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Life has never disappointed me in terms of surprises thrown at me different ways and at different stages. To begin with my childhood like most other children of my age I too was, normal in terms of life in countryside with sea beaches to roll over waves and sand also to swim but never far as I was scared of depths. Rivers, mountains, jungles streams and small water falls cycling around in our remote villages in the outskirts of Palakkad a small town and Calicut a bigger town where I belonged. I have our family treasures, written records for as long as Thirteen generations followed respectively from 3 generations who were Generals to the ruler, [Vettathil Raja,the King of Land named Vettathil in Malabar,Kerala.]warriors of the highest degree, followed by Seven generations of Adhikaris from among our family the best of Chekavers’ the Kalari experts [Martial art form and the origin and father of all martial arts] and most men with courage started the Squad under Calicut Samuri Raja named ‘Chaver pada’ meaning suicide squads, who goes down fighting and dies instead of a retreat of any type. The Mantra was ‘WIN OR DEATH’ King of all martial arts is now proved to be ‘Kalari Payattu’ which has its origin only in Kerala.

Kungfu and Karate has its basics from Kalaripayattu, the reason why even today they mention ‘samurai’{earstwhile Samoothiri Kingdom of Calicut ,where Vasco da gama was allowed to do business with locals taking pepper[black gold those days]and spices to UK and Europe , during British rule the last Adhikari, my paternal grandmothers’ father abdicated the power and joined British government to become the first modern time District Educational Officer/Inspector , heralding opening of schools and colleges in Malabar area other than that of Christian Institutions prevalent during those era. The Government gave a boost to public education by opening a number of Schools and Colleges. Even to the present generation, the family owns School which is still functioning at Tanur [Family Name Mangalathil] The army general of Vettathil Raja [A small kingdom in present Malabar] was then the most powerful and the King himself, were at their mercy as the army general. The Cadres obey the General’s orders even if it means certain death. But the most important factor recorded was their sympathy and generosity and the utmost fairness and sense of justice which is engraved in each generation by the outgoing generation.

The facts may be verified from the works of a great Scholar and one of the best ten Anthropologist alive today Dr.P.R.G.Mathur, who has done research on the family going backwards for about 13 to 14 generations ,with recorded history, of the family was his main thesis of the subject. If I were to challenge the world with such a royal history, with no mention of cruelty or ambitions for a greater country, as they were content with what they had and in real started to give away land to those land less, willing to work hard. then British’ will look like barbarians of the highest degree, William the Conqueror and his line of generations is supposed to be the longest, as per their version, but in real has not qualified themselves to say they were superior in any way but for crookedness and back stabbing. There is no body in this world more qualified to contest the genuinely recorded history going back almost a thousand years of recorded history.
Though, the subject is so vast and needs thorough planning and years of work and research, added to inputs from my present elders who are still alive, and might be able to give me more records and land records in possession, though much has been lost
Along with the vast land owned, which was left and the Christians,homeless and landless came and started their life cultivating in our land, hence, my forefathers thought it apt to let them keep the land as they were working hard unlike, our people though, were warriors, never attempted agriculture but for ownership /hence the power to collect taxes etc. The vast landscapes with hills as nature would have it, remained so for hundreds of years before actually the Christians came and took possession with out any protest from our ancestors due to their inability to keep owning vast land. We are now proud that those who worked hard in those lands prospered to become small landlords and thereby contribute to the upcoming of their children due to education, which they could afford as a result of the land provided by our family.
[Please provide thoughts and facts as inputs to enable me complete this in a nutshell for all our future generations.]

Compiled by Balakrishnan Mechakkat for more visit ‘solitairebala’ in Google Blogger.

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