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For those believers it is always easy to explain the world as it exists today, while for the non believers it is tougher to prove otherwise. I am giving below a list of events to prove god exists.

1] The worst money lenders all loses heavily, what ever they have made over decades is now suddenly zero or have lost more than 50 percent of their Assets, in just a few months.[Examples Lehman Bros, AIG, Citi, Bank of America, RBS, ICICI,ABN AMRO ,Stanchart, just to name a few ] All those names means terror and a pound of flesh just similar to deadliest sharks. They all had become so big and started to forget god, while fleecing life out of the poor, out of sheer greed for more and more now, god has saved people while meting out the harshest punishment. We all can recall how at our worst crisis financially, our finance minister then was in fact bullied to open up the market for them. What followed was the most horror filled phase when they made millions and millions out of our countries’ poor and at least some among us also was on their side partnering those very money mongers in looting the public for decades. But now due to god’s intervention at last, there is liberty for the people from the chains or shackles named Cards and loans, offered by those few names I mentioned above. It is almost like you enter the dragon and will never be able to come out.

2] In history all conquerors have at last perished at one time or the other as far as one can go back, we can see that those dominating can not go on forever, as things do come to its logical end by none other than the Almighty’s interference, but some guys have had a brief period of success over dominating and looting from any place in the world, where there has been wealth. And almost on all occasions you can find India has been the ultimate in terms of wealth or the nice and friendly people but for the business communities of Vysyas which includes Rajasthan, Gujarat, South and almost all states has a share of these communities for whom Hinduism had given a profession to excel and help, but the truth now is they have become wounded tigers which turns out to be man eaters. They control almost all business around the globe, but have taken a heavy beating now. They have no ethics what so ever, money is all that matters, human relations compassion and sympathy are words unknown to them. They are best in business no matter how you make rules or taxes or regulations all can be flouted by money power alone.If that does not help they are willing to kill for money. I knew several cases where in, though, they may own thousands of acres of plantations; the term used to own huge quantity of land in their names and own several luxury items such as Mercedes jets etc, still pays tax which may not be enough to feed their dogs at home. Their closed community culture does not allow outsiders to grow parallel as they do the whole transactions in black by slips which are torn after the goods reaches destination that way they avoid sales tax, income tax sleuths will give you the ideas of book keeping to cover up huge stashing offs .Tax compliance is the worst in our country with these Vysyas knowing exactly how to avoid our government tax net by registering else where or splitting and so many other channels of business among them , the government is a mute spectator, Tax raids samples are done once in a decade due to political power changes as a way of getting even with their political adversaries. Most raids are stage managed with prior information’s due to the corruption levels in all areas of work and business. But in spite of all the power they still fell with the largest thud on earth. God could not have been more caring with mercy for the poor.

3] The fear for the unknown when one commits sin one by one, in it self can be horror for the guys who commits sin during a life time has to clear the slate, before he can expect forgiveness from the lord as god can make you live and still cry for death for living itself becomes so horrible that, they will wish and pray for death the only escape from the ravages of one’s Karmic results. The Pakistan occupied Kashmir the epic centre of terrorism till recently , with full fledged training camps run by fanatic mullahs took the harshest beating when a devastating earth quake left thousands killed very unfortunately including some innocent lives.

4] The Chinese suppressing the poor people of Tibet for decades even trying in the process to destroy their ancient culture too were punished on the eve of Olympics with another devastating earth quake.

5] All grand warriors, the so called heroes, like Napoleon and Hitler all perished to the harshest winter, again most severe punishment for their grand ambitions of owning vast lands.

6] The British who were the masters of the world were turned to rubble and was bombed to stone age in a few years god was paying back heavily for their acts of slavery, and amassing of wealth by using guns from all around the world, suddenly found themselves with most liabilities and has never actually did rise up after the 2nd world war.

7] The Americans who thought they are the richest and mightiest has now become the country of broke and heart broken with only liabilities left. What they did to humanity, towards Red Indians,African slaves, Japanese, Vietnamese ,Iraqis, Afgan people,no sane man would have done all that ,what ever be the profit or loss.

8] Titanic owner declared on the eve of its first voyage that the ship he built was the biggest and unsinkable even if god wants it so. Titanic was drowned on its very first voyage, along with thousands of the era's snobs of the highest degree too going down, unfortunately some innocent also perished sadly.

The above facts are only the tip of an ice berg and I have seen hundreds and hundreds of greedy money lenders going bust in just few months. Our nationalized banks were not affected due to the very fact that unlike those new generation banks,who caters only to the rich, our nationalized banks were also catering to the poorest farmers which in itself will have god on its side for sure. Those who were catering to the needs of the poorest will be the beneficiary in the book of ledger with the almighty, who keeps record perfectly intact, of each person and his sins and good deeds.

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