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The Vysya community among Indias businessmen has been and still maintains their business, as close among their communities avoiding all taxes , unlike modern accounting procedures, they have their own style of book keeping in their languages Rajasthani, Gujrati, punjabi just to name few only ,no matter where, they have presence in almost across the continents. Westerners were hit where it hurts most economically, the so called capitalists system is like child’s play for, like the American Jews they challenge and find ways of bypassing the laws ,which ever country, with or without money power alone They demands you to make laws and they will show you how to break those, within days of proclamation .Leave alone for years and you will find yourself in their hands, so cool and calculated these crooks can be you will be left shattered and in spoils before you realize what actually hit you. The classic examples are the cool Mittals, son and father plotted against countries to come out winning in spite of all the mechanisms supposed to be in place in our open market economies. Just imagine their power, for all the countries in Europe together could do nothing but watch in horror, as the duo bought out Steel companies from around the world. The positives from an Indian perspective are getting back to where we must belong as the most intelligent, as any best in the world. Our Marvaries [Rajasthanis] can teach the most cut throat Jews one or two good lessons in just months.

The negative side is that, these guys by becoming so rich can do as much harm as any good for that matter. They are the most venomous creatures on earth. You can invariably find a marvari behind most of the crimes committed by goons or goondas,
They won’t hesitate a bit before killing hundreds, just if in the process their kitty gets bulged. The worst are almost majority in such communities, where ever you look from in India. The fact of the matter is that our laws are made to guard the rich, unlike the common belief that it is there to protect the poor. Having lived almost half a century in different states from the North East to down south and from Ahmedabad to Chennai or Delhi or Mumbai ,Kolkatta,I can authoritively and convincingly prove my point any where in the world with out the help of any lawyer.

My friend, who just retired as a Labour Commissioner, told me that the laws are such that the mill owner who chucks out employees a fine morning, with out any reason can actually succeed easily, because the law favours them only. I can also prove that those very mill owners have stashed away funds to take their dozens of generations, while the employee who spent all his life contributing to the companies’ coffers have nothing left for them but for rare cases where too, the righteous had the conscious to pay compensations to take care of the employee’s life at least. Why are we turning a blind eye towards the fate of the unemployed, while we go on as if nothing can be done?

The truth is that if we have the will to fight back we will be also find out ways of attaining our goals, let it be the sky, we still can make it happen because the god is on our side.

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