used to own huge quantity of land in their names and own several luxury items such as Mercedes jets etc, still pays tax which may not be enough to feed their dogs at home. Their closed community culture does not allow outsiders to grow parallel as they do the whole transactions in black by slips which are torn after the goods reaches destination that way they avoid sales tax, income tax sleuths will give you the ideas of book keeping to cover up huge stashing offs .Tax compliance is the worst in our country with these Vysyas knowing exactly how to avoid our government tax net by registering else where or splitting and so many other channels of business among them , the government is a mute spectator, Tax raids samples are done once in a decade due to political power changes as a way of getting even with their political adversaries. Most raids are stage managed with prior information’s due to the corruption levels in all areas of work and business. But in spite of all the power they still fell with the largest thud on earth. God could not have been more caring with mercy for the poor.

3] The fear for the unknown when one commits sin one by one, in it self can be horror for the guys who commits sin during a life time has to clear the slate, before he can expect forgiveness from the lord as god can make you live and still cry for death for living itself becomes so horrible that, they will wish and pray for death the only escape from the ravages of one’s Karmic results. The Pakistan occupied Kashmir the epic centre of terrorism till recently , with full fledged training camps run by fanatic mullahs took the harshest beating when a devastating earth quake left thousands killed very unfortunately including some innocent lives.

4] The Chinese suppressing the poor people of Tibet for decades even trying in the process to destroy their ancient culture too were punished on the eve of Olympics with another devastating earth quake.

5] All grand warriors, the so called heroes, like Napoleon and Hitler all perished to the harshest winter, again most severe punishment for their grand ambitions of owning vast lands.

6] The British who were the masters of the world were turned to rubble and was bombed to stone age in a few years god was paying back heavily for their acts of slavery, and amassing of wealth by using guns from all around the world, suddenly found themselves with most liabilities and has never actually did rise up after the 2nd world war.

7] The Americans who thought they are the richest and mightiest has now become the country of broke and heart broken with only liabilities left. What they did to humanity, towards Red Indians,African slaves, Japanese, Vietnamese ,Iraqis, Afgan people,no sane man would have done all that ,what ever be the profit or loss.

8] Titanic owner declared on the eve of its first voyage that the ship he built was the biggest and unsinkable even if god wants it so. Titanic was drowned on its very first voyage, along with thousands of the era's snobs of the highest degree too going down, unfortunately some innocent also perished sadly.

The above facts are only the tip of an ice berg and I have seen hundreds and hundreds of greedy money lenders going bust in just few months. Our nationalized banks were not affected due to the very fact that unlike those new generation banks,who caters only to the rich, our nationalized banks were also catering to the poorest farmers which in itself will have god on its side for sure. Those who were catering to the needs of the poorest will be the beneficiary in the book of ledger with the almighty, who keeps record perfectly intact, of each person and his sins and good deeds.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009



Addressing job security in private sector is the most important issue mainly due to the reluctance of our weathered entrepreneurs; some at least, have forgotten the ‘DHARMA” of ensuring a livelihood for its employees in troubled or in good times equally well. What happens to all those corporate insurance, mass policies supposed to have been taken along with ESI? Or if it was not done then what are the measures Labour Department can take against the offending entrepreneurs who has made millions over a period of decades and now instead of ensuring the functioning of their units, viable or not for a brief period can not be held against those unfortunate employees, who suddenly see that they lose their job, not for their faults but for the corruption of the CEOs and the higher Guys who are actually responsible for the mayhem. They are not willing to share their stashed off funds with the millions effected directly. Those guys who ditch their companies' workers on the road and if ever is witnessed as having a luxurious life will not be able to live during nights for there will be so many who died and those left alive ,curse you and your following generations.

Tax havens are a crime towards humanity. This reason being the truth and the true believers would wish to see that the corrupt fall like a heap of cards, while the innocent people are rescued by at times, divine interventions alone. This truth itself must be enough for the real sinners, who are those with ill gotten money at the cost of humanity no matter where and who, the fact remains the simplest truth. We are not being strong willed to make amendments in parliament as such funds will be directly owned by the Government of India alone and no one else for the funds of the people of Indian origin kept in tax havens as and when notified.

Make available funds to those companies, with more than ten workers, should be at least covered in the beginning to reschedule their repayments till such period they get their jobs back, as a flexible option of repayments so as to make it easier and more stress free during the off seasons. The bankers on the other side reaps the benefit during cycles of may be decades, when economy and markets gets rewinded for good times.

Also the ideas of having longer term relationship with their customers say for generations will again give the bankers good times to recover the advanced amount for aging customers who may be benefited while down and without employments. India with the benefit of covering its entire population through chain banking to each and every corner across the country from Nagaland ,Kanyakumari ,Kashmir to Chennai. Only an institution like the Government of India, can ensure fair banking to uplift their countries’poor while,staking the claims of our right to stashed away funds as well.

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Life has never disappointed me in terms of surprises thrown at me different ways and at different stages. To begin with my childhood like most other children of my age I too was, normal in terms of life in countryside with sea beaches to roll over waves and sand also to swim but never far as I was scared of depths. Rivers, mountains, jungles streams and small water falls cycling around in our remote villages in the outskirts of Palakkad a small town and Calicut a bigger town where I belonged. I have our family treasures, written records for as long as Thirteen generations followed respectively from 3 generations who were Generals to the ruler, [Vettathil Raja,the King of Land named Vettathil in Malabar,Kerala.]warriors of the highest degree, followed by Seven generations of Adhikaris from among our family the best of Chekavers’ the Kalari experts [Martial art form and the origin and father of all martial arts] and most men with courage started the Squad under Calicut Samuri Raja named ‘Chaver pada’ meaning suicide squads, who goes down fighting and dies instead of a retreat of any type. The Mantra was ‘WIN OR DEATH’ King of all martial arts is now proved to be ‘Kalari Payattu’ which has its origin only in Kerala.

Kungfu and Karate has its basics from Kalaripayattu, the reason why even today they mention ‘samurai’{earstwhile Samoothiri Kingdom of Calicut ,where Vasco da gama was allowed to do business with locals taking pepper[black gold those days]and spices to UK and Europe , during British rule the last Adhikari, my paternal grandmothers’ father abdicated the power and joined British government to become the first modern time District Educational Officer/Inspector , heralding opening of schools and colleges in Malabar area other than that of Christian Institutions prevalent during those era. The Government gave a boost to public education by opening a number of Schools and Colleges. Even to the present generation, the family owns School which is still functioning at Tanur [Family Name Mangalathil] The army general of Vettathil Raja [A small kingdom in present Malabar] was then the most powerful and the King himself, were at their mercy as the army general. The Cadres obey the General’s orders even if it means certain death. But the most important factor recorded was their sympathy and generosity and the utmost fairness and sense of justice which is engraved in each generation by the outgoing generation.

The facts may be verified from the works of a great Scholar and one of the best ten Anthropologist alive today Dr.P.R.G.Mathur, who has done research on the family going backwards for about 13 to 14 generations ,with recorded history, of the family was his main thesis of the subject. If I were to challenge the world with such a royal history, with no mention of cruelty or ambitions for a greater country, as they were content with what they had and in real started to give away land to those land less, willing to work hard. then British’ will look like barbarians of the highest degree, William the Conqueror and his line of generations is supposed to be the longest, as per their version, but in real has not qualified themselves to say they were superior in any way but for crookedness and back stabbing. There is no body in this world more qualified to contest the genuinely recorded history going back almost a thousand years of recorded history.
Though, the subject is so vast and needs thorough planning and years of work and research, added to inputs from my present elders who are still alive, and might be able to give me more records and land records in possession, though much has been lost
Along with the vast land owned, which was left and the Christians,homeless and landless came and started their life cultivating in our land, hence, my forefathers thought it apt to let them keep the land as they were working hard unlike, our people though, were warriors, never attempted agriculture but for ownership /hence the power to collect taxes etc. The vast landscapes with hills as nature would have it, remained so for hundreds of years before actually the Christians came and took possession with out any protest from our ancestors due to their inability to keep owning vast land. We are now proud that those who worked hard in those lands prospered to become small landlords and thereby contribute to the upcoming of their children due to education, which they could afford as a result of the land provided by our family.
[Please provide thoughts and facts as inputs to enable me complete this in a nutshell for all our future generations.]

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Thursday, March 5, 2009



March 2009 has been declared as international month for women and in this occasion I wanted to convey my thoughts on the subject, a few examples of our apathy towards our own women folks. Especially in the backdrop of Taliban denying women educaton.

Men have been more selfish and brutal throughout the history of mankind. To prove my point home, here are some tips I learned from Grameen Foundation sites.
Women own only 1% of the total wealth or our world’s total assets. They work day and night completing 2/3 of the world’s working hours, for which they earn only a meager 10% of world’s income. These are the uncomfortable truths to prove, how we have been treating our women who are mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.

Apart from these hard facts are the other negative sides of our society torturing them for all the problems faced by us? Firstly a man can have any number of mistresses which is considered macho while, if a women on the other side will be blamed if ever, she looks at anyone else other than her husband. Due to the physical strength men can torture and suppress the women even when she is right. If the husband is a drunkard then the torment a woman goes through is horrible and depressing. What is the use of claims of civilization, if we are seen not fair to our own fairer sex? Hinduism with claims of the most civilized and cultural heritage also did treat women most unforgiving and without any reasoning, and among cruel acts was the fact of ‘SATI’ [Past practice of wives ending their life when husband dies by jumping in to the funeral pyre], had it not been for the British, we still would have been continuing with such cruel and saddest ending of life, as per existing laws worst criminal act, which punishes a women only because she was born as a women.

Women folks were subject to worst living conditions irrespective of the religion, country or race. The standard of living has never improved for women even after centuries and the above statistics being the latest, we can very well imagine what preceded the present scenario which itself is grossly unfair. Men is ego personified and don’t seem to be making things improve, unless we put in place strict laws of equality in all spheres. Even then it may take generations to correct the injustices and irregularities if you are women.

I hope and pray for the well being of our women folks, the greatest contributors when it comes to family and bringing up children, cooking food, cleaning house, utensils, washing and all other never ending day to day chorus. On top of it all, if the guy is a drunkard then she has only god to help her from all the bodily harm and torture she has to go through all her life. As a husband and father I have always felt guilty, when I notice my wife getting up early morning at 5AM to start cooking for breakfast and lunch before, waking us up with steaming hot tea followed by breakfast, immediately afterwards she has to rush to her work, as she too is employed and contributes meaningfully towards the monthly bills to be paid. Though, we take these entire choruses for granted from the women of the house we seldom thinks of the enormous workload of wives in comparison to that of men in spite of the strength and physic, where women are soft and nice in comparison to men who are raw and rough.

I have no shame in admitting that we are thankless and biased, it is high time that there are laws enough to protect and preserve our women. I am with the women of the world in their fight for their well deserving rights towards equality and better treatment and strongly advocate for strict laws. Though people don’t realize, the fact remains in India, we have been ignoring female infanticide and the reducing ratio of women against men.

Those who abort girl child are the ones who will definitely suffer in their old age as daughters takes good care of their aged parents, while their son will most probably go out with his wife ignoring their parents, seen very commonly at present. People during their old age are seen more comfortable with their daughters than their daughter in laws.

The time is for drastic steps or humanity will perish. My demand is to make all laws governing us to be made in to equal ratio, be it for education, employment or even politics. Women are more sensitive towards life and we can expect better justice from a woman than a man. I for one would be the happiest man, if Sonia Gandhi or any other deserving women is made our prime minister. My vote is for the women of the world.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009



Apart from the planets which are comparatively nearer to earth may be in hundred thousands of kilometers away from our planet earth. But sun is again much far away in millions of kilometers but we can feet the heat here in our dear earth to such extremes that people die of sun strokes and over exposure in the summer in most part of desert countries, to name a few the middle east and north African countries and so many other desert like landscapes all around the world. Life is unbearable during summer as the heat level is increasing year after year due to razing down of green cover, and worlds most life preserving forests is disappearing in such frantic phase that human beings are at lose to find ways and means of checking this abnormal situation.

But in my view nature has a balancing circle of climate changes to take care of any difference in the atmosphere and the natural balancing acts takes place such as heavy and abnormal rains for months may result in cooling the earth, which precedes warming and engulf of fire and heat, which again makes the earth take corrective measures such as heavy cloud formation due to increased water evaporations a direct result of acute global warming. My point here is that humanity and our measures have gone perhaps beyond control for the Mother Nature herself to take the corrective measures.

Our clues to the beginning of universe saying about the big bang and the contractions followed by revulsions all sound simple, but can not be scientifically explained as of now. The fact of the distance of the trillions of stars visible to the naked eye is of the period millions of years ago and the present location can not be calculated thoroughly unless we are able to travel, our telescopes, more than the speed of the light reaching us traveling at the speed of light rays or light years as it is mentioned. The star we see now may be billions of miles away in real live situation ,because we are seeing the image left millions of years ago to reach the earth by traveling at light speed and still makes it millions of years , do imagine the distance of such stars from earth and the volume of our universe which includes all the constellations black holes so huge, invisible to our sight because light does not escape from the gravitational pull of the black hole that the light which enters inside will never find a way out to reflect on our eyes or sight. The fact is we still don’t have the technology enough to monitor any of the stars from close quarters so as to know what exactly is going on and the volume and measurement of cycles followed by nature as a whole and the very existence of people like us thinking and living all our lives and still does not get many answers to our mother earth itself, is mind boggling and belittle our guys who declares they have it all.

To get at least a vague idea our Sanskrit scriptures provides more light in to the subject than any other culture any where in the history of mankind. Moderns Astrology is nothing but the duplicate clone of our enormous insight in to the subject called universe, study of cosmology, astrology and astronomy was prime quality only in Sanskrit ,as has been proved over thousands of years,when the western world denied the very shape of the earth till modern times and even killed a guy who suggested the world is like a globe.

They could not clearly fathom the extent of intelligence and mathematical ability of our scriptures which are genuinely scientific to the core. I saw in Hindu News paper {some guy named Hassan or so] that our modern culture is only about 3000 years old, Rubbish thought without any substance, for he has pointed to lack of evidence to prove cultivation and agriculture land existed before such time, according to him existence before that period of 3000 years, is being suggested as stone age. We can only say he is negligent and only a product of limited knowledge. We have evidence to prove even about metallurgy, the process of making metals such as gold, silver etc for Ramayana, Mahabharata, enlightens the jewels and glitter of metal times Sri Krishna lived during Dwapara Yuga, the number of years in each Yuga has been dealt by me in my earlier blog ‘solitairebala’ in Google, under the title of Brief history of Mankind as per Sanskrit.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009



The time is turning out to be most horrific with guns and heavy artillery becoming child’s play toys, available openly in quite a few countries like children’s toys. If a guy has a gun and with the number of neurotics out numbering sane guys all around the world you may get shot any where any time add to that, the mines and bombs, spread almost 1/6 of the land area, may be more, the most tragedy is that for an insane neurotic who needs treatment for mental imbalances are normally very intelligent and can cover up or mask their original self, on most occasions to most of the people, unsuspecting as they can act and behave impeccably there by, fooling the world. But in reality such characters are mostly cowards and with the most unsecured feelings or mental depression which also can activate a criminal who manages otherwise to act and behave normally, while the inner mind are poisoned with hatred for fellow human beings.

If one dwells deeper in to the psyche of terrorists. Most cases are drop outs with intelligence but bad temperament. Runaway, teenagers, without any knowledge of what they are doing, with least exposure or education as most of the cadre consists of teenage petty criminals who can be lured by any to convert them to be the worst criminals without knowing what is right and what is wrong hence the consequences. Once inside they are doomed and will not find a way out even if they change their minds, those fanatics who brainwash and make them even die for their so called liberation is in real satanic deeds. The job of their preachers becomes easier when they point out the destruction of their land and people by heavy bombardment done by US earlier by USSR, the communists non believers, but the fact is Russia too is full of believers majority are Christians. For a child it is enough to be convinced that they are on the side of god fighting the evil called Uncle Sam. They can be very easily brainwashed under such war atmosphere, while growing from a child to a young boy or girl, the trouble in the family between parents can have a huge impact on shaping the personality of young children. If we keep our petty quarrels not in the presence of the child can do wonderful result, in bringing up a disciplined and well mannered youngster. They have to be respected for us to expect their respect first.

The broken families or the sadists punishment meted out during childhood also may affect the young minds for ever. I saw that the boy hero of film ‘slumdog millioner’ was slapped by his father when the boy out of hunger and tiredness refused to meet the scribes. Though the boy was made to apologize and brush aside the fact of the slap, as for being naughty.
I am convinced enough to say that such punishment is not the way to bring up your children happy and independent. I certainly would have denied access of the media to my child, if and when he/she is seemingly not ready or prepared to face never ending media glare at such a tender age. The poverty in the house may have been the reason for the excited father, who wanted to take maximum mileage out of the success of his boy.

Children mostly are very reasonable if you have the patience to explain the reason, but without explaining the reality, if you punish the boy/girl by meting out bodily harm leaves them confused and left wondering where they went wrong. The idea of strictness and discipline is of course important but my suggestion is the way of dealing with them best is by giving practical advice and leave the decision making to them from their younger days itself. Parents can and must be firm at times but never ever harm a child by inflicting pain, which may have devastating effect on the psychology of the growing child.

The life of a person has become a gamble these days with majority falling unexpectedly by those mad and mentally sick guys who are terrorists. They need counseling and long term treatment to become a normal person. The age old practice of revenge is not the answer. Compassion, love and forgiveness are the virtues which only can help human beings survive. The American idea of killing 5 or 10 from the other side for each individual American killed, is utterly foolish as they keep doing it for the sake of number game but, the perishables mostly are very poor innocent people, those children left behind orphans are surely going to get revenge or die in the process. If and when a guy decides to get revenge even at the cost of his life turns out to be the most deadly terrorists for they will want to end it all if it is the end for them. We need noble and great statesmen to make a real difference to the situation by bringing all those warring factions under one umbrella and then try for a negotiated peace deal. We should not be thinking it as weakness if we try initiatives from any quarters in finding a just full and peaceful co existence. Let us all try for peace, UN more than any other organization can help in at least resolving the differences and cultural space and independence for all humanity who can be one and united and sharing fortunes and liabilities as one.

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Monday, March 2, 2009


CATS vs DOGS.[ Dedicated to my daughter Aishwarya,nephew Sagar,neices Lakshmi,Gitika,Gayatri,Dhanya & lavanya]

Dogs are the best friend one can have, no matter how you treat them; they will still be loyal as ever to you. Which ever journey you may choose the best companion one can have is certainly a dog. He can smell trouble kilometers away, and they normally find back way home without much effort or ado. A barking dog may not be as powerful as a tiger or a lion is but, they still can match them, when it comes to sheer mental power and guts, if properly trained as a hunter or a protector for children or even adults.

Cats on the other side belongs to an entirely different species called the cat family, lion being the leader followed by tigers, panthers, leopards etc. their built in power is like a spring coiled, also gutsy when the going gets tougher. I have seen few days old kitten attacking a fully grown dog when chased and was trying to attack the dogs’ eyes, and surprisingly the dog retreated and went the other way avoiding a direct confrontation. When the cats are grown up, they are rarely caught by a dog, due to their agility and the spring like jumps.

We can observe cats moving around freely, while the dogs normally are caged or chained. Though dogs bark at the cats ferociously, they on the other side treat dogs with contempt and can be seen doing gimmicks like, lazy wag of the tail or a lick on his own weathered feather, while yawning and eying the dog as if to challenge ‘CATCH ME IF YOU CAN’ from the top of a wall or the roof of a building or even on top of a tree. They also walk in front of dogs as if to irritate them more by going around the place normally under the area of surveillance of dogs in their respective homes. As a matter of international rule cats are never ever tied or can ever be seen chained, they are normally very independent minded and lives the nights and gets small naps during day time, but for the time when a dog starts barking or a bird gets on with their melody from the trees, these are the most irritating sounds, for cats taking a nap during day time. Rats are their eternal enemy, and the forefathers of cats vowed to see that rats are extinct one day so that they can start to sleep during nights without a thought in the world. Unfortunately the rats too have increased their population despite the cat warriors on duty 24/7 throughout
The year

If you think cats and dogs don’t have thoughts then you are terribly mistaken, for their thoughts surrounds the men of the house who have become stingy and is not seen buying fish or non vegetarian stuff more frequently ,now the times have come when they get their delicious fish smell only once or twice during a month. The Leaders have strongly made their protest known and have even given notice to all those human beings who are ignoring the cats’ rights.

The agenda during the last cats meeting held in Chicago was as follows:-

Make fish a compulsory dish for daily intake.

Make comfortable and warm beds for cats inside the house.

Make cats accompany guys around instead of chained dogs ‘but no chains or belts allowed’.
Friendships forged during adolescent with dogs are at the sole discretions of the cat, under no circumstances it should be construed, as a matter of right of the dog.
Leave the dogs away and out side the purview of cats’ areas and dogs should strictly adhere by the rules governing cats and dogs. Cats should be accommodated inside a house, while dogs should be kept away from the house, as far as possible, but exceptions on rare occasions, when the dogs are too small may be considered, on meritorious cases to be taken up during General body meetings, other wise all the dogs should be kept chained out side the gates if possible.

The entire area of operation should be kept in dark as early as possible, late sitting by men with the lights switched on is hindering their duty hence, to be switched off as early as 6pm itself. Exceptions, if any, may be allowed on conditions to be stipulated every once in a year. The rats and mice caught are entirely the property of the responsible cat and under no circumstances will they relax on the said rule.

Some cats belonging to European, US and Canada has strongly objected the winter cold and the man made atmospheric warmness, which is taking a toll on the health conditions of Cats and they have very strongly advised foolish mankind to reverse the effects of global warming or else they will be going on mass strike, enabling rats and mouse to pile up on the garbage and ‘plague will be the result’ warned their president from Chicago.

They are also very much concerned of their infantile mortality rate ‘which has been alarmingly rising in the last few decades’ due to the ignorance of foolish people around the globe’ quoted their spokes cat.

However, the only comforting news for humanity has come from the Cats association, as they have agreed to relax some of the above rules due to the severe recession faced by mankind, and the liquidity crunch as a direct result of the foolish men and their plan less approach, unlike cats who plans the traps for rats meticulously and their patience can be emulated by the ultimate fools called human beings. They have also formed a committee to look urgently in to the causes of recession and inform their counterparts among humans, as a solidarity measure, provided the dogs are kept in check by human beings around the world. During their closing ceremony they also reminded their other senior family members such as lions, tigers, leopards and panthers to join together against the fight against dogs and men.


‘cat attacks the dog’

‘how dare you come near’
says the

guys your place is out
see you bye.. bye…