Tuesday, March 31, 2009



Justice meted late, though was not desirable, but has become inevitable in our great country. We have lost count of the number of cases accumulated over decades still languishing in court files with out an end, even after the defenders and accused are no more alive. I simply can not fathom such degree of ignorance by those who governed for the last six decades after independence. How to make and set the records correct speedily, must be the priority of government. Justice delayed is equal to justice denied.

A simple narrative may explain the reasons for not fast tracking of certain cases but, when the mechanisms put in place for speedy justice for bank and service rendered, and the official apathy towards day to day banking and frauds related to corporate etc., should at least have speedy justice, the purpose behind such mechanisms. Banking Ombudsman for instance has been loaded with cases making the fate of such complaints, never being addressed in time of the effected generation’s life time. This can be the worst scenario as during present times.

At this juncture I wish to question the candidates fighting in elections under different names, purposes, religion based, communal based etc. They should be made accountable for the justice systems in our great country to be able to give fast track judgments, which is absolutely possible with the latest media gadgets along with phone call records and saved proof in the systems around the world. Don’t go on beating around the bush when you are sitting on top of the evidence and give instant judgments.

There again, I am not ruling out manipulations in mass scale, even in our history there is this case related to Karnagi [An incarnation of goddess Durga] According to our history Karnagi was a rich businessman’s only daughter who was brought up as a princess ,born with golden spoon. Unfortunately, her business man father, successful one at that, could not make the right choice for a husband as his son in law. As a result she was married of to a man who was financially broken and went out to sell his wife’s ‘chilenga’ with her consent ,worn by ladies of India according to their wealth position, some with gold and diamond stones inside the leg bangles, to give the dancing rhythm, while others with cheaper metals and unfortunately her husband got caught by the soldiers of the king of Madurai, who promptly took him to the king and seeing the item he was trying to sell off, the queen decided, seeing the worth of the stuff ,that it can only belong to a queen hence, the man was branded a thief and his head was chopped off instantly on the king’s orders.

Karnagi on hearing the word of her loved husband being killed by the king with out a fair trail, was turned in to the most ferocious Goddess Durga at her best and uttered with the sound of a thousand thunder together, the queen to prove in front of the people of their country with proof of belonging of the leg bangles [I am not sure what name the British has given to chilenga]. Her question was what the chilenga was filled in with, if the queen rightly points out the contents inside she is right or else if Karnagi could prove what is inside and if proved right will certainly have the king at her mercy. The queen could not tell what was inside correctly due to the very fact that it did not belong to her, while; Karnaki declared it is full of diamonds of the costliest variety from the country. She threw her other ‘chilenga’ down on the floor in front of the king and stunned people watching in horror the truth, that when it was broken by her throw, diamonds of the highest quality withered around making the king ashamed of his hasty and bloodiest mistake of all times and as a result the people must have revolted against the king and is said to have burned the whole town of Madurai, For Karnaki, her life was changed for ever and never stayed there, she came to Kerala still with anger, and took rest near a river at present day Attukal near Trivandrum capital city of Kerala. Rightly the people of Kerala and Tamilnadu, still believes she was a reincarnation of Goddess Durga , she ultimately came to present day Kodungallur near Trichur in Kerala. Both places are the most visited temples in South India as a testimony for the righteous justice and a symbol of meting out justice to only punish the culprits, while innocent people should not be punished for the crimes committed by other big fishes.

This should be borne in mind when we sit on judgments for different crimes by some crooks in our country.

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