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Aiswarya, a girl of 12 years was the most, kind hearted and clever, and always wanted to help out her friends and relatives in all ways as she has been dreaming for years. The most frequent of her dreams always showed the guy called Neelavarnan, the blue coloured boy who kept on propping up in her dreams to get her what ever she wanted and dreamed of, in most of the nights, that exactly was the reason for her to be surprised, because her dream had just come true for there was this blue coloured boy who joined their school one fine morning, and had just walked in to their class room on a Monday morning. Though, his face was so familiar, due to her dreams, she still could not recall the place where they met because he looked so intimately near just like they had known for years, the face in the dream was surprisingly same and hence, she wondered whether it was god who made dreams happen and also in those wild dreams, he was always there besides sitting or playing with her in the dream but unfortunately, she could not recall her dreams and thought perhaps they might have met earlier at some place, and as a result he is looking familiar.

During the first few days they hardly got any chance to talk or get to know each other, but on Friday during games period , they got a chance to play in the same team towards other teams, surprisingly Neelavaran was so athletic and brilliant in any game that you may choose, that they were able to beat any team with ease, that was the time Aiswarya realized that the guy was the one in her dreams playing with her and always winning. This feeling made her realize that god was showing her dreams and the guy as well, was the same as in her dreams. They paired and got all the trophies in most of the games played in their school.

One day it was raining heavily and they had gone on picnic from the school and while playing in the river suddenly a current of water flowing so forcefully took Aiswarya by surprise and she fell in to the river and was drowning, when she felt some one tugging her dress towards safety, though she drank a lot of water, her life was saved by none other than Neelavarnan. From that day onwards they became best friends and without talking they can convey any message by way of just a nod or a sign. Always surprising Aiswarya as and when she is thirsty or hungry she always finds Neela in front with a pot of water or her Tiffin carrier. This understanding between them became an advantage in games and even during exams, when Neela used to remind her lessons most likely to come as questions and always he was proved right. This made Aishu, also having admiration for Neela when years passed, they were un separable and can be seen together in library, Ground, Classroom etc and became close companions. He was so kind and good but never did try to say or mention his family which made Aishu wonder, where he is coming from and where he goes after school hours; though she was curious to know who he is and his background, he never ever mentioned any details of his family. But some how they both know that they are the best friends and can not part with each other. Every time when one has a problem the other will have the solution this went on and they grew up.

There were days when Neela can be so naughty and makes the teachers go mad after him as he was always making fun or just with his pranks he can make the whole class room laugh out aloud with his gimmicks and he became the darling of all the classmates, though he was very close to Aishu they together used to help new students and other weak students again Neela was the clairvoyant one, because he always can tell you which lesson to expect during tests and exams and almost always was right on the bulls eye.

They both approach the weak students to tell them for studying a particular lesson so as to help them get good marks. This went on for about five years and now they are in 12th std. The time was fast approaching to say good bye which they did not want to happen and even thought of getting failed, so that they can be together for another year, but they appeared for the finals and purposefully left some questions un answered, even that was not enough as they had already made good grades during all the other tests, and as a result got through with flying colours. That was the occasion when they decided to go to college together.

He can be quite and can stay behind any teacher without them knowing he is behind, and always makes the students go laughing all out, seeing him dance behind the teachers. There were times when he can climb on any tree with mangoes or other fruits. Walking in the woods was their favorite pass time, they both also used to trek jungles for climbing mountains, for Neela it was as natural as he can climb very fast and effortlessly. He was in fact naturally gifted with all the talents, which made him the greatest.

Dreams and life of Neelavarnan, by Balakrishnan Mechakkat, for more visit ‘solitairebala’ in Google. Res Phone .91 0422 2310637

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