Wednesday, March 11, 2009



Addressing job security in private sector is the most important issue mainly due to the reluctance of our weathered entrepreneurs; some at least, have forgotten the ‘DHARMA” of ensuring a livelihood for its employees in troubled or in good times equally well. What happens to all those corporate insurance, mass policies supposed to have been taken along with ESI? Or if it was not done then what are the measures Labour Department can take against the offending entrepreneurs who has made millions over a period of decades and now instead of ensuring the functioning of their units, viable or not for a brief period can not be held against those unfortunate employees, who suddenly see that they lose their job, not for their faults but for the corruption of the CEOs and the higher Guys who are actually responsible for the mayhem. They are not willing to share their stashed off funds with the millions effected directly. Those guys who ditch their companies' workers on the road and if ever is witnessed as having a luxurious life will not be able to live during nights for there will be so many who died and those left alive ,curse you and your following generations.

Tax havens are a crime towards humanity. This reason being the truth and the true believers would wish to see that the corrupt fall like a heap of cards, while the innocent people are rescued by at times, divine interventions alone. This truth itself must be enough for the real sinners, who are those with ill gotten money at the cost of humanity no matter where and who, the fact remains the simplest truth. We are not being strong willed to make amendments in parliament as such funds will be directly owned by the Government of India alone and no one else for the funds of the people of Indian origin kept in tax havens as and when notified.

Make available funds to those companies, with more than ten workers, should be at least covered in the beginning to reschedule their repayments till such period they get their jobs back, as a flexible option of repayments so as to make it easier and more stress free during the off seasons. The bankers on the other side reaps the benefit during cycles of may be decades, when economy and markets gets rewinded for good times.

Also the ideas of having longer term relationship with their customers say for generations will again give the bankers good times to recover the advanced amount for aging customers who may be benefited while down and without employments. India with the benefit of covering its entire population through chain banking to each and every corner across the country from Nagaland ,Kanyakumari ,Kashmir to Chennai. Only an institution like the Government of India, can ensure fair banking to uplift their countries’poor while,staking the claims of our right to stashed away funds as well.

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